35+ Low Bun Hairstyles for Wedding [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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Do you want to make your wedding dress the focal point on your wedding day? Then embrace the low bun hairstyles for weddings. These styles are truly simple, but there are tons of ways to spice up and own them. Low bun wedding hairstyles go from understated options to traditional, textured bohemian or rustic styles and braided looks.


The secret to owning this hairstyle is your attire and accessories. Makeup may even play a role. So if you want to learn how to pull off a low bun, scroll through this post for ideas.

Brides Often Ask

How to style a low bun wedding hairstyle in front?

There are many ways to style a low bun wedding hairstyle in front. You can volumize by making a bouffant or deconstruct it into a mess. There is also the option of waves and curls or keeping it sleek. Also, bring out some wisps of hair to frame the face or hold all the hair back with clips. When all fails, a braided frontal affair will always come through for you.

What style of wedding low bun hairstyle is suitable for?

Low bun hairstyles are suitable for every wedding you can think about. Vintage, classic, glam, beach, farm, traditional, and even industrial-chic Wedding adapt to the style. It confers a regal and exquisite look on the bride. However, accessories make the difference. Gilded accessories would give the bohemian vibe while headbands scream rocker chic. Shells, oysters, and starfish accessories say beach weddings while clips and barrettes channel a traditional affair. So wear your low bun and perfect your look with accessories.

How long should be the hair for a low bun wedding hairstyle?

The minimum length of hair for a low bun is six inches. But if you want to style your hair without the help of extensions, a minimum of fourteen to sixteen inches of hair is required. This way you’ll use little to no extensions or run the risk of exposing Bobby pins.


Classic Low Bridal Bun

A classic low bun bridal hairstyle can be rocked super sleek or messy for minimalist or modern weddings. This is a perfect style that lasts through the day and into the night because of its tautness. And even when it’s loose and relaxed, the firmness never wavers. Brides courting a glam look will go for a low bun with some bumps on top.

But for a chick and effortless look, add some texture by making the messy variant. Leave some locks and waves down for a relaxed look and add a rhinestone hairpiece for a confident look. The best part is that these buns are easy to dye, so go for it.


Elegant Low Bun Hairstyles for Wedding

Elegant low bun wedding hairstyles are miles away from the usual and traditional. Think about the bold bohemian touches like French, fishtail, Dutch, or any other braids, on both sides or one side. You can also try messy and super wavy tops with a messy low bun for an effortlessly chic and relaxed look.

If you want glam, elegant look. Textural bumps with some wispy locks are perfect. And if you have lengthy locks, volume, big bumps, and bog low buns are your style. However, brides who want to channel a vintage-inspired look wolf love the side low bun with textures like waves, curls, and clips.


Low Messy Wedding Bun

Low messy bun wedding hairstyles are natural and relaxed. However, they are also elegant and channel luxurious bohemian, romantic and whimsical appeal. Think tousled waves, loose buns, curls, and soft waves if you want to soften the jawlines and cheekbones.

But if you want to pull attention to the eyes, opt for the modern and elegant chignon where you move the hair away from the face but leave the bun messy. Channel your personality through statement hair clips, veils, flower accessories, birdcages, and headpieces.


Bridal Low Loose Bun

For the perfect low loose bun wedding hairstyle, the elongated waves are everything. Try the wavy, layered, and stemmed low bun to create a refreshing look. If you want a swept back and casual look, move all your hair to the back and coil the soft tendrils at the front and nape. Allow the run free to create a romantic look.

There is also the option of multiple low buns made into a mega bun. This is an intricate hairstyle that is eye-catching, especially with a headpiece. You can also pin your hair into a spiral shape by curling the front section and loosely pulling it back. This will also create a faux bang that gives the cheek some structure.

Wedding Hairstyles Low Side Bun

Looking for the ultimate chic updo? Try the low-side bun wedding hair. The upside to the low side bun is that you can customize this style on the looseness or tightness, hair texture, and parting to look effortlessly stylish. Opt for a side bun accentuated by gorgeous florals pinned to the base. Pair your hair with ornate earrings and a veil if you wish.

