10 Fantastic Rustic Wedding Venues In Michigan

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It is challenging to find your dream wedding venue, especially if you want specific features. If you want an earthy destination abroad or a local Midwest location, the rustic wedding venues in Michigan are the best. This untapped wedding venue market offers the perfect outdoor and indoor settings for intimate and extravagant weddings. There are working ranches to the barn, event centers, and halls that come at different price ranges and offerings. We collated a list of Michigan rustic wedding venues, making it easy for you to narrow your search and choose a spot in a quick time.


Heritage Barn Co.

Heritage is one of the most alluring barn wedding venues in West Michigan, with an old, appealing rustic setting. It boasts a view of the rolling hill and a beautiful aesthetic perfect for barn and country weddings.

  • Location, address: 4701 W. Stony Lake Rd. New Era, Michigan 49446.
  • Guest Capacity: This wedding venue situates up to 200 guests.
  • Price venue: The price for a full-day rental is $1500 from Sunday to Thursday, $2000 on Friday, and $2500 on Saturday. This price covers everything above, including indoor tables and chairs for 200, vendor list, indoor bar, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, Farm, banquet hall.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, cocktail, bar.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Restrooms, closet, catering prep room, access to grounds, onsite parking, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There is a bridal dressing suite at this venue.
  • Liability Insurance: Heritage Barn Co. encourages prospective clients to contact them for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

We had our ceremony and reception at the barn, we loved it! Everything from set up to teardown was beautiful. Everything they’ve got on site was so handy to have, they were super easy to communicate with and willing to let us walk through a second time as the plan was getting finalized. – Jaden Petersen via Google reviews.

This was a beautiful venue to have my wedding! We had an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, and everything went great. The team behind Heritage Barn Co is wonderful – very responsive, flexible, and accommodating, and they worked so hard to help us with planning and coordinating. – Laura Sheppard via Google reviews.

Absolutely beautiful venue! New owners have added beautiful new lights and really made the place look wonderful. The yard was such a nice space for games and the fire pit really put it over the top! Our guests were raving about the space! Very few decorations are needed for this beautiful space, so happy we chose this barn for our big day! – Ian Hoefelmeyer via Google reviews.

What we liked about this venue: We love this 1900s barn for its extensive history, open floor plan, and original barn, wood flooring. The dynamic scenery and friendly staff make Heritage Barn Co. worth your while.

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Tobacco Ranch Event Venue

If you are looking for farm wedding venues, in Michigan, with taste and character, check out Tobacco ranch. This 80 acres of beauty is the perfect spot for country, farm, and industrial-chic weddings.

  • Location, address: 1601 N McEwan St, Clare, MI 48617
  • Guest Capacity: This wedding venue contains 150 guests upwards.
  • Price venue: the price for peak season is $10000, and for the off-peak season, it’s $5000. This cost covers everything above, including a fire pit, outdoor covered dance floor, outdoor silo bar, barn loft, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, farm, ranch, waterfront.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner.
  • Venue Service Offerings: 2 Renovated lofted barns, heat, AC, kitchen prep room with freezer & refrigerator, indoor restrooms, historic purple gang house (exterior), and more.
  • Dressing Room: The venue contains a bridal suite for the wedding party to do their thing.
  • Liability Insurance: Tobacco ranch event venue advises guests to contact them for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

I fell in love with the dreamy forest, surrounding the gorgeous barns! Secondly, the people! Jason did amazing making sure every question went answered and did all the work prior to make sure our day ran smoothly! – Kathryn Walker via Google reviews.

100% hands down would recommend this venue to every single person. We had the wedding reception of our dreams and our guests loved every part of the ranch. The scenery, decor, and everything else was just simply amazing. Shane was INCREDIBLE and helped us out with everything that we needed. We also appreciated the bar tenders, those who worked behind the scenes, as well as Jim, our DJ. Their hard work does not go unnoticed and made our event beautiful. – Melissa Ziems via Google reviews.

Neat place. Came here for a wedding/reception. There are nice amenities for the bridal party to get ready, and the setting is rustic and charming. I don’t know how things would go over in the winter, especially if the weather wasn’t agreeable. You park at the top of a hill, which could present some issues, especially for the aging and/or handicapped. – Bob Spangler via Google reviews.

What we liked about this venue: This unique wedding venue is a thorough blend of modern elegance and old-world charms. The scenery, history, and offerings take our breath away.

