138 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair 2021/2022

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For beautiful brides-to-be who got voluminous and mermaid-like tresses. Your natural crown is uber amazing. And for your upcoming nuptials, there are gorgeous wedding hairstyles for long hair befitting for your lengthy locks. From timeless vintage twists to smooth waves, curls, bows, and arty styles, the options are endless.


Take into consideration that hairstyles for weddings match by weather, wedding style, face shape, dress, and pieces of jewelry, etc. With this sorted out, find below exotic simple wedding hairstyles to choose from.

Brides Often Ask

When should I get my hair done before a wedding?

Should I wear my hair up or down for a wedding?

What hairstyle fits for brides with long hair?
Long hair is always amazing to work with... styling options are unlimited! When deciding on a style for your big day, you need to consider your haircut. Long hair especially, is reliant on layers and framing to create a shape. Speak to your stylist about the shape you're after & take into account, that it may fall better with a fresh cut prior to walking down the aisle.
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How To Do Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you’ve got lengthy mane, you would never exhaust your options with wedding hairstyles for long hair. But a few things to keep in mind for your wedding style; personality, dress, neckline, and veil if available. Also, take advantage of your facial shape and hair texture.

Fill your hair with extension, especially thin hair like Danny Jelaca, celebrity hairstylist, owner of a salon & spa at Miami Beach opines. He says it holds the style and gives accessories a stay. A cute hairstyle is the elegant mermaid side braid perfect for an oval faced bride. Move hair to the side and weave along the line in loose plaits for a beach wedding.


Wedding Hairstyles For Long Thin Straight Hair

Wedding hairstyles for long thin straight hair need special attention. You should achieve a more voluminous look which will be long-lasting.


High Bun With Wisps

This elegant wedding hairstyle will complete any elegant wedding look. High bun with wisps is a perfect variant for both a-line or mermaid dresses. Also, it will look beautiful with a dress with an open back.

If your hair is straight and thin, you can wind it up, it will be easier to assemble a bun.

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Swept Volume Updo With Hairpin

If you want to achieve the volume effect, but still look elegant and chill, opt for swept volume updo with a hairpin.

Dry your hair using brushing, be sure to comb on the crown. This hairstyle will suit to laconic look which is not overloaded with details.

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Wavy Volume Ponytail

Wavy volume ponytail can be used both by bride and bridesmaids. It’s voluminousness and in-style wedding hairstyle that will complete almost any look.

Expert advice: To make the tail more voluminous, the hair must be curled, you can use additional strands, also apply a small amount of powder to the hair of the tail, it will become more voluminous and will keep its shape longer.


Messy Fishtail Braids

Messy fishtail braids will combine a messy and calm look. It’s a perfect variant for some bohemian wedding look or country style.
Pick this hairstyle for boho style wedding, for an outdoor wedding. A bouquet of wildflowers will be a perfect option for your look.

Use powder during braiding, it will give volume and durability.

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Tousled Fishtail Braids

Tousled fishtail braids are an option for brides who want to achieve a natural and soft look. No extra details, just you and your beauty.
You can pick this hairstyle for an outdoor wedding with the aim to achieve a natural wedding look.

You can curl your hair before braiding, this will give a more romantic look due to the fallen strands.

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Wedding Hairstyles With Braids For Long Hair

For a chic bohemian or rustic look take your attention on braided wedding hairstyles. Wedding hairstyles with braids for long hair van offer a lot of interesting and sophisticated options.

Low Swept Updo With Braids

If you want to combine the elegant and free-spirit look, opt for low swept updo with braids. It’s a romantic option for a gentle wedding look. This hairstyle is perfect for a gentle and romantic wedding look.

Apply a small amount of dry shampoo to the roots, so the hairstyle will last longer, you can curl your hair before braiding.

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Updo With Braid Crown

It’s one of the most tender and romantic wedding hairstyles. Natural wedding look and updo with the braid crown will create a gorgeous tandem.
Curl your hair before wrapping, and weave them in thin strands.

