Wedding Hair Accessories: 40 Ideas & Tips

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Brides wear wedding hair accessories for a couple of reasons; to keep the hair tidy, enhance looks, or as a ritual. However, the common denominator for wearing hair accessories for a wedding is beautiful. No matter how practical they were, they must complement your style, theme, and personality.


Unfortunately, it’s an issue of choosing what works best for different looks like short or long hair, dresses, etc. The good news is that we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for cheap or simple wedding hair accessories, classic, boho, or minimalist styles. All you need to do is check out this detailed and categorized list of hair accessories before you go shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of hair accessories are appropriate for weddings?

Bridal hair accessories for a wedding largely depend on the hairstyle and dress. If the dress is a flamboyant one, then keep the accessories simple, and vice versa. Also, your hood accessories should never overshadow the hairstyle and wedding dress details.

Where to buy hair accessories for a wedding?

Where to buy bridal hair accessories are a dime a dozen, especially if you want something cheap. Places like Esty, Nordstrom, Asos, or Bhldn sell across different price ranges. Just make up your mind about what you want and go find it.

Which accessories are trendy now?

At the moment the trend for small hair pearls as well as dry or waxed flowers. The jewelry should appear light and not too intrusive, in other words, elegant but subtle. It is noticeable that the trendy hair accessories currently in many cases have floral patterns. With the earrings, lately one sees either large earrings also with flower patterns or are earrings made of light silk fabric.


Hair Accessories in 4 Different Wedding Styles

Choosing hair accessories for a wedding is personal to you. However, your accessories should match the wedding style and palette. A veil, tiara, or headband can flow with any wedding style. But for a purely traditional or vintage, opt for understated hairpieces. If you’re going all modern, Bohemian, whimsical and chic, headbands, vines, flowers, tiaras, and combs are perfect. Going for a glam look, bling all out with bejewelled and encrusted collections.


Bohemian or Rustic Wedding

Want to say I do in your natural element? Go rustic or Bohemian! Opt for boho hair accessories with vines, flowers, pins, quartz hair combs, and even crowns. They are laid back yet effortlessly chic and attractive. If your style is flowers, use faux versions so that they don’t wilt before the day ends.



Classical Wedding Accessories

For the modern bride, classic veils remain stunning pieces. Beyond this traditional look, brides now incorporate unique brooches, tiaras, barrettes, and silk florals to give that queenly look. Whether it’s a full tulle gown, chic jumpsuit, or little white dress, you’re sure to make heads turn with these classical wedding accessories.



Vintage Bride Ideas

Vintage accessories are sophisticated, adding flair to your wedding look and hairstyle. They dazzle with antique metals and embellishments. The options are endless, from classic pearls to cute bows, pins, clips, and huge headbands. Whatever your personal style, vintage infuses elegance with a combination of old and new world charm.


Wedding Ideas for Glam Bride

Glam hair accessories add a stylish and modern accent to your wedding look. Trendy hair accessories include gold clips and vines that will accentuate your face and jewelry. Also, look out for feathers, crystal bridal accessories, and gemstones made into posh combs for a firm grip. This gives you a dazzling look.


Wedding Tiaras and Crowns for Brides

These exquisite accessories come in various styles, from dainty and delicate tiaras to bold and regal crowns, allowing brides to choose the perfect piece that complements their wedding dress and personal style effortlessly.

Whether you opt for a classic and timeless design or a more modern and intricate one, wearing a wedding tiara or crown will make you feel like a true princess as you walk down the aisle.

Hair Down With Veil and Crown by Ulyana Aster

It consists of genuine zirconium stones placed on a splendid rhodium plated setting. The countless zirconium crystals have been prong set by hand and give this crown an unimaginable sparkle and shine. This heirloom worthy crown is perfect for a wedding, pageant or extravagant formal event

Choosing the Best Wedding Hair Accessory

The best wedding hair accessories should complement your hairstyle and draw attention to your stunning face. There are so many styles from the classic cathedral or bird’s cage veils, crowns, and tiaras, to the trendy combs, pins, vines, pearls, chignon wraps, and more.

However, when choosing the best hair accessories for wedding, decide on a hairstyle and keep it simple. Opt for matching metals that complement your dress. Also ensure that the hairpiece, jewelry, and shoes match.

Pro Tips
When it comes to choosing accessories and jewelry for a wedding, what advice would you give brides who are unsure about what to choose?

Think about what you normally wear day to day. I often see brides trying to push themselves out of their comfort zone, but the last thing you want on your big day is to feel uncomfortable. If you normally wear very dainty jewellery, I wouldn't suggest larger statement pieces for your wedding day. There's nothing wrong with being adventurous with your jewellery but always keep in mind that the pieces you choose should be an expression of your personal style. If you are unsure where to start, opt for small and classic. You can always layer to create more impact.


