18 Adorable Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Girls

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Feeling blue? Not after you see what we have in store for you! Blue bridesmaid dresses are arguably the most drastically versatile color options available. Depending on your choice of hues, tints, shades, fabrics, and silhouettes, you can achieve dramatically different results. 


Blue is natural and embodies a huge range of emotional ties. Blue bridesmaid dresses can accommodate the entire gamut of themes, seasons, and styles. They can also accommodate every type of woman that’s in your bridal party. It’s also extremely easy to match accessories, flowers, and secondary colors. 

With a few small choices, blue can be regal, ice princess, exciting, elegant, sexy, romantic, and so much more. 

In short, we love blue! We’re going to show you why you should love it too. Read on to discover the breadth that blue color bridesmaid has to offer and our advice on when it’s best to choose particular options. You will quickly discover why bridesmaids have been choosing blue for decades and finding new ways to make it unique.

Blue Bridesmaids

Light Blue Gowns For Bridesmaid


Ice princess in the winter, innocently fun in the summer. Whatever your wedding plans are, light blue bridesmaid dresses have a little to offer for everyone. Light blue is a fairly modern choice, so if you are looking to set new trends you’ve found your winner.


Bright Blue Bridesmaid Gowns


Bright blue bridesmaid dresses are a classic choice. As these samples display, bright blue is the option you need if you want your squad to carry the appearance of classic Greek or Pagan goddesses. You can dress this up or play it casual with the right accessories, making it ideal of a wide variety of wedding themes.


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What color bridesmaids should everyone wear?


Dusty Blue Color Gowns For Your Girls


There has never been a point in time when dusty blue wasn’t a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses, and today is no exception. This color choice delivers a sense of confidence and dignity to all who wear it. Dusty blue is exceptionally gorgeous next to the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Pale Blue Bridesmaid Gowns


The pale blue bridesmaid dresses are a match made in heaven for brides who love to mix and match. This color is strong enough to stand on its own. However, it’s also very sociable with any other color and texture you want to add to the mix.


Cobalt Blue Gowns For Bridesmaid


To warm up your winter wedding, choose one of these spicy cobalt blue bridesmaid dresses. This darker variation of the blue spectrum certainly does wonders in the cooler months, and performs equally well in the spring and summer. Pair this with gemstones and metals like bronze and silver for an ultra chic appeal

Beautiful Blue Bridesmaid Dresses


Bridesmaids have been on edge ever since the seafoam debacle of the 1950s. Put their minds at ease with universally adored bridesmaid dresses in blue. Your squad will love the versatility, flexibility, and ability to match any theme in any season. They will have their choice of sexy, formal, natural, sophisticated, and fun.