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Evergreen Ranch LLC

Evergreen Ranch LLC is one of the most peaceful country wedding venues in Michigan located near major roads. This warm and charming venue plays host to rustic and shabby-chic weddings.

  • Location, address: You will find this wedding ranch at 66165 Halfway Rd, Burr Oak, MI 49030.
  • Guest Capacity: The maximum number of guests’ capacity for this venue is 250.
  • Price venue: The price for this venue is $2800 during peak season and $2250 during the off-peak season. The cost covers catering of your choice, liquor, tents, furniture, drapery, altar, arch, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, farm, ranch
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, elopement, rehearsal dinners, bridal shower, engagement party.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Restrooms, white seat folding chairs, mahogany padded seat folding chairs, plastic folding chairs, nine live edge stationary wood tables, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There are bride and groom dressing rooms fitted with AC and other amenities.
  • Liability Insurance: The liability insurance is about $199 using the recommended WedSafe or event helper. Clients will also pay a refundable $250 damage deposit.

What Others Said About This Venue

We couldn’t have asked for a better venue for our big day! Richelle and Hank were not only incredibly sweet and professional but also made sure everything was perfect and did all they could for our big day to be absolutely everything we wanted! – Alexis A. via Weddingwire.

If you need a magical place to get married, Evergreen Ranch is the best choice! Such a quiet, country setting, a modern barn that gives you both the feel of rustic and the wedding of a lifetime! – Hailee H. via Weddingwire.

The venue is absolutely beautiful, from the grounds to the barn. So many options for your ceremony and reception set up. The Barn had stunning tables that were handmade that were a huge favorite of mine and what made me really fall in love with this venue. Ashley D. via Weddingwire.

What we liked about this venue: We love this place for its refreshing ambiance and simplicity. Plus, lovers of furry animals can incorporate them into their weddings at this venue.

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Twin Gables Event Center

Twin gables event center is a farm venue and full-service barn run by a husband-and-wife team. This wedding space with a verdant outdoor and picturesque setting is the idyllic spot for country weddings.

  • Location, address: You will find this wedding venue at 26380 M 86 Sturgis, MI, 49091.
  • Guest Capacity: The maximum guest capacity of this event center is 200.
  • Price venue: The price point for ceremony and reception during peak season is $9000 and during the offseason is $3600. This price covers all the above, including vendor list, staff, catering prep room, access to ground use, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, event center.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, bridal shower, engagement party.
  • Venue Service Offerings: The venue offers tables, chairs, on-site parking, a commercial coffee maker, linens, silverware, glassware, flatware, and additional extensive inventory.
  • Dressing Room: There are climate-controlled prep rooms for the bride and groom before the wedding onset.
  • Liability Insurance: Clients should contact the twin gables event center for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

Our daughter’s wedding was held here on Sept. 4, She describes her day as “Perfect”. The venue is beautiful, and the Hosts were very accommodating to any changes we made or questions we had. I am glad we rented both Friday & Saturday this took away any added stress and did not make any last-minute changes. – Alicia St. John via Google reviews.

So glad to see other people had a hard time with the owner… I agree, beautiful venue, but we wish we had a better experience with the owners. The power went out on our wedding day and significantly delayed our ceremony, and we also had no power for it. No music to walk down the aisle to and friends and family couldn’t hear our vows. – Rachel Meyer via Google reviews.

This venue is exactly what you’re looking for. My daughter’s wedding was incredible, and Mark and Deb are so helpful. The groom and bridal suits are so nice, the table sits around the dance floor so everyone feels included. And the chandelier is beautiful. – Manda Outman via Google reviews.

What we liked about this venue: The wooden walkway, gazebo, pond, and more combined with modern amenities give a timeless, whimsical feeling.

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The Z Hall

The Z Hall is one of the rustic wedding venues in west Michigan that offer hands-on and personalized services. Dating back to 1916, this intimate environment is perfect for barn, modern, and garden-inspired weddings.

