Most Popular Types Of Wedding


If you’re planning your nuptials this year, you’ve got some choices to make, especially with all the most popular wedding trends and different types of weddings. No matter the kind of wedding you’re yearning for, there’s a great destination for your needs. You’ve got a lot of choices, so here are some of the different types of weddings you have to choose from.

1. Go Somewhere

Destination weddings may be fairly new in the world of different types of weddings, but they’re gaining more and more popularity every season. A romantic destination wedding can be a perfect way to kick off your married life while having a mini-holiday with your closest friends and family members. Destination weddings are one of the most popular types of weddings this year, but they can entail quite a lot of expense. They’re best for small, intimate events or couples who have a very large budget.

2. Have a Ball(room)

When you’re deciding on the kind of wedding you’d like to have, don’t forget to consider having your wedding in a ballroom.  Not only does a ballroom wedding offer plenty of room for guests (and an easily-transformed venue for your reception), it also offers a touch of elegance while allowing you to have a gorgeous wedding that will take your breath away, even if you can’t afford to travel for a destination wedding.

3. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Another of the most popular types of weddings during warmer seasons are outdoor weddings. They provide an outstanding backdrop for wedding photos, plus the cost is typically minimal to secure an outdoor venue. Some ideas for your outdoor wedding include archways, gazebos, luminarias, and tiny lights. The main thing to keep in mind if you’re planning one of these weddings is that the weather is going to play a very large factor in the success or failure of your event. Be prepared for poor weather by making backup plans.

4. Hit The Beach

Having your wedding at the beach is another of the most awesome types of weddings available now. If you live near the beach, you can stake a claim to a piece of it for your big day; you may not even need a permit. Make sure you plan around tides and keep in mind that weather on the beach can change in an instant.

5. Other Types Of Weddings

Very nearly any place you can envision having your wedding can be turned into a wedding venue. If you’ve got a friend with a great loft space available, that can easily become your venue with only minor decorating. The same goes for your church, an old barn or nearly any other place you might decide to have your wedding. The only rule is that your venue makes you happy and provides a beautiful backdrop for your vows.