40+ Wedding Updos With Braids: 2024 Guide & Expert Tips

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Fascinate wedding updos with braids are perfect for keeping unruly strands in check. Whether you have long, course, thick hair or short, curly, fine hair, with the help of the right products and techniques you will be able to achieve a beautiful bridal bun and be able to incorporate a braid.

Claire Hartley is a bridal hair artist from Great Britain. She knows best how to create a perfect bridal look with braids, and shares this knowledge with our readers. And that is not all! Also, we collected over 40 different wedding updos with braids in one article. Read on to find best wedding updo with braids for your Big Day!


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Professional bridal hair artist and keen photographer from Great Britain. Winner of the `Wedding Hairstyles of the Year` at The Wedding Business Awards 2020 and the #ONESHOT Hair Awards Top 100.


Brides Often Ask

How can I add braids to a wedding updo?

Updos and braids don’t have to be exclusive hairstyles because they are stunning when merged. Consider pretty plaits mixed with classic chignons or edgy box braids paired with over-the-top buns. If you are looking for something simpler, opt for waterfall crown braids or a braided ponytail bun paired with full bangs. Braids and updo mix bringelegance to every wedding setting, whether modern, rustic, beach, minimalist, or industrial chic.

What hair color updo with braids will look best on?

The best color updo for braids infusion is black, brown, and blonde. However, if you don’t want to go with a single color, you can foil your hair in traditional Highlights. You can also do baby lights, balayage, Foil-age, ombre, Somber, Chunky, and dimensional Highlights. This way, your hair gives beauty sparks unrestricted to a specific color.

How long should my hair be for an updo with a braid?

If you are going for full braids or extensions, all you need is two inches of hair. But if you want the bulk of your hair for an updo, the minimum is shoulder hair length Shoulder hair lengths can easily be pinned into the updo, and braids from the roots will sit better on your hair without a color difference.


Easy Braided Updo
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Romantic And Textured Braided Updos


PRO TIPS: When styling and braiding, preparing the hair is hugely important. The right products are absolutely essential to create a workable base. Each individuals hair will need specific products depending on its natural texture, if you have dry, frizz prone hair you will need smoothing, moisturising products where as someone with heavier, silky hair will need chalky, texturising products. It is important to tailor each persons product selection to their hair type.

Wedding Bun Hairstyles With Braids


PRO TIPS: Whether you have long, course, thick hair or short, curly, fine hair, with the help of the right products and techniques you will be able to achieve a beautiful bridal bun and be able to incorporate a braid. If you are struggling to create fullness, extensions and hair padding can be used.

I would always encourage any bride to ask about whether they are able to have a style no matter how difficultly they feel it would be to achieve. Bridal stylists are masters of their craft and have educated themselves with all the magical techniques needed to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

Braided Chignon Hairstyle Ideas


PRO TIPS: Who doesn’t love a classic bridal chignon? But although a timeless style some would say it needs something more. Spicing it up with a braid can really give it that wow factor. There are many ways you can incorporate a braid into a chignon style and many different braids to choose from, just do your homework.

Find a style of braid that you like and then think about how you would like it positioned in your chosen style, wrapping around one side of the head, starting lower or higher, intertwined within the chignon itself? There are so many possibilities, the choice is yours.

Bridal Updos With Braided Crown


PRO TIPS: Crown braids are a favourite of mine and have really jumped in popularity over the past few years. I am often asked how to create volume and texture in my styles and my answer has always been the same. Be sure to assess the hair type and add the correct smoothing or texturing products to the hair before braiding. Once braided return to the hair to pinch and pull out sections to expand the braid. Deconstructing the braid is essential if you are after that textured, volumous look.

Side Braided Wedding Updos

PRO TIPS: For side braided hairstyles a fabulous tip is to create the braid using small elastics. Working your way down the style using these little elastics as anchors ensures that the braid will not budge. Coupled with the correct products for texture and hold there is no chance that the hair will come loose and will provide a secure scaffolding for a style that will last all day.

Bridal Pins For Updos With Braids


PRO TIPS: My favourite accessories to use in any wedding hairstyle, especially braids are hair pins. I find them very easy to incorporate into a style and you are able to have as many or as few as are required. The pins can be clustered together or spread throughout the style so the options of how they could be placed are endless.

You can find beautiful hair pins designed by very talented accessory suppliers that will fit any wedding theme, pearls, jewels, flowers available in every colour.

Elegant Braided Updos For Wedding

PRO TIPS: The addition of a braid to your wedding hairstyle can really complement a brides look. Be sure to consider what braid you would like and also where in the style you would like it positioned. Braids can be used not only for effortless, boho styles but also for the elegant and classic. All beautiful and all

Braid Ideas For Messy Bridal Updo


PRO TIPS: If you are after a rustic boho feel to your braid you will want to deconstruct the style a little. While you are braiding, pull out a few pieces so there are some loose ends scattered through the style. Once the braid is in place and secured, revisit areas and pinch and pull sections to expand the braid and add texture.

I will always also leave plenty of hair out of the braid around the hairline. I am then able to thread pieces back into the style after braiding. Curl any loose pieces for an effortless, undone finish.

Tender Princess-Style Bridal Braids

PRO TIPS: For Princess vibes I would 100% recommend including clip in extensions. You will want cascading waves or curls in a half up style or a long, elegant braid. Extensions are essential to add the volume and length needed for a jaw-dropping fairytale style. Accessories will also play a key role in any princess inspired hairstyle, you cant beat a bit of sparkle for a statement or if wanting a whimsical, romantic feel, flowers work beautifully.

Half Wedding Updos With Braids


PRO TIPS: When creating any style you will need to assess the shape of the face. For narrow face shapes you will want to create width and for rounder face shapes, height. The idea being that you adjust the shape of the hair to complement and balance the face shape. When framing the face with loose pieces be sure to curl them away from the face and make sure they are a suitable length.

Quick And Easy Braided Updo

PRO TIPS: There are so many different braids to choose from when considering what to use in your style: 3 strand braid, French, Dutch, Rope, Pull through, Fishtail to name a few. There really isn’t one that is more popular than the other and it is often the case that I will use a combination of braids to create a style.

Have a play with different techniques to get a feel for what you prefer. Some may love a classic french braid but others may want a more intricate style using multiple techniques. But that really is the beauty of braids, there is something for everyone.