  • Location, address: You will find this venue at 1775 Owosso Ave Owosso, MI, 48867.
  • Guest Capacity: This wedding venue can contain up to 400 people.
  • Price venue: The price during peak season for the ceremony and reception is $2743 while it is $2506 for the off-season. This price covers chairs, clean-up, glassware, linens, parking, set-up, tables, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Ballroom, garden, historic building, barn, banquet hall, farm/ranch.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Set up, staff, vendor list, catering services, accommodation, Wi-Fi, rentals, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There are a couple of getting-ready rooms for the bride, groom, and wedding party.
  • Liability Insurance: The Z Hall advises prospective clients to contact them for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

The venue, staff, and food were fantastic. We’ll start with the venue. We had our wedding in the garden and it was beautiful. Set up was smooth and easy with many helping hands. The interior of the Z hall was gorgeous and the bar was awesome. – Kirk Sugden via Google reviews.

The venue is stunning and the back garden was gorgeous in the summer! The food was so delicious and no one went hungry. They even sent home a box of yummy leftovers for the bride and groom! – Lauren G. via Weddingwire.

The venue was gorgeous inside and outside. With the threat of rain, they were ready to move inside if need be! The staff was professional and accommodating, the food was delicious, the decor was exquisite! – Tammy B. via Weddingwire.

What we liked about this venue: This space features the largest wooden dancefloor in the whole of Michigan. So, a lot of dancing in a serene environment is everything whimsical.

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Alden Orchards

Alden orchards is a historic property that dates back to 1920, with scenic backdrops for photos. This venue which features a mix of modern and shabby chic interiors serves as the perfect site for rustic weddings.

  • Location, address: locate this wedding venue at 2534 Alden Nash Ave NE Lowell, MI, 49331.
  • Guest Capacity: The outdoor field can hold up to 200 guests, while the indoor capacity is a maximum of 120 guests.
  • Price venue: This wedding venue costs $2800. The cost covers all the above, including parking and wheelchair access.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, Farm/Ranch, Inn/B&B.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, elopements, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Accommodations, rentals, dressing rooms, vendor list, altar/arch, chairs, dance floor, decor, lighting, photo booth, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There are dressing rooms located on-site for the couple and wedding party.
  • Liability Insurance: Prospective clients should contact Alden Orchard for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

The venue is lovely and the service was spectacular. With having options of the barn, pavilion, inn, and beautiful property, there were so many ways to make our wedding unique and beautiful. My bridal party loved the inn and it was such a fun time with my girls before the main event. – Renae via Weddingwire.

Beautiful venue for weddings in an apple orchard just north of the city of Lowell. The barn is decked out with chandeliers for just the right bling. This is good for smaller wedding parties. Covered Pavillion for the dance floor. Old farmhouse equipped for the preparation of wedding party. Expect walking on uneven grounds. But golf carts are available for transporting people and things from one place to another. The barn is some distance away from the ceremony staging area. – Mary H via Google reviews.

Had our wedding there recently and it was an amazing experience! Katie was wonderful to work with, the barn and inn were well maintained and beautiful. The addition of the orchards for the pictures was my favorite part! – via Google reviews.

What we liked about this venue: If you want to host a small wedding, Alden Orchards is one of the most intimate barn wedding venues in Michigan to check out. The worn wooden rafters, walls, and bonfire give warmth, love, and timeless memories.

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Zingerman’s Cornman Farms

Their commitment to being more than just a backdrop to your wedding but an integral part of your love story sets them apart. From intimate elopements to gatherings of up to 75 people, they ensure every detail is meticulously taken care of. With their unwavering dedication and attention to detail, Cornman Farms promises to make your wedding day uniquely yours, allowing you to fully embrace and cherish every magical moment.

  • Location, address: Find it at 8540 Island Lake Road.
  • Guest Capacity: Cornman Farms hosts weddings for 2 to 75 people. They have four different packages that cater to different sized weddings.
  • Price venue: Wedding venue prices vary based on guest count and day of the week. Full-day packages range from $13,000 to $19,000 for 15-75 guests, with weekdays being more affordable. Half-day options for 15-40 guests start at $10,000 on weekdays. Additional guests beyond 15 incur a fee of $125 each.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Garden, tent, barn, farmhouse.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, elopements.
  • Venue Service Offerings: From event production and service staff to a talented farmhouse chef and dedicated farm production team, every aspect of your special day is meticulously taken care of. With exclusive venue rental options, professional photography, and a comprehensive rental package including vintage china and ceremony setup, this venue ensures that your wedding day is seamless and unforgettable.
  • Dressing Room: Yes, there is a dressing room for the bride.
  • Liability Insurance: Contact the venue for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

Our wedding at Cornman Farms was an absolute dream come true. We knew we wanted something intimate and special, but also that required little planning on our part. That’s exactly what we got! Everything from the flowers to the photographer was coordinated by the venue. They did it all beautifully. Event staff provided impeccable service, the venue was STUNNING, and the food was out-of-this-world. Chef Kieron and Tabitha were wonderful to work with, and we count ourselves lucky for being able to spend our special day with them. – Gina Valente via Google reviews.