Wedding Hair Accessories for Long Hair

Long hair is very versatile and easy to work with. Hence, the weather, dress, and wedding styles are important for choosing wedding hairstyles for long hair that complement accessories. A headpiece is perfect for hair down on a strapless dress in the summer.

For the minimalist and classic bride, opt for simple hair combs on chignon or half updo hairstyles. Accessories for long hair like the bridal hair vine pushes elegance, giving a feminine look on a full ball gown.

Wedding Hair Accessories for Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t care, so there are no limitations to hair accessories options. Pins, hair Combs and headbands are some appropriate wedding hair accessories for short hair. For casual weddings, our colorful yet complementary headband is perfect for suits and knee-length dresses.

If you’re going Bohemian, wispy bejeweled pins are just perfect for outdoor weddings. For the classic bride, opt for encrusted combs on mermaid dresses for the perfect look.

Find your wedding hairstyles inspiration on Pinterest!


Wedding Hair Jewelry Accessories

Rhinestones and crystals bridal hair accessories are classic yet trendy options. The trick is to keep your dresses, make-up, and hairstyle as simple as possible. A ball gown, power jumpsuit, and cocktail dress will work with crystal headpieces, combs, and vines for modern weddings.

If you’re going classic or rustic, choose rhinestone tiaras or full crowns for effect. Bejeweled veils of any length will also perfect your look.

Pro Tips
How do you ensure that your accessories and jewelry complement a bride's wedding dress and overall look?

I think of jewellery similarly to make up: it should enhance what you already have, not overpower you. Your dress should always be the main point of impact and your jewellery and accessories should celebrate it without taking away from it. Use your accessories to echo the detailing of your gown (i.e. if your dress has pearl beading, adding jewellery and hair accessories with pearls will compliment these details instead of adding new, competing elements)

Wedding Flower Hair Accessories

These days, brides lean towards natural looks to show off their glow. This move brings back the classic wedding hair accessories. The trick is to maintain loose and wedding hairstyles, with the flowers acting as the main attention absorber.

Go seasonal and match the blooms with your bouquet and floral arrangements. Also, use smaller flowers for a dainty or intricate look and large blooms for simple or bolder looks.


Bridal Pearl Hair Accessories

Pearls are classic but brides have found ways to create a modern twist with these precious items, including hair accessories. Tahitian, freshwater, baroque, Akoya, south sea pearls, among others, are options to explore.

The secret to nailing pearl hair accessories look is to keep it simple and elegant. Keep your hair in wraps, chignon, high or low bun. You can also rock them with tousled or sleek hairstyles to inspire a classic, romantic, or vintage look.

We asked Leah Yard Designs to describe some of the most popular wedding accessories and jewelry items that brides tend to choose from your collection:

  • Our convertible Filigree Charm Earrings have become a favourite among brides as they can be worn with or without the charms attached, transforming them from statement earrings to an everyday style.
  • Our 2 in 1 Jolie Lariat is our most versatile necklace as the length is completely adjustable (it can even be worn reversed with the chain dangling down an open-back wedding gown)
  • Our Purity Charm has been a great option for those wanting to repurpose a chain. This charm can attach onto a thinner chain or attach to larger links to transform a simple necklace.

Cheap Bridal Hair Accessories

No need to push your budget over the roof for hair accessories. You can get your bridal hair accessory cheap when you buy from non-wedding shops, thrift stores, or sample press sales. Never buy them where you for your dress. Also, opt for bejeweled barrettes, pearl clips, and ribbons as they grip more and are cost-effective than crowns or headbands. You can also negotiate or look out for preloved items.

Wedding Hair Accessories for Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids should look stunning ad put together up until their hair accessories. If you’re having a whimsical wedding, choose flower hair accessories for bridesmaids and coordinate with flowing gowns and bouquets. For a vintage or classic look, crystal hair vines would work perfectly on buns and coiffed hair.

A rather simple, rustic, or minimalist look will favor colorfully detailed pins, clips, and brooches to complement the dress.

Wedding Hair Accessories for Mother of the Bride

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal are factors to consider when choosing hair accessories for the mother of the bride or groom. Hence, for older women, graceful hairpieces range from feathered birdcage mini veils to custom crystal clips and brooches. Of course, this depends on the hairstyle as the former favored buns and coiffed hair.

Clips and brooches are perfect for when the hair is down at modern or beach weddings.


When it comes to shopping for wedding hair accessories, some brides have it nailed while others struggle. Choosing a harmonious palette of wedding accessories requires that you consider hairstyle, attire, and wedding themes. We’ve created a comprehensive list to help you sort through it all. But remember that it’s all about you, your style, and your personality. So get inspired and save money as you pick something smashing for your big day.