60+ Pinterest Nails Best Ideas For Wedding [Guide 2024]

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Choosing a design for your wedding nails is a great opportunity to make something that you don’t wear in daily life. Your wedding theme or flowers in your bouquet will help you to choose the color for your nails. To make it easier to find ideas we have collected the most popular Pinterest nails that other bride likes.


Glitter Pinterest Nails

Brilliant glitter wedding nails are so much fun, and the glitter is pretty and shiny. These cute Pinterest nails look good in different colors, especially red and pink. They also make a great alternative to traditional wedding colors like white.

Brilliant glitter has an iridescent finish with small silver glitter particles, and you can use mint Ice color, which has a light mint green base with silver holographic hexagon glitter particles.


Nails With Hand-Drawn Details

Nails with hand-drawn details are another unique nail art design. The intricate details are so much fun to create. They look great on both short and long nails Pinterest fingers alike.

This nail art design uses hand-drawn flowers, leaves, and other shapes to create an outline for each nail on the fingertips. Most brides prefer “Firecracker Red,” which has a red base with black lines. The best part of these nails is that they are quick and easy to do.


Pinterest Reflective Foil Nails

Reflective foil nails are not only easy to apply but are also preferred by brides who love glittery nails. You can get a variety of colors in this design, and some brides even go crazy by adding rhinestones or other decorations on their fingers.

If you want something different, incorporate reflective foil into your natural nails using only one base coat and three coats of top coats. For fall nails Pinterest, use brown or nude shades.


Manicure With Rhinestones

For this elegant manicure, all you need is some rhinestones and a quality polish base coat to be sure that your nails will not chip easily. If you want something a little more feminine, try rhinestone stickers.

These stickers come in tons of different shapes and sizes. For brides who want their cute Pinterest nails to match their jewelry or dress, consider adding gold accents with silver and white polishes, which are perfect for adding sparkle to your look without overdoing it.


Minimalistic Pinterest Nails

White, nude, and black colors are minimalist wedding nail colors. Brides can use them to create a classic look or add a soft touch to their nails. For something more dramatic, consider dark purple or deep blue tones for your minimalist wedding Pinterest nails.

These color shades will add a touch of elegance to your look and make you feel like a princess on your special day.

Lace Wedding Nail Art

This design uses delicate lace appliqué on your fingers. It looks beautiful but also elegant and sophisticated. You can find lace patterns online or create your nail design with various lace materials like leavers, Venice lace, or fabric strips.

You can even use different colors to make your cute Pinterest nails more colorful and vibrant. When choosing a color for your lace pattern, it must go well with the rest of your outfit.


Gentle Designs For Wedding Nails

Brides who love gentle nail designs often go for a natural-looking manicure or pastel nails Pinterest. Choose nude colors like white or cream with black tips or even off-white, as it gives a nice contrast against your skin tone.

Use red, pink, or orange shades only if you want striking colors that pop out from all angles. We recommend gel polish in these colors because it lasts longer than regular nail polish and does not chip.

Summer Pinterest Nails

Summer nails are colorful and are mostly long nails Pinterest designs. These wedding nails are better for beach weddings or any tropical wedding theme.

You can design it by painting your nails in a bright color and then adding glitter or tiny beads to them. Also, you can paint your nails with a white base and add some patterns or designs using nail polish pens. Summer nails do not need too many accessories.


Winter Nail Ideas

Winter nails are the perfect way to get in touch with your inner winter spirit. To create a winter nail look, use a clear base coat and then place one coat of white polish on your nails.

Or, instead of wearing regular white or clear polish, try adding some blue or silver glitter onto your Pinterest nails to give them a little extra sparkle during winter months. Winter nails are adorable and chic. Add some cute holiday accessories to complete the look.

Spring Nail for A Bride

With the arrival of spring, flowers are starting to bloom. Spring nails Pinterest are a fun way to dress up your nails for a spring wedding. The colors you choose can be light or bold, depending on your preferences.

Try using pastel colors with a hint of glitter, or even try some bright neon green. You can also create a bright color manicure with dots on the nails and an accent nail with purple flowers.


Fall Pinterest Nails

Fall wedding nails make your fingers look fun and funky. They are elegant and classic, so they will go well with any bridal dress or outfit in your wardrobe.