Beautiful well maintained event facility. There is the barn for medium sized events and a tent for larger events. This is the last year, pre November for the tent. The farmhouse can accommodate 14 people for dinners with friends.
They host many events and have pop up kitchens where you can purchase your meal by pre order and then enjoy the farm grounds to find a place to picnic. –
K R via Google reviews.

We had our wedding here and I highly recommend anyone considering Cornman Farms for their venue to give them a chance. From start to finish the process was great, great communication, beautiful grounds and such a friendly helpful staff. Nothing but great things to say! You won’t be disappointed if you chose to have your event here. –
Aaron M (Aaronm727) via Google reviews.

What we liked about this venue: We’re enamored by Cornman Farms’ commitment to family, evident in its warm embrace of guests. Chef Kieron Hales envisioned a venue where excellent food fosters familial bonds, resonating with our belief that good food unites communities. With a serene 27-acre farm setting just minutes from Ann Arbor, Cornman Farms offers an idyllic backdrop for unforgettable celebrations, meticulously tailored to each couple’s vision.

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Heritage Wedding Barns

Heritage wedding barns is a stunning 27-acre site that embodies serenity, history, and romance. This family-owned barn has vast space, attractive weeping willow, and captivating natural landscapes perfect for whimsical weddings.

  • Location, address: Check them out at 813 S 32nd Ave Shelby MI Shelby, MI, 49455
  • Guest Capacity: This venue can hold 220 guests indoors and about 300 guests outdoors.
  • Price venue: the price of this venue for one day is $6500, and for two days, it is $8,000. This cost covers a custom bar serving area, an expansive outdoor patio, large indoor bathrooms with AC, a walkout lower level with in-floor heat, and dimmable LED lighting. Other features include ADA accessibility, seating for 300, a warming kitchen, an on-site parking lot, 27 acres of private space, custom farm tables, cocktail tables, bar stools, whiskey barrels, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, farm/ranch, historic building
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Event rentals, get-ready rooms, outside vendors and lists, set up, altar/arch, chairs, tables, parking, wheelchair access, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There are well-furnished dressing rooms available for the bride, groom, and wedding party.
  • Liability Insurance: Heritage wedding barns advises clients to contact them for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

Very nice venue!! Went to a wedding was great during and after. Big patio area for talking dancing huge indoor bar area with places to sit. Had a blast! – Tom Heideman via Google reviews.

Fell in love with this beautiful place. They have everything a Bride and Groom would want. Breathtaking views. A Bride and Groom ready rooms, with lots of plugins for those curling irons. Highly recommend this place, and the owners were so down country friendly. – William Selby via Google reviews.

This venue is absolutely stunning. They are still pretty new, but the owners are very personable and professional. The barn is very historical and has many beautiful craftsman touches. There are many options for layouts according to what you would like along with all the setup materials needed. – Ellianne K. via Weddingwire.

What we liked about this venue: The short distance from this venue to Lake Michigan, Little Sable Lighthouse, and the Silver Lake Sand Dunes gives the perfect backdrop for dreamy photos.

Heritage Wedding Barns: WebsiteInstagramFacebook

Odin’s Owl

If you are looking for rural barn wedding venues in northern Michigan, Odin’s Owl is the place to be. It sits pretty within a mystic forest, making it ideal for woodland, enchanted and bohemian weddings.

  • Location, address: You will find Odin’s Owl at 8679 Birch Run Road Millington, MI, 48746
  • Guest Capacity: This venue has a maximum guest capacity of 250 people.
  • Price venue: The venue price starts from $10000 during peak season and $8000 for off-peak seasons. The cost covers all of the above, including climate-controlled restrooms, a cathedral, woodland, a food prep area with a separate entrance, a campground, and ample parking space.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Barn, historic building.
  • Service: Ceremony, galas, and reception.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Event planner and staff, get-ready rooms, pet-friendly environment, chairs, tables, parking, wheelchair access, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There are dressing rooms available for couples and their wedding parties on site.
  • Liability Insurance: Clients are encouraged to contact the barn for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed working with Rosanna and Odin’s owl for my wedding! I was married here on August 3rd and could not have asked for a better day. The venue itself is overwhelmingly beautiful, but then the staff just exceeded expectations. The day was simply perfect and worth every penny put into it. – Ashley Gregware via Google reviews.

