Wedding Hats: Modern & Vintage Bridal Looks [2023 Guide & FAQs]

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Before, brides were only particular about the dreamy dress that is trendy, personalized, and fits perfectly. However, with the evolvement of fashion, wedding hats have taken center stage, and rightly so. Brides now want something more unique that helps them stand out while complementing their whole ensemble.


The wedding hat helps them make a statement that says elegance, confidence, and fashion.

Lately, we have seen wedding hats for the bride trending on social media, from royal weddings to celebrities, brides and guests. In the old days, they accompanied voluminous dresses and gloves, but they are back in the spotlight. Today, chic and feminine brides are having a blast with wedding caps and pulling them off with all dress styles.

From the vintage mini hats for a wedding to the chic wide-brimmed hat and more, it’s an array of beauty for brides this season. And since you have found the one to spend forever with, source your perfect wedding hat for the occasion right here.

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Unbelievable Hats With Flowers And Feathers


If you are going for a timeless and elegant look, opt for a hat with flowers and feathers. These flowers may be natural or artificial. These hats for weddings are indeed versatile and work with about any dress, giving a much-needed richness and depth. The accents give additional weight to the hat so get one that can be firmly secured with clips underneath.

For a perfect bohemian look, roll your hair in a bun at your nape and use the hat as a hair clip. For taller brides, pull the cap forward, and there you have a vintage-styled flower fascinator.

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Wide-Brimmed Wedding Hats


This is for the bride that wants to go all out and is confident enough to do so. She doesn’t want something discreet that looks like a hat. These wide-brimmed hats are great for beach, sea weddings, summer weddings, and tropical affairs. They are just magical and functional, helping you secure your makeup and wavy hair through the day. Plus wide-brimmed hats help you get this ultra-chic look going effortlessly.


Bridal Hats With A Veil


Bridal hats with veils are a cross-link between traditional and contemporary. They offer classic and elegant alternatives for brides who aren’t big on cathedral-length wedding veils. Coming from the days of old, brides have tossed aside the rule book of genteel weddings.

Adopting the hat-veil look adds a nuance of mystique associated with true fashionistas, as they rock them with poise and panache. Choose bridal hats with a veil that are opposite to your dress, think of your height, and the venue.


Elegant Vintage Wedding Mini Hats


Bringing it all the way from the 1900s, vintage wedding mini hats or small perch are classic and trendy today. Think about the white or ivory 1950s pillbox hat with French veiling that can give the overall look a facelift

If making a statement is the goal, the Charleston-inspired flapper headpiece or 1920s Gatsby-style feathered headband from the Art Deco period is just what you need. Pair these with any vintage-inspired dress designs and you have a stunner there.

Stylish Hats For Summer Wedding


It wouldn’t be a summer wedding without the stylish addition of hats as accessories. If you are looking for the perfect summer wedding hat that strikes a balance between modern and vintage or traditional, opt for a beautiful maxi straw hat paired with a tulle headband.

However, if you feel like adding a bit of color, a wide brim rattan with a black ribbon is everything. Alternatively, consider a floppy beach straw hat with a visor for the absolute girl next door look. Pair this look with a pair of dainty statement danglers and a lace-tulle wedding dress.