How To Create The Perfect Vintage Wedding


Whether you want to go full-vintage or simply incorporate a few classic vintages touches to your wedding, knowing where to start can be half the battle. There is no right or wrong technique for creating a beautiful vintage wedding, but for a great start, check out these ideas:

1. Vintage Invitations

To set the mood for your vintage wedding before the fun even begins, send out invitations that make use of the vintage style to create a gorgeous and unique visual statement. These invitations are fun and playful, and they can be used to encourage guests to come in their own vintage attire.

2. Vintage Clothing

There will always be something beautiful and romantic about a vintage wedding dress. If you find yourself drawn to the styles of times gone by, don’t be afraid to adopt the look for your big day! You can also deck out your groom and the rest of the wedding party in stylish vintage pieces to complement your vintage bridal look.

3. Vintage Beauty Techniques

For a subtle addition to a vintage wedding, incorporating hairstyles and makeup looks from your favorite era can be a great way to make a nod at the styles that you love without going all-in.  If you are a fan of the pin-up look, then you should let your hair speak to your style. Look for hair and makeup stylists in the area who focus on these styles, and work with them to create the gorgeous look that’s just right for you!

4. Vintage Decor

Incorporating antique furniture or vintage spaces into your wedding is a stunning way to get the best vintage feeling with minimal work. Choose colors, decorations, and floral arrangements that accent your vintage theme to make space really come alive, and to remind your guests that they have stepped into the past.

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5. Vintage Photos

While it may seem simple, choosing black and white or sepia-tone photos for your vintage wedding can give you a great vintage feel. You may want to get some photos in color as well, but let your photographer know what you are aiming for, and he or she will be able to bring you great vintage-feeling results.

6. Vintage Music

If the music of an era truly speaks to you, incorporate it into the ceremony and reception. Whether you hire a band to play stripped-down renditions of your favorite songs or hire a DJ who really knows his oldies, bringing in a hint of the past with the musical selection is the perfect way to get your guests in the vintage mood.

7. Vintage Getaway

When the time comes to leave your celebration and begin the honeymoon, why not jump into a classic car to make your vintage getaway? This is a fun and subtle way to nod at the history behind your vintage wedding and can add an element of adventure and luxury to your big day that you certainly won’t forget.