How To Choose A Wedding Hairstyle That Will Suits You

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The question of how to choose a wedding hairstyle is what every bride asks. However, no one can give straight answers because there’s so much to consider. Brides want a perfect wedding day, so even if they’ve decided on their overall look, adjustments, and changes are inevitable.


One of the things that change many times before the wedding day is the hairstyle. Brides would consider the hair length, texture, dress design, face shape, accessories, and more. These factors come together to create a stunning overall bridal look. So if you want to learn how to choose the best hairstyle for your wedding, follow these tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get my haircut before the wedding?

The best time to get a haircut is 13 to 11 weeks before the wedding. This gives you enough time to get regular trims and let your hair settle.


Main Things To Consider When Choosing Your Hairstyle

The wise ones say it takes a village to get a bride ready and the same goes for the hairstyle. See all the factors to consider when choosing bridal and even wedding guest hairstyles.


Pick the style that suits your hair type

The first tip on how to choose your wedding hairstyle is to know your hair type. The parameters to check include length, density, and texture.


Do you have short, long, or medium hair length? You need this information.

  • Long hair:
    The perfect wedding hairstyles for long hair include classic chignon, Hollywood waves, formal updo, loose waves, and sleek ponytails. For daring brides, opt for bridal blowouts, intertwining updos, and even full French braids.
  • Medium hair:
    For medium-length wedding hairstyles, choose blunt bangs that make the hair look thicker and draw attention to the eyes. You can also go for windswept waves, high buns, and half up half down styles.
  • Short hair:
    The best wedding hairstyles for short hair include side bangs with flower crowns, twisted updo, and hair swept and pinned to one side. You can also try out layered Curly Bob with bangs or a pixie cut with a flower crown. The icing on the cake is a statement hairpiece.



The thickness of your hair or lack of it would determine what hairstyles are suitable.

  • Hairstyles examples for high density:
    If you have high-density hair, take advantage of the volume. Opt for a twisted half-updo, bulky buns, and chignon, pour tresses in waves, or curled ponytails. You can also try out other simple updo wedding hairstyles.
  • Hairstyles examples for medium:
    If you’re looking for the best wedding hairstyle for medium hair density, consider volume and stability. An elegant low bun, beach waves, sleek high buns, asymmetrical twisted updo, and tousled buns are perfect.
  • Hairstyles examples for light:
    How to choose a wedding hairstyle for light density tresses is to think of volume. The easy wedding hairstyles that can add volume include twist downs, mid-length Ponytails, low buns, half up half down. Other ideas include volumized waves, pinned curls, and braided buns.



The texture of your hair is an important factor, especially when you fancy natural wedding hairstyles. See some ideas for brides and wedding bridesmaid hairstyles.

  • Straight hair:
    Simple wedding hairstyles like the straight and down variation are a winner for all outdoor events. It portrays elegance with little maintenance. Other styles include polished buns, tousled wedding braid hairstyles, and wedding hairstyles half up half down, and half sweeps.
  • Open Wave:
    How to choose a wedding hairstyle for open wave hair starts with the volume, peculiarity, and length. Mermaid style, tuck-ins, and floral adornment will help pull off the relaxed, effortless, chic, and confident bridal look.
  • Wavy:
    For Wavy hair, try romantic curls, pin-ins, siren waves, or bohemian waves. Make the waves soft and bouncy or pin them with statement barrettes to move from one look to another. These are wedding hairstyles for black women with type 2 hair that they can rock.
  • Curly:
    Curly wedding hairstyles are perfect for the black woman with type 3 hair. The curls would complement wedding updos, or half up half down with curls. You could also opt for a curly pony, Grecian updo, braided Curly updo or you could blow out the volume.
  • Very Curly:
    If your hair is very curly, go for wedding bun hairstyles or bridal braid hairstyles. You can also let them loose for the mane to run wild, try asymmetric plaits or a messy bun. Curly hairstyles are beautiful, especially when they’re not too manipulated.
  • Coiled:
    The bride with type 4 hair would rock free falling hairstyles, volumized and loose ponytails, and curly chignon to perfection. Don’t try to eliminate the coils to avoid traction, overstretching, and frizz.
  • Very Coiled:
    Wrap your very Coiled hair loosely with a bejeweled pin or hold them in place with floral tendrils. You can also opt for a tousled ringlet look for a touch of youthfulness and bounce to spice up the aesthetics.
  • Zig-zag Coiled:
    If you have zig-zag Patterned coils, here’s how to choose a wedding hairstyle. Consider updos, top knots, half and a half or you go big by letting it fly. Your esque coil is a symbol of personality, so let it shine.



Keep in Mind the Weather for the Location

Regardless of your hair density, length, and texture; the Weather and wedding location plays a huge role in choosing hairstyles. If you’re having a summer or windy weather affair, down hairstyles for a wedding are perfect. You can either sweep them to the side, tuck behind the ears if they’re short, or choose low ponytails. Other styles include the milkmaid braid, faux hawk, sleek top knots, or half-up wedding hairstyles for long hair.



