Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair: 30+ Looks & Expert Tips [2022 Guide]

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If you have dealt with fine hair all your life or for any reason, then you understand how hard it is to get it in line. Now as your big day approaches, you are probably at a loss as to what wedding hairstyles for thin hair you can rock. You think the options are limited, no?

Well, there are so many amazing wedding hairstyles for thin hair that can work perfectly. From buns to messy updos, braids, twists, and more. Explore as far as you can. Make your choices from our catalog of bridal hairstyles for thin hair to feel confident and stunning.

Brides Often Ask


Which hairstyles are best for brides with thin hair?

How I choose accessories to work with your look?

How do you volumize your hair for a wedding?


Best Wedding Hairstyles for Thin Hair Ideas

Wavy half updos are one of the most proficient thin hair wedding styles. The glamorous and retro-inspired hairdo is easy to pull off. Simply fill your hair to the roots with volumizing spray, then blow out and curl with a curling iron. You could also go for a fun and flirty braided headband look that you can wrap on your head and pin.

Add some hair-building fibers to the areas that are bald and accessorize with florals or vine. Move it into a curled side twist for a timeless look. Secure with bobby pins and vines if you please. Takedown into a low messy bun for a super romantic look, curl, pull in a low bun, leave some wispy face-framing hair, and secure with bobby pins. You’re sure to have it stay put until the day ends.


Wedding Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair

Before choosing wedding hairstyles for long thin hair, you must consider some factors. The shape of your face is an important determinant, just like your hair length, texture, and hair care regimen. For long thin hair, make sure that it’s nourished with supplements and at its healthiest leading up to your wedding.

Manipulate the volume by opting for a volumizing or thickening hair shampoo and conditioner. To retain your natural hair oil, limit shampooing to thrice weekly and apply conditioners to just the tips of your hair. Minimize exposure to heat and highlight with two to three shades of color variation for a more volumized look.


Wedding Hairstyles for Fine Hair Medium Length

Wedding hairstyles for fine hair medium length include a donut bun that gives a look of fullness. Put an old sock donut pony on the crown of your head to create a high ponytail. Roll it down to the base and make a full bun. Pull together with bobby pins and you are good to go. Want to go wavy?

Set your drier to low setting and blow-dry your ends and seal flyways with serum. Use clips and pins to pin your hair back and finish with a bejeweled headband. Go for a twisted updo and add depth to your locks by putting them in multiple twits. Leave some strands out to frame your face in an elegant look.


Wedding Hairstyles For Short Thin Hair

Believe it or not, this type of bun is the easiest to achieve on shoulder-length hair. You will need some clear elastics, lots of volume powder and super strong hold hairspray to keep the shortest pieces of hair tucked in.

Because the hair is short extra grips and pins will be needed to hold the style in place, if the pins are visible you can get a larger statement piece to place across the top of the bun and hide any messy areas.

Textured Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Textured styles are ideal for fine hair. Airy updos give an illusion of volume and movement. Preparation is key, fine hair can often be weight down by unsuitable hair products.

Remember to wash your hair thoroughly with clarifying shampoo such as Deep Cleansing Shampoo from Authentic Beauty Concept, it will make the scalp and hair Squeaky clean allowing the stylist to create airy texture with ease.

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Messy Updos For Stylish Brides

The messy styles look fabulous on blondes, but not so great on brunettes, as dark hair highlights flyways. If you are considering this look on your big day, definitely add some subtle highlights to your hair or try to choose a style that is textured but still shiny.

Messy textures are best achieved by applying layers of chalky products near the roots. So if you are planning to do it yourself don’t be shy with dry shampoo, texture spray and volume powder.

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Trendy Braided Updos For Brides With Thin Hair

If you are thinking of wearing this style on your big day and your hair is thin and fine, consider using clip-in hair extensions. Your stylist can strategically place them underneath the braided area, giving you an illusion of fuller, thicker hair.


Braided styles look fantastic with floaty boho-inspired dresses. When choosing styles with plaits, keep accessories to a minimum or place them around the braid, heavily beaded or large accessories placed on top of the braid will overpower the look.

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Stunning Hairstyles With Braided Texture

Braided styles are ideal for long, medium to thicker hair textures as a large portion of the hair is used to create a full-looking braid.

You can ask your stylist to crimp your hair with very small clippers. Don’t worry, the tiny zigzags,  if done correctly, won’t be visible, but the hair will double up making the braid fuller and pronounced.

If your hair is long but fine, the best option would be to add several tracks of clip-in or tape hair extensions in the areas that needs it the most.

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Voluminous Top Bun Hairstyles

This type of updo looks fantastic with princess-style gowns or mermaid dresses. Avoid this look if your face shape is long, as it will elongate your features even further.


Keep the crown and the nape area voluminous for a trendy undone look, and don’t forget to leave plenty of strands around the face and nape area.

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Low Bun Hairstyles For Thin Hair

When your hair is thin, there are plenty of options to add volume to your look. The low bun is definitely one of the best styles to hide the fact that your hair is thin.

  • Mini crimpers will double up the volume and add texture to your hair
  • Hair padding placed underneath the bun will help to give you an illusion of a much fuller up-do
  • Hair extensions strategically placed below the crown will help to give fullness to even the thinnest of hair.
  • If your scalp is showing, you can hide any visible patches with a root touch-up spray suitable to your hair color.

Pro Tips

Hairstyles With Soft Waves

Unless your hair is naturally medium to coarse  I would definitely recommend using hair extensions for this look. Hair extensions act like scaffolding supporting your own hair on top of the trucks, ensuring that the style is much more lasting.


You should also consider cutting some layers into your hair, as the shorter pieces will bounce up, creating lots more texture and movement.

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Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles Ideas

Half up half down styles have always been very popular with brides and bridal parties. For dark hair I would suggest a smoother option with glossy waves for blondes messy, undone textures always look fantastic.

Half up look fantastic with most dresses but avoid having your hair loose if your dress has a heavily embellished bodice as the hair will keep catching on the metal elements of your gown.

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Wonderful Hairstyles With Flowers

If you are choosing flowers to adorn your bridal look, it’s best to ask your florist to advise you what flowers are the most lasting. The flowers I get to work with the most are Gypsophila, Miniature Rose, Freesia, and Wax Flower, they are small, can be easily stacked up, are nicely balanced, and easy to secure. You can also opt for dry flower arrangements or even china flowers or fabric accessories.


Large flowers can easily overpower the styles, look lopsided and out of proportion. Avoid using large flowers If your dress is sparkly or heavily embellished.

Pro Tip

Enchanting Hairstyles With Headpieces

Even the simplest of styles can be elevated by choosing the right type of accessory. Some of my favorite accessories are inspired by nature. Floral accessories or leaves are some of my favorite.

DIY Wedding Hairstyles For Thin Hair

  1. If you are after this type of look, try to grow your hair ahead of the big day.
  2. Add volume texture spray near the roots of the hair and backcomb the crown area with a fine-tooth comb.
  3. Gather the hair at the nape of the neck into an elastic and pinch out some volume and texture by the crown, place a small hair doughnut in the center of the ponytail.
  4. Wrap the hair around to cover the padding.
  5. Finish the look with a hair scarf, you can wrap it around the bun couple of times, this will add fullness and elevate the look of a simple bun.

There are many wedding hairstyles for thin hair, so your hair texture shouldn’t stop you. The idea is to work with thin hair wedding styles that frame your face perfectly but wouldn’t put harmful weight on your hair. We’ve discussed stylish hairdos and hair care tips for thin and fine hair. Get inspired and look your best on your big day.