The best part about fall nails Pinterest is that you can use darker color shades of your choice and also do your nails at home without having to go out and buy any special supplies or tools. All you need is some basic polish and a little patience.

Wedding Nails With Golden Leaves

The gold leaves are trendy for wedding Pinterest nails as they look elegant and fashionable at the same time. Be careful though, because these nails look great but are very fragile, so do not forget to protect your nails with shellac or nail polish remover.

Wedding nails with gold leaves manicures are perfect for dare brides who prioritize elegance and class. Brides can opt for a more classic look or even go crazy with it.

Bright And Elegant Wedding Manicure

A bright and elegant wedding manicure is like a dream come true when it comes to wedding nails. These cute Pinterest nails design suit any wedding theme, even if it is a casual destination wedding where you have no makeup on at all.

This design is all about making your nails stand out. For this nail design, you can opt for black nails with silver sparkles on top of it or something more natural looking like white nails with gold glitter on them.

Pinterest Nails With Gold Accent

We love the look of this gold nail design. It looks even better on Pinterest wedding short nails. The gold accent is very subtle but still gives off a classy feel to the nails.

It is easy to achieve this look by using a bold base color like white or silver and then adding the gold accent with a glitter top coat or rhinestones for extra dazzle. The gold accent nail is a classic that never goes out of style.

Stylish Wedding Manicure

Stylish weddings are such a fun time because you get to dress up in all kinds of cute outfits and stylish nails. These nails are perfect for stylish weddings because they create a unique look that is perfect for weddings.

Use shades of oranges and reds on your hands or even softer color shades like pastel nails Pinterest so that they match well with your overall bridal look. We would also recommend using white accents like dots or glitter polishes.

Matte Pinterest Nails

We love this nail look! It is so simple and chic but looks so expensive. Matte nails are a great way to go when you want a more natural look.

They are also great for a bride who has oily skin or has trouble with their nails getting too long and breaking. The main drawback to matte Pinterest nails is that they can be hard to clean up if you do not take care of them well.

Valentine’s Day Nails Designs

If you are planning on going with a heart-shaped nail design, then you need to be sure that your nail shape is compatible with the shape of your heart. This nail design is beautiful! It has such a feminine touch.

The heart nails Pinterest is perfect for Valentine’s Day weddings or for brides who want something cute but not too girly that it looks tacky. Adding gold glitter makes this design extra special.

Short Pinterest Nail Ideas

Short nails are dashing! These short but stylish nails are ideal for brides who want to keep their hands looking polished but still have time for other things.

Pinterest wedding short nails are perfect for any wedding theme because they are easy to apply and do not need any special tools or equipment beyond your own hands. You can use clear polish for these as opposed to black or burgundy because it will allow the natural look of your nails to shine.

Almond Nails For A Wedding

Pinterest almond nails are perfect for brides because they are not too bold or bright and do not have much contrast with the rest of your outfit.

You should choose a neutral color such as nude or beige that will go well with any bridal dress color (or even skin tone). If you are planning on wearing an evening gown, you will want something more colorful like red or pink, so that it pops against the white dress fabric.

Coffin Pinterest Nails

Brides will love wearing coffin nails on their big day! Coffin Pinterest nails are great because they make your nails look like they are encased in an elegant black box instead of bare fingers.

Brides can use coffin nails in any wedding color palette, from pale pinks to bright fuchsias and oranges. This design looks best with short-length dresses so that it does not clash with the length of your hemline at the waistline area of your dress.

Square-Shaped Nail Ideas

Square-shaped nails are perfect for any bride who wants something unique and different from traditional square nail designs like rhinestone studs or rhinestone bumps.

If you are planning on wearing an all-white dress, you can opt for a classic white pale nude shade to match your skin tone. The square-shaped cute Pinterest nails are best for formal weddings as well, especially when paired with a long veil.

Brides Often Ask

What color should your nails be for your wedding?

Choose a color that compliments your skin tone. Most brides opt for nude or light pink. Also, you can use darker colors like navy blues, wine, etc.

How do I prepare my nails for my wedding?

To get ready for your big day, clean your hands well before applying nail polish. Then use a cotton ball soaked in acetone to dissolve old nail polish.


There are so many options for Pinterest nails for to-be brides. You can go with the traditional black and white or opt for creative ideas to make your nails stand out. Have a happy wedding!