29 Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses: Ideas For Every Wedding Season

plus size bridesmaid dresses
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Bridesmaid dresses come in all styles and sizes. And some plus-size bridesmaid dresses are the most versatile and fashion-forward you can find. Gone are the days of only skinny suitable dresses making it to the runway. In today’s fashion industry, there is something for everyone.


From classic to unique styles, a variety of fabrics, necklines, and lengths. You will find that there are sexy plus-size bridesmaid dresses for every budget and comfort level. Come along as we explore the different options for every woman and wedding season.

Frequently Asked Questions

What style of bridesmaid dress is best for plus size?

Plus size bridesmaids look great in A-line dresses. This is a flowy style that is suitable for every body shape and looks best in plus sizes without any added volume. Other flattering styles include ball gowns, mermaid dresses, and sheath gowns.

Are mermaid dresses flattering for plus size?

Mermaid dresses look great on most body types, plus size as well, especially when paired with a matching peplum top.


Long Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Sometimes the most elegant plus-size bridesmaid dresses are long ones. The kind of formal dresses that anyone would look good in and would look great in any season depending on the choice of fabric. Long dresses come in a variety of styles, from form-fitting to A-line dresses or even ball gowns.


Short Dresses For Plus Size Bridesmaids

Bring on the sexy with short bridesmaid dresses for plus-size women. Whether they come in midi, knee-length or tea-length hemlines, short dresses can give a flirty, informal, and playful look that is flattering on most bridesmaids.


Satin Looks For A Wedding

Satin dresses have the unique feature of being sultry and elegant at the same time. If you want a sophisticated look that is just as comfortable, then you could consider satin plus-size bridesmaid dresses for your girls. Satin speaks to the romantic side of things and can be styled in a wide variety of modern and tasteful ways to fit every type of girl.


Velvet Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Velvet bridesmaid dresses in plus size explore the height of luxury in a way that you cannot with most other fabrics. If you are having a fall or winter wedding, then choosing bridesmaid dresses in rich velvet hues for your bridal party is the most agreeable idea.

Long Sleeve Plus-Size Gowns

There are so many styles to choose from in plus-size bridesmaid dresses with long sleeves. Whether you’re choosing off-the-shoulder long sleeves for a fall wedding or high-neck options for winter weddings, long sleeves look great in a variety of styles.


Bridesmaid Looks In Black

The advantage of plus-size black bridesmaid dresses is that a black dress can come in handy for almost any occasion outside of a wedding. A timeless color, black is not only slimming and elegant, but it also looks great paired with bling and other accessories.

Burgundy Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Women’s plus-size dresses in burgundy benefit a whole lot from the richness of this unique color that is particularly striking in the winter. From long flowy dresses to short flirty ones, there is so much that can be styled in this sophisticated hue for every type of bridesmaid.


Blue Dress Ideas For Bridesmaids

Blue is a versatile color that can feature in almost any type of event. From plus-size royal blue dresses for formal fall events to navy blues for breathtaking wedding party photographs in the winter. Then there are powder blue dresses that hold all of the fun and flirtiness for summer beach weddings.

Plus-Size Gowns In Green

Another color for bridesmaids that is just as unique as it is versatile is green. From plus-size emerald green dresses that would look spectacular in spring or summer weddings, to deeper hues for the colder months. Green can be extra flattering in sleek styles when paired with the right accessories.


Gold Looks For A Wedding

Your bridal party can shimmer and shine in gold silky matte, sleek slip or sequin bridesmaid dresses. This metallic color is great for autumn or winter weddings and can be enhanced with delicate jewelry that glimmer subtly, adding to the general effect. An elegant look for a vintage, modern, or even bohemian wedding.

Bridesmaid Dresses In Purple

For that look of royalty, a bridal party can choose to dress in standard or purple bridesmaid dresses to fit varying sizes and shapes. This elegant color commands attention and can make a daring statement as your girls march into the room. A color that flatters whether you’re styled in curve-hugging silhouettes or free floor-length silks.

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Floral Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Plus-size floral dresses come in a variety of styles and are great for spring and summer weddings. From high necklines to plunging backs, these dresses would fit every style of wedding. From blue floral prints for beach weddings to royal blue for more formal gatherings and red for rustic occasions.

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Just like other sized dresses, plus-size bridesmaid dresses come in sleek formal feminine romantic, and even casual styles. From wrap dresses to mermaid cuts, A-line gowns, and off-shoulder straps. There are a lot of flattering styles for the plus size, as our trendy suggestions confirm.