Odin’s Owl was not only breathtaking, but the service you receive from them is unmatched! They are worth every penny! So many different beautiful options to choose from for your ceremony site and the inside of their venue is absolutely beautiful! Rosanna and her team are wonderful to work with, she makes everything run so smoothly & is willing to do a lot to make your special day perfect! – Caitlin N. via Weddingwire.

Those are just a few of the compliments we heard Saturday evening to describe the gorgeous venue at Odin’s Owl. From the time we first toured the venue to take in the final elegance as it was transformed with our own selections of florals, lights, color, and personalized touches were indeed breathtaking! – Pam R. via Weddingwire.

What we liked about this venue: Odin’s Owl is a remarkable venue drenched in rustic aesthetics constructed out of hand-crafted timber. This 15-acre property boasts a deep forest and two ponds that bring guests closer to nature.

Odin’s Owl: WebsiteInstagramFacebook

Cushing Field House

One of the wedding barn venues in Michigan associated with luxury is the Cushing field house. It is idyllic for rustic charm, shabby chic, garden, and modern weddings.

  • Location, address: Find it at 14151 Fish Lake Rd, Holly, MI 48442
  • Guest Capacity: The maximum capacity for this venue is 200 guests indoors.
  • Price venue: Cushing field house is not a commercial barn. Hence, the fee is subject to change following a wedding’s uniqueness. So contact the wedding venue to get the pricing. However, the cost covers access to Cushing Field House and grounds, two separate, well-appointed suites for bride and groom, and up to 200 natural wood reception chairs. Other offerings include a furnished fireplace lounge area, a decorated foyer with a welcoming table and other furnishings from Anthropologie, onsite lawn parking, Restoration Hardware patio furniture, a fire pit, outdoor speakers with built-in Sonos, and more.

Additional Details

  • Setting types: Garden, farm/ranch, barn.
  • Service: Ceremony, reception, bridal shower.
  • Venue Service Offerings: Preferred vendor guidance and recommendations, two friendly on-site staff members at each event, along with a venue coordinator, event rentals, air-conditioning, tables, chairs, and other decor items included, setup and cleanup, and more.
  • Dressing Room: There are two dressing rooms for the bride and groom to relax, along with their wedding party.
  • Liability Insurance: The Cushing Field House encourages prospective clients to contact the Cushing field house for this information.

What Others Said About This Venue

The venue is exactly what I was looking for. Driving up the long driveway you are taken back by how beautiful the grounds are and then you walk inside and are blown away. I was lucky to be one of the brides to get to use the new bridal suite. Every detail has been thought of. – Justine H. via Weddingwire.

Cushing Field House captured the day beautifully by giving us the rustic elegance we were seeking. The repurposed farm wood, the landscaping, and the other amenities available for use left us in awe. We are so excited to see pictures of other couples designing their perfect day at the Cushing Field House in the future! – Summer via Weddingwire.

The bridal suite was perfect for getting ready and the separate groom’s room/garage was everything we needed. The indoor decorations, stunning mirror wall, and huge head table made our day so special. We could not have asked for a better location for our postponed and re-planned wedding! – Alyssa S via The Knot.

What we liked about this venue: Cushing Field House sits within organic nature that comprises enchanting landscapes, fauna, and flora. It also surrounds itself with hardwoods and picturesque scenery perfect for warm, intimate, and rustic weddings.

Cushing Field House: WebsiteInstagramFacebook

Rustic weddings are meaningful and authentic perfect for the earthy, simple, and nature-loving couple. Whether you’re keeping it local or opting for a beautiful destination, you’ll find the best rustic wedding venues in Michigan. Michigan is an untapped area for rustic weddings, hence, the many hidden treasures. We narrowed our wedding venues list to feature the ten most attractive wedding barn venues in Michigan for luxurious and intimate weddings. Make an option within your budget and create lifetime romantic memories.