Side Buns Wedding Hairstyles: 21 Trendy Ideas + FAQs

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Certain classic hairstyles are so hard to forget, and the side bun is one of them. A unique wedding hairstyle that can be styled in any number of ways and different hair types. Either of our favorites is worth considering for your choice of side buns’ wedding hairstyles.


A versatile, fun, and yet sophisticated, the side bun can be worn with any type of bridal attire. And, it can be styled to fit your personal preferences and your personality. Whether you have long, short or medium-length hair, you can rock this classic do in many different ways. If you need some inspiration to find the one that is just right for you, continue to browse through our collection of wedding side bun hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Question

What style of wedding side bun hairstyle is suitable for?

The side bun is suitable for cultural, traditional, and modern weddings. Infuse this hairstyle with braids, curls, and waves for a stunning you. You can also accessorize or tone it down to suit casual weddings or elopement affairs.

How long should be the hair for a side bun wedding hairstyle?

Your hair should be a minimum of ten inches or shoulder-length to make a side bun. The hair moves to the side, so it follows a lengthier angle. This might be hard to manage if the length is shorter.

Can you wear a veil with a side bun hairstyle?

Yes, you can wear a veil with a side bun hairstyle. There are different types of veils to match different wedding looks and hairstyles. You will just need to find the perfect one.



Curly Side Bun Wedding Hairstyle

There are quite a several side bun hairstyles for weddings, and one of our favorites is the curly side bun. An elegant choice it can be loose or firm, but still give off an effortless and chic vibe that will make the bride stand out. A popular hairstyle among brides to be, it looks good with most styles of wedding dresses, from off-shoulder to long-sleeved or even opens back gowns.

A great choice for brides looking to tame their curls for the day, it often suits women in their 20s and can be worn in any season. The most suitable wedding dress for this hairstyle is a floor-length dress.



Messy Side Bun Hairstyles For Wedding

If you need a wedding hairstyle low side bun, or even a high side bun style, you should without a doubt consider the messy side bun. This simple side bun is tied loosely to the side before the bun is made. It could work for both curly and straight hair as it’s pretty versatile.

This effortless look is great for the summer as your hair would be off your neck. It’s also a great fit for diamond and oval-shaped faces and is often worn by women in their late 20s and early 30s. Whether you are having a casual or black-tie affair, this choice of side bun wedding hairstyle will add that bit of perfection to your look.



Loose Side Bun Wedding Hairstyles

A loose hairstyle can be curly, straight, or even wavy. The good thing about loose side bun wedding hairstyles is that they are super comfortable and elegant. Pull out a few face-framing tendrils for effect and you up the elegance factor even more.

This style can be achieved with a classic bun updo or even as a wrap-in. You can wear it with a side part or none at all, or even with a fringe. This side bun works best with long or medium-length hair, is great for summer or the fall, and will look perfect with most wedding dress styles. The best part is that it flatters any face shape, so enjoy.



Wedding Hairstyles Side Bun With Braid

A braided side bun is a very cool and modern look that many brides will love. So if you are considering any choice of wedding hairstyles side bun with braid, we’ll encourage you to go for it. While it might seem intricate, it’s very easy to style. It is also a side bun hairstyle that will last all day and into the night without needing a retouch.

This elegant side bun is great for women in their 20s and 30s, and it’s a lovely option for summer. It also works with several shape sizes and bridal attire. However, it would look most exquisite paired with a traditional wedding dress.


Wedding Side Bun Hairstyles With Veil

While some people might feel a side bun can stop you from wearing a wedding veil, we disagree. You can rock that side bun and your wedding veil at the same time. So, make your choice of wedding side bun hairstyles with a veil. You deserve to look and feel great on your big day.

A French braid side bun would be an elegant choice for this style option. The braid can run from the crown of the head and into the bun whether it’s high or low. For a more prominent braid, make it across the head and then around the braid. Attach the veil to the most suitable area and enjoy your special look.



Wedding Side Bun Hairstyles For Black Hair

Wedding side bun hairstyles for black hair are no different from other side bun hairstyles. Any single side bun hairstyle that you prefer, low or up top, curly or straight would look great with black hair. A nice addition to a silky black side bun would be flowers. You can choose a single, big, colorful bloom to tuck into the bun, or a minute flower crown to encircle the bun. A most natural and sweet-smelling accessory that would make a statement and draw attention, especially to your gorgeous hair.

A lovely touch for summer and autumn, and a hairstyle that would look lovely paired with all styles of wedding dresses and facial shapes.


Easy Wedding Guest Side Bun Hairstyles

Whether you’re getting low bun hairstyles for weddings or sweet side bun hairstyles for weddings, the good thing is that they are easy. The side bun comes in a wide variety of styles, but it is often easy to pull off.

Consider a messy side bun for straight or curly hair. You need to tease the hair and loosen it up before securing it in a bun. However, once you’ve secured the bun, it’s done. The messy look of this hairstyle achieved by teasing the hair adds volume to the hair, making it look even better. Leave out a few face-framing tendrils to complete the look for an elegant finish. Side buns are a classic, and apart from being simple to style, they fit a variety of face shapes and wedding dress styles. So, why not?

Side buns are an elegant classic that will never go out of style. And so there will always be a demand for side buns’ wedding hairstyles. This hairstyle can be worn to a formal or informal type wedding. A rustic, vintage, or contemporary wedding. Which such versatility, it’s no wonder many brides are in love with it. With this guide, you can discover the side bun hairstyle that would be perfect for your big day.