Updo with braids will suit to boho wedding look or outdoor wedding with natural makeup.

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Braided Crown Hairstyle

A braided crown hairstyle can be a perfect variant as for bride as for bridesmaids. Even if you are looking for the mother of the bride hairstyles, it’s your perfect option.

Apply dry shampoo before braiding, it will help make it more voluminous.

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Bogus Low Updo With Braids

Bogus low updo with braids is a classic combination of pure elegance and gentle romance. Some accessories will complete the look.

Leave a few loose strands on the face, it will help to achieve a more romantic wedding look.

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Unique Mermaid Braids

Do you want to stand out from the crowd of other brides? Opt for unique mermaid braids. It will show your uniqueness and beauty.
This hairstyle emphasizes the individuality of the bride, hair extends will make a more voluminous weaving.

Instead of the ball gown, pick for this hairstyle the open back wedding dress. The lace wedding dress also will look great.

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Wedding Hairstyles With Bangs For Long Hair

Wedding hairstyles with bangs for long hair is the option that will help to enhance your uniqueness. Try different accessories to complete the look.

A Low Bun With Bangs

This is a great solution for modern brides, this is a trend and it will look great with any style. The bangs should not be straight and too long. It is better to curl your hair with the help of a large curling iron so that curls will be smooth. You can also use powder for adding more volume and saving the shape.


Ponytail With Bangs

It looks very natural. Add a light volume on the crown! In addition to the bangs, you can also leave the strands on the face, thereby maintaining the tenderness of the whole look.

A High Bun With Bangs

Not a very voluminous bun will be perfect! Connect the bangs with the whole hair with the help of accessories.


An Asymmetrical Low Bun

This bun of curls with bangs with loose strands will look gorgeous. Lay the bangs so that it will be bun-oriented.

Textured Styling With Bangs

This is the trend of the season. Hair is randomly curled in different directions, worked out with a salt or sugar spray, has a careless texture and light volume. In this case, should be better to make center-parted bangs, curl the ends of the bangs in different directions.

Long bangs are in trend this year, not straight short ones.

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Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair With Veil

If you are looking for the perfect wedding hairstyles for veil you are in the right place. Opt the low or high bun and look gorgeous.

Low Bun With Veil

If you are looking for a perfectly elegant wedding hairstyle for the veil then a low bun if your choice. A low bun with a veil is a traditional wedding hairstyle, so it can’t look inappropriate. A veil is appropriate for almost any hairstyle, the main thing is to combine it with the wedding look.

Since the veil will cover part of the hairstyle, you can complete your look with large earrings.

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High Bun With Veil

If you want to create a super chic look with the veil, a high bun is a perfect option. Combine the look with sparkling accessories to add a stylish accent to the overall look.

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair Half Up Half Down

Half up half down hair is the most popular wedding hairstyle for long hair. It can be with curls and dropping strands or just with appropriate accessories.


Shiny Locks

Opt the shiny Locks for your wedding look and you will achieve a gentle and pure look.

In the case of natural undyed hair, it is better to use a curling iron with a small diameter (25cm). Also, before wrapping, you can apply a small amount of foam for durability and a glossy finish.

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Boho Look

The boho look is a combination of free spirit and tenderness. The loose curls will perfectly match these requirements.
Light natural styling with loose hair or loose braids. Combine this hairstyle with a boho wedding dress or not a voluminous skirt.

Complete the look with a huge bouquet and nude makeup.

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Сlassic Half Up Half Down

This classic half up half down wedding hairstyles is a universal option for any bride. It can match any style and any wedding dress. A classic hairstyle that fits any look.

Jewelry in the form of a sprig of beads or small shining hairpins is ideal.

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Half Up Bow

Half up bow is a tender and playful wedding hairstyle, and it’s also a great option for flower girls. It’s so sweet that your small guests will win all hearts.