Think About Your Wedding Dress

Consider the design of your wedding dress from neckline to back and silhouette.

Dress silhouette

The silhouette of the gown creates a definition for the dress. See ideas for various silhouettes.

  • Ballgown: Ball gowns are already dramatic and attract lots of attention to the lower part. Bring impact to your face with updos if you have long hair. Easy wedding hairstyles for short hair will include the use of clips and tuck-ins.
  • A-line: A-line dresses are more flexible and would match bridal hairstyles for long hair like wraps, chignon, ponies, and straight hair. The dress also works with half-up wedding hairstyles for short hair.
  • Mermaid: Mermaid dresses are flirty and define the body figure. Cascading hair and center part bun would sit lovingly on this design.
  • Trumpet: Trumpet dresses sit sleek on the waist and hips to create a flair from the knee down. Choose tousled hairstyles for long hair and restrained bangs for short hair.
  • Slip: Tousled curls, voluminous blowouts, sleeked-back hairstyles, pixie cuts, buns, and chignons are perfect hairstyles for slip wedding dresses.
  • Tea-length: Tea-length dresses are classic so keep your hairstyles elegant and simple. You can rock a Grecian hairstyle with flowers, chignon, or leave your tresses flowing. Braids are also beautiful alternatives. Sleeves Do you want to know what hairstyles fit specific sleeves? See ideas here.
  • Sleeveless: Explore Victorian ponytail, fishtail updo, half up half down, and milkmaid braids to get the vibe moving.
  • Cap Sleeves: Softly curled half-up styles, volumized wedding hairstyles for thin hair, windswept, and cascading waves are perfect. You can also try out textured twists and relaxed updos are perfect for the style.
  • Short Sleeves: For short sleeves, consider low chignon with gentle twists, and voluminous updos. If you can wear short hair; rock a blunt Bob with brushed out waves or cascading braids with soft waves.
  • Three-Quarter Sleeves: Try a sleek and chic or messy updo that is faux hawk-inspired. You can also keep it fresh with a multilayered updo or jazz up your look with mermaid waves.
  • Long Sleeves: Wear half up half down twists or cascading curls, a classic chignon or high bun, ponytails, ultra-voluminous or floaty waves. Back One of the basic rules on how to choose a wedding hairstyle considers the back of the dress. See some ideas below.
  • U- shape: Try a classic low chignon, elegant vintage curls from the short hairstyle wedding catalog, a romantic updo with flowers, or a deep side part.
  • Bare: Bouncy curls, sleek top knots with back braid, effortless fishtail braids, updos, low buns, and cascading loose waves are perfect.
  • Closed: Wear long smooth or pinned curls if you have long or medium hair length. You can also wear a glam long ponytail or bride’s barrette.
  • Open: Flatter your open back with an elegant chignon, French twists, classic twisted side bun, braided bun, or a ballerina bun.
  • V-shape: Ultra glam half up half down with volume, regal updo, sleek ballerina bun top knot, and asymmetrical twisted updo work best for this style.
  • X-cross: Wear sleek center parts, updos with floral accents, blown-out curls pinned to one side, twisted updo, or messy bun.


Consider Your Neckline Type

Your dress necklines are important because they hold attention between your face and body. See ideas for various designs.

  • Sweatheart: Create a feminine look to complement a sweetheart Neckline wedding hairstyle for long hair. You can also choose Tousled styles like the loose retro curls and textured high bun for a chic look.
  • Straight Across: This delicate and romantic cut works well with a variety of wedding hairstyles from short to medium and long. Go for a mid bun or low bun. You can also accessorize with clips and floral crowns.
  • Semi Sweatheart: Semi-sweetheart necklines are whimsical. You can keep it modern or classical with your chignon or curly buns.
  • V-neck: Choose a wedding hairstyle that frames your face. Leave wispy pieces hanging down while the rest is neatly packed.
  • Asymmetric: Consider rocking an updo for this dress if you have long her. However, you can opt for shoulder-length wedding hairstyles for medium hair. Side sweep your hair to the side where the dress has no hand.
  • Off-shoulder: Go for an updo or let your hair cascade down your back to bring attention to the Neckline. You can also rock a half updo with incorporated braids.
  • High neck: How to choose a wedding hairstyle for this dress is to complement the modesty with some sass. Opt for sophisticated wedding updos like braided buns to show off the high neck.
  • Halter: Create a timeless look with glam waves, undone braided updos, voluminous ponies, and loose waves or curls.
  • Halter Strap: Embrace the classic chignon, high updo, low braided ponytail, wavy hair, party ponytails, and romantic low updos.
  • Boat Neck: Try out a sleek high ponytail or French braids to offset the lack of exposed skin for this bateau neck. Keep your hair neat to maximize the beauty of this style.
  • Jewell: Glitz meets pizzazz with a jewel Neckline paired with loose buns and chignons. You can also wear a sleek ponytail and spice it up with accessories.
  • Illusion: Sleek ponytails give this Neckline design a smart look. You can also opt for elaborate updos with texture and volume or wispy curls to bring on the charm.
  • Square: Square cuts are mostly minimalist designs, so bring some drama to your hair. Wear tousled curls, braided updos, half up half down, or let your tresses fall free.
  • Scoop: Incorporate a messy bun, half up half down, and curls to make the dress attractive. If you’re going for a classic look, opt for a top knot hairstyle.