You can also opt for a polished side bun with intricate braid details and a dainty headpiece. If you want to elongate your neck and show off backless dresses, opt for an asymmetric hairstyle with textured curls in your side bun. Perfect this look with a statement accent like a bedazzled hairpiece. But if you want to keep it interesting and whimsical, merge old Hollywood waves with pieces of cascading waves into a loose side bun.


Low Braided Bun

Low braided bun bridal hairstyles have upgraded from drab to trendy hairdos that are perfect for every wedding theme. Consider a double side braid added to your voluminous low bun if you love dramatic looks. But for an edgy style, try a bouffant low bun, especially for thick hair.

First style your locks in loose curls and braids because thin hair can look limp. Then secure them into an easy chignon and watch your hair volume boost. If you want to slim your visage or have chubby cheeks, the low bun with bouffant and center part with bangs is the perfect hairstyle.

A double braided bun can never miss when you infuse them throughout the top of your hairstyle. The multidimensional look gives channels the ultimate boho vibe.

Smooth Low Bun

A smooth low bridal bun looks more traditional than the styles flying around. However, there are twists to this hairstyle that makes it timeless. If you have an oval face, wear a deep, sleek center part low bun that accentuates it. Simply twist the bun at your nape or layer it for a simple and gorgeous look.

Like royalty, you can wear a low sleek side bun with stud earrings. This kind of bun works for round or square faces. Twists the hair multiple ways for more body and texture. However, short hair brides can still get the princess look with a layered low bun. And if you have straight hair, try an asymmetrical texture that will make your hair sleek while keeping it in place.


Low Bun Wedding Hair with a Veil

Your wedding veil could get in the way of your hair, but don’t fret. We have the perfect low bun bridal hair with veil styles that you can wear. Opt for a low bun with a side braid and secure in place with pins. For the veil, include clutches for support and pins above or below your bun.

If your hair is textured, opt for a headband that you can wear on your crown to make a skylight bouffant. Attach the veil above the bun and underside the bouffant for a regal look. You may also try out a messy low bun with curls in the wrap. Leave out some locks to give a slimmer appeal to the face and place your veil at the base with bobby pins.

However, for a clean look, come your hair and let the curls cascade behind. Wrap into a braided bun and complement with a mantilla veil hooked to the center. Match with dangling earrings and a hair vine.

Wedding Bun Hairstyles for Black Hair

Low bun hairstyles for weddings are more about texture and minimal manipulation. Some of most favorite wedding low bun hairstyles for black hair include the reverse braided bun where you weave the hair upwards from the nape an inch and roll it into a bun. You can also try out the top French braided low bun for its elegance and neatness.

For a chic and romantic look, braid a section of your curly hair into a headband and roll it along with the rest in a loose bun. A twisted wrap bun is another ethereal-looking style for minimalist brides. These buns for black women work great with fire engine red lipstick, but you can also try nudes. Keep jewelry minimal but wear silhouettes and necklines that would make a focal point.


Wedding Low Bun DIY Ideas

A DIY low bun for a wedding allows you to get hands-on and unleash your creative side. It is quite easy to pull off this hairstyle, albeit with a little technicality. Following the expert tips by professionals, your best bet is a deconstructed low bun with a textured low messy arrangement.

You can also attempt a low bun on fine straight hair or a multi bun messy style on short hair. To pull this off, the first section of your hair from the sides and then the crown. Feed in the lower part with your hair spray for volume and roll while deconstructing. Tackle the crown hair and then the sides for a fantastic finish as you will see in this video.


Low bun hairstyles for weddings are polished and refined and great for a formal event. But you can play on their versatility and pull a twist for casual and non-traditional events. Still, confused about how to wear your hair in a low bun? See our list of hairstyles and even a DIY video for when you’re in a rush.