Half Up Half Down Side-Swept Waterfall Braid

Half up half down side-swept waterfall braid is a wedding hairstyle for boho, rustic, or country wedding style. Add some head accessories and your look will be completed. It’s a very gentle and natural look, perfect for a wedding in nature, especially at the sea.

Use extra hair for a fuller look. Curled hair will have more defined depth and texture.

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Wedding Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair

If you are the owner of curly hair this category will be useful for you. Wedding hairstyles for long curly hair can combine the pure elegance and free-spirited mood.


Cascading Braided Wedding Hair

Cascading braided wedding hair is a nontrivial variant for brides. Show your uniqueness and true taste with the help of this wedding hairstyle.

Flowers (the same as in a bouquet) will perfectly complete this hairstyle and add tenderness. An open back/shoulder dress will make the overlook more expressive.

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Grecian Cascading Loose Fishtail Curls

Grecian cascading loose fishtail curls is a perfect option for long curly hair. It will look elegant and sophisticated.

Large earrings or small jewelry scattered throughout the hairstyle will beautifully complete the look.

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Sleek Fishtail Braid

If you don’t want to step back from traditions pick the classy sleek fishtail braid for your wedding look.

Comb the crown area for adding a more festive look. For durability, you can put hair in clips after wrapping, then, when they dry, remove and fix with varnish.

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Low Messy Chignon

The low messy chignon is a classical and elegant option for long curly hair. It’s also the most comfortable wedding hair.

Salt or sugar spray will become a great helper in creating this hairstyle. Curl your hair with a curling iron, apply a spray (salt or sugar), the texture is ready.

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Messy Updo With Headband

A messy updo with headband will show your free-spirited mood and still look tender enough.

It’s better to attach the jewelry with the help of an invisible hairpin so that it does not damage the hairdo. Light strands falling out from all sides will look more harmonious.

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Simple Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Simple wedding hairstyles for long hair will look appropriate for any wedding style especially it works outside weddings.


Voluminous Curls For Long Hair

If you are looking for a simple and tender wedding look, decide in favor of Voluminous curls for long hair. You can complete this wedding hairstyle in a few minutes but still, look gentle.

Overhead strands will help to create volume, which will emphasize the richness of hair, and the whole wedding looks in general.

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Smooth Wave On Long Hair

Smooth wave on long hair is another simple wedding hairstyle that will win all hearts. You can add some accessories to make it more sophisticated. Combine this hairstyle with the mermaid dress and large earrings.

Dry the hair with foam for achieving greater durability, wind it on a curling iron using the bundle technique, use clamps to cool the strands, and keep them longer.

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Textured High Bun

If you want to get a simple but comfortable wedding look opt textured high bun. It will match an open-back dress or some off-shoulder outfit.
It is better to create volume on the face and make a small and tender bun. A textured high bun will emphasize femininity, make the neck longer.

It’s comfortable during the day with the hair pulled back if dancing or other activity is planned.

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Windy High Bun

The windy high bun will combine the pure classic and tender touch. Dropped strands will make the look even more gentle.
The dropped strands will emphasize the image. It is better to wind your hair before making the bun.

Pick this hairstyle for an outdoor wedding. With the windy high bun, your look will be natural and tender. It will look like you make it on your own.

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Classic Low Chignon

Of course, we don’t forget about the most traditional wedding hairstyles – low chignon. A classic option for any wedding dress and style.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

Vintage weddings have a special vibe. Don’t forget that each detail must complete each other. Vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair can be different. Look at some most popular ideas.


Vintage Sophisticated Low Chignon

If you are looking for some vintage wedding hairstyle, look at low chignon. It’s sophisticated enough and some accessory will add the vintage vibe. Small volumes and accessories will play a huge role here.

As a perfect accessory pick the small hat, hairpin with a feather, vintage headband. It will add the vintage vibes.

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Chignon With Headband

Chignon with headband is a completed vintage hairstyle. Nothing else is needed.

