36 Trendy Swept-Back Wedding Hairstyles

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Swept back hairstyles are a growing trend. This look allows medium and short hair to be pulled back in many amazing styles while leaving the bride’s face beautifully visible. Swept-Back Wedding Hairstyles can be more carefree than traditional dos, which makes it perfect for the beach, rustic, and boho ceremonies. These bridal hairstyles can also be intricate and take hours to pull together perfectly. These looks always look stunning and, with a few pins and a good curling wand, look like absolute magic. We have all of the trending swept-back wedding hairstyles laid out for you. Click through and be amazed!


Swept-Back Half Up Half Down

Half-up half-down swept-back hairstyles are growing in popularity. This is mainly due to how perfect this wedding hairstyle is for today’s most popular wedding ceremony themes. This style completes the traditional look, and also many of today’s modern styles like bohemian, rustic, vintage, and outdoor beach ceremonies. Pairing this style with the perfect pearl earrings or oversized floral pin (or any other accessory that compliments your theme) competes almost theme.

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Swept-Back Wedding Hairstyles With Long Curls

For thick-haired brides may have a little more trouble finding their perfect wedding hairstyles, look no further. Swept-back locks with long curls have so many options for all types of hair. Your weaved waves will look devastatingly beautiful pulled back and pinned up. This style flows down your neck and bounces off your shoulders in a naturally organic way that Mother Nature herself would be jealous of. Even short-haired brides should consider extensions to achieve this gorgeous style.


Swept-Back Updos For Elegant Look

Traditional floor-length wedding gowns and elegant updos go together like salt and pepper. This has been a go-to combo for decades. Pinned up curls and waves are the perfect choice for traditional and classic ceremonies, and exquisitely complete the traditional-bride silhouette. If fairytale princess is your dream come true, a swept-back up-do is just for you.

Is it better to do hair or makeup first?
It’s better to start with makeup, not a hairstyle. Since the hairstyle in the area near the face should be well fixed. You should touch your hair less after fixing it. Also, when the makeup is ready, it is easier for the stylist to create a more harmonious overlook, with the ability to adjust the volumes.
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Chic Wedding Updo Ideas

Elegant and loose are just a few applications of the updo options. Gorgeous swept-back wedding hairstyles apply to everywhere in between. Regardless of your ceremony and reception themes, half up-dos, long curls, tight curls, buns, and braids all have an appropriate place. Stylish brides can consider their gown, their venue, their makeup and their accessories to pair with the perfect combination of updo options.


Exquisite Wedding Hairstyles

Traditional princess brides are simply falling in love with extremely high swept-back wedding hairstyles. The extreme-high look is a variation of the swept-back classic with a focus on height and volume. Waves and curls are pulled back and pinned up as high as they can elegantly go. Experimenting with different flows and textures allows classic brides to match the spirits of their gowns and bouquets perfectly.

Simple Swept-Back Hairstyles With Hair Bun

Swept-back wedding hairstyles can be tight and classic, or loose and free. They can be pulled back into a bun, or feature a wide variety of curls and braids. Regardless of your perfect style, you’ll want to complete the look with gorgeous accessories. This particular style invites all sorts of combs, pins, clips, and crowns. Test out a variety of pearl, floral, and rhinestone designs to find your perfect match. We love this versatile look, and know that you will too.


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