33+ Vintage Wedding Invitations For Your Perfect Big Day

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A vintage wedding would be incomplete without vintage-style wedding invitations. Some of our fondest memories come from the past and everything that we associate with it. This is the allure of a vintage wedding. And, since your invitation sets the tone for your big day, it would be most appropriate to send out vintage wedding invitations to your guests. Celebrate your past as you step into the next phase in your life with the most adorable vintage wedding invitation ideas your guests are sure to love.


While creating these types of wedding invites might seem daunting, with the right tips to inspire you, you’ll find that it can be most easy. Lend ideas from the past to create the type of vintage wedding invitation that fits your personality and wedding celebration. There is so much to choose from. You can have old-school wedding invitations, vintage chic wedding invitations, old-world wedding invitations and if you are on a budget, there are options for cheap vintage wedding invitations that are just as beautiful.

Keep reading for some of our favorite types of vintage-looking wedding invitations.

Modern Vintage Wedding Invitation Ideas

It is possible to have vintage wedding invites with a modern flair. You could very well achieve that with the art deco decoration style. A style that was prominent in the 1920’s to 1930’s, it usually features rich colors and patterns, as well as precise geometric designs and shapes. The details of art deco modern vintage wedding invitations would be very sophisticated, luxurious even. They would include complex and yet rigid lines with designs in stylish, bold colors such as red, navy, gold, silver and black. This enchanting design would definitely suit a vintage wedding that still wants a bit of a modern flair.


Vintage Wedding Invitations With Lace

Lace is a very good way to express love for vintage. A delicate and yet very beautiful material, it has certain elements that have remained constant over the years. Combined with other elements vintage-inspired wedding invitations of lace can become very exquisite. Vintage wedding invitations with lace do not have to be limited to vintage weddings alone. They would also shine at whimsical, rustic, or even garden weddings in the backyard. Lace has been a sign of royalty over the centuries and it would be no different at your wedding. Decide between fabric lace or lace designs on paper, which would be just as elegant, then combine with rhinestones, beads, or pearls for the most fantastic vintage wedding stationery your guests are sure to love.


Vintage-Inspired Wedding Invitations

A great element for wedding invitation vintage designs is monograms. Monograms are simple to apply, and even though they are usually considered as contemporary, the vintage vibe can be included if they are created with ornate calligraphy. This would not only achieve the vintage look, but they would give your wedding invitations the beautiful touch that they deserve in an uncomplicated manner. Add that personal touch to your unique vintage wedding invitations with a monogram and tie it all together with a satin ribbon for an elegant finish.


Old-Fashioned Wedding Invitations

A great way to depict old-fashioned wedding invitations would be to go country. You cannot go wrong with a country-style vintage invitation. This would impress your guests and totally set the tone for an outdoor or farmyard vintage-themed wedding. Create a wedding invitation that can capture the music, the easiness, and the joys of the vintage eras. Consider wedding stationery with silhouettes of lush flowers, butterflies, and songbirds. Beautiful patterns with textured surfaces embody that country air that is vintage at the same time. Everyone is sure to love it.


Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitations

An iconic symbol of the past and even the present, roses are the delicate flower that has depicted romances over the centuries. So, it is no surprise that they would be perfect to feature in vintage elegant wedding invitations. Create your vintage-inspired invitations with red rose details and watch them come to life. For a true classic, you can include other colors such as salmon, peach, and pink rich roses accented with greens and blacks in the right amount, to capture that elegant vintage flair.

Rustic Vintage Wedding Invitations


Rustic vintage wedding invitations can add a special vibe to a beautiful and charming wedding celebration. These invitations typically feature natural elements like wood or burlap, along with vintage-inspired fonts and designs. A color palette of muted earth tones, such as ivory, beige, and sage green, can add to the rustic and vintage feel of the invitations. Consider incorporating images of nature, such as trees or flowers, to further enhance the natural aesthetic. For a truly vintage feel, consider using sepia-toned images or distressed textures. Additionally, incorporating unique typography or calligraphy can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the invitations.

Your wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding; it is where everything begins. Your choice of wedding theme will also decide the design and vintage wedding invitations would be perfect to set the pace for a vintage wedding. Choose the style of wedding invitations ideas that would best fit your magnificent themed wedding celebration.