Тhe headband is a great addition to your look as a connecting element of the bun and the crown of the head or the bangs and the crown of the head. It will look beautiful on dark hair, adding some shine, and creating a more celebrating appearance.

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Low Wavy Ponytail

If you hate updos, but still want to achieve the vintage look, low wavy ponytail is your option. Still remember about accessories to set the right accents.
The loose strands will make them look lighter. Pick special curling iron for creating smooth waves.

Pick this hairstyle for a stylish wedding look with an opened-back dress.

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High Bun With Bangs

This is an adoring look for a daring bride.

For a high bun, you can use a roller, then brush the bangs, then fix it with varnish.

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Wedding Hairstyles With Flowers For Long Hair

When brides want to look more gentle and cute they should add some flowers into their look. Wedding hairstyles with flowers for long hair can look gentle and trendy at the same time. Take a look at the wedding hairstyles below.

Textured Low Side Bun

The textured low side bun is a perfect wedding hairstyle that can be completed with some flower accessories. Experiment and opt perfect one. It’s a wonderful and convenient option for trimmed hair, but nevertheless, the hairstyle is “visible” on the face.

Flowers will add tenderness, it is advisable to use the same flowers as in the bouquet.

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Swept Loose Braids With The Accessory

If you are going to move a lot, decide in favor of loose braids.

The tender flower accessory will add a cute and tender touch.

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Loose Braid With Flower Accessory

Loose braid with flower accessory is a hairstyle for a bohemian or rustic wedding look. You can try different flowers depending on the main wedding flowers and bouquets.

Loose braid with a flower accessory is a perfect hairstyle for a boho wedding.

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Long Braided Untamed Curls

Long braided untamed curls are one more braided option, but it looks more sophisticated and messy.

Use a light hold powder before braiding. It is also good to use a smoothing cream when weaving. Small decorations will emphasize the lines.

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Waterfall Braids With A Flower Decor

With this wedding hairstyle, you will look like a goddess. The flower crown can consist of any flowers but take into account your wedding bouquet.

Small flowers from the bouquet will perfectly complete the whole look. This style will be a great option for an outdoor wedding and nude makeup.

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Updo Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

If you have long hair and want to complete your wedding look with some comfortable hairstyle, opt Updo wedding hairstyles for long hair. Depending on the wedding style opt the most suitable option below.

Tousled Regal Updo

A tousled regal updo is one of the most popular updos for long hair. You can complete it with any accessory, depending on your wedding style.

Use flower accessories or comb. Off shoulders dress will lengthen the neck.

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High Curly Updo With Loose Waves

A high curly updo with loose waves is a variant that can be used for long curly hair. This hairstyle will suit any bride and create a celebrating look. Smooth waves will make the style more gentle.

Smooth waves add the tenderness to the overlook. You should comb your hair to prolong the durability.

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Raised Crown Curly Updo

A raised crown curly updo is a great wedding hairstyle for some luxury wedding look. It will help to achieve the celebrating mood and still look gentle.

It will be a perfect option for a lace dress and some gentle necklace will complete the look.

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Elegant Curly Updo

You can opt for the elegant curly updo if you don’t want to make an accent of the daring hairstyles. This option is appropriate for any style and look.

Low Updo With Loose Curls

A low updo with loose curls is a calm and elegant wedding hairstyle. You can complete your soft natural makeup with this hairstyle.

Pick this hairstyle for a romantic and gentle wedding look. The curls that have fallen out will make the image soft and natural.

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Wedding Hairstyles for African American Long Hair

For African long hair you can choose both sophisticated updos and multi braided half ups. It will depend on which wedding style you prefer.

This post covers so many wedding hairstyles for long hair that you’re spoilt for choice. But keep an open mind because your hair may not turn out like it in the picture, it could be better. Do you plan to highlight or fully dye your hair desired color? Do it at least a week before the wedding.