Consider Your Hair Accessories

Accessorizing your hair takes it to another level. See some ideas for hairstyles.

  • Tiara: Go for low-hanging buns, half updo with chunky curls, piled up or braided updos. Other styles include breezy Mermaid waves, messy side buns, and loose low buns.
  • Headband: Choose to put your hair up, half up half down, side down, or a classic chignon. You can also use the headband to tame tousled textured curls.
  • Clips: Half updos, updos, curls, bangs for short hair, low buns, and straight down back hairstyles are the best for clips.
  • Juliet Cap: Juliet caps can work for long and short hair wedding hairstyles, from full fringes to loose buns and classic chignon.
  • Fascinator: Pair fascinators with a classic chignon, bohemian braids, and romantic buns or go au naturel.
  • Veil: If you have short hair, create a curly crop, but for long hair, try voluminous curls. You can also try wedding hairstyles with a veil-like full fringe, pixie cut, center part low chignon, glossy low bun, loose bun with ringlets, or a cascade.
  • Crown: Go with loose locks, voluminous updos, cascading curls, or Indian wedding hairstyles featuring elegant, classic wraps.



Check Your Wedding Style And Theme

Hairstyles for the wedding must match the theme. Check below for ideas suitable for your dream wedding.

  • Rustic Wedding Theme:
    Rustic hairstyles would have lots of floral accouterments. Choose styles like half-up, two-step low ponytails, and free-flowing tresses for your perfect look.
  • Boho Wedding Theme:
    Go for hybrid braids with daisy headbands or incorporate elemental crowns. You can also choose a relaxed ponytail or floral adorned fishtail.
  • Classic Wedding Theme:
    Beehive on twisted French rolls, chic chignon, Hollywood waves, teased coif, low victory rolls, and free-flowing curls.
  • Modern Wedding Theme:
    For a modern look, consider structural chignon, under the braid, loose twists ponytails, milkmaid braids, beach waves, and voluminous buns.
  • Garden Wedding Theme:
    Your best bet is the tousled hairstyles, vintage knots, half-up fishtail braids, low loose twists, flowing locks, and wrap-around.



Wedding Day Activities

There are bridal hairstyles and wedding bridesmaid hairstyles that would hold well through activities. Remember there’ll be lots of movement, dancing, and touching. Opt for hairstyles that require clips, headbands, and barrettes like curls, waves, chignons, buns, and windswept varieties.


Face Shape

Choose a wedding hairstyle for your face by first defining the shape. Then check out how to choose a wedding hairstyle in each category.

  • Round:
    Go for a half up half down look, tuck them sleek behind the ear to add length to the face.
  • Oval:
    Brides with oval face shapes should avoid all sleek back looks in a high bun because they will elongate your face. Other styles are perfect.
  • Rectangle:
    Opt for sleek hairstyles like a chignon, loose ponies, side swoop, straight across bangs, or wear your hair down or up.
  • Diamond
    Choose soft waves, elegant messy bun or updos, romantic messy chignon, or sleek hair back to frame a diamond face.
  • Oblong:
    Choose a side or center parting, bangs, side twists, or pour your hair down to compliment the length.
  • Square:
    Accentuate your jawline with soft waves and straight hair looks. Keep your hairstyles simple to avoid drama on your face.


Wedding Hairstyles Types

Now that you’ve learned how to choose the best hairstyle for your wedding, check out the various style options.


Whether regular or black wedding updo hairstyles, updos are the top wedding choices. They are versatile and can move from a formal sleek bun to messy buns. Long or medium hair lengths are the best fit.

Down Hairstyles

Down hairstyles can feature classic bouncy blowouts, soft waves, or sleeker styles tucked behind the ears for short hair. You can also consider medium-length half-up wedding hairstyles.

Natural hairstyles

Natural hairstyles are classic, from loose tresses to chignons, upsweeps, ponytails, half-up, and half-down, or French wraps. They suit short, long, and medium-length hair.

Curly hairstyles

If you want glam and sophisticated look, try out vintage curly wedding hairstyles. However, to create a relaxed and chic look, beach waves and sweeping or cascading curls are perfect.

Half Up Half Down

If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds or can’t decide on a wedding hairstyle, this is for you. Make it sleek, add curls, and opt for volume, waves, or accessories depending on the kind of look you want to flaunt. Half up half down is perfect for long and medium hair length.


Loose waves, curls, and braids, can work for ponytails. You can opt for a high, low, sleek, or loose ponytail. This is a popular wedding hairstyle that stays trending.


How choose a wedding hairstyle shouldn’t be difficult when you are armed with information. This is why we brought a comprehensive guidepost on everything hair and weddings. You’ll learn how to choose a wedding hairstyle for your face, your hair specifications, and a complimenting wedding outfit. Whether your hair is long, short, or mid-textured, there is something for you in this post.