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So you’ve picked a wedding already and it’s time to set all pre-wedding activities in motion. The bridal shower is like the first main pre-wedding activity and you want to relay just the right information. It begins with getting your bridal shower invitation wording right for whatever party style you’ve chosen.


Get together with your host and take inspiration from this post as we’ve covered everything you need for shower invitations. We also incorporated wedding shower invitation wording and wedding shower invitation samples in case you’re having a coed celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Send Wedding Or Bridal Shower Invitations?

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording

The bridal shower invitation wording should send a message. It states whether the bridal shower will be formal or casual. Proper bridal shower invitation wording starts with punchy informative one-liners.

  • “We seek your esteemed presence at a bridal shower honoring Wendi.”
  • “Please, join us as we honor Wendi with a bridal shower.”
  • “Join us as we shower the soon to be Mrs, Wendi with love.”
  • “Come through as we shower Wendi with love at her bridal shower.”
  • “Turn up let’s honor the bride with a love shower before she becomes Mrs.”
  • “A toast to Wendi as she exits bachelorette.”


Bridal Shower Invitation Examples

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Wedding Shower Invitation Wording

A wedding shower invites wording that addresses the couple and not only the bride. This is quite used when a coed shower is well planned. It’s just like planning a wedding, so both the bride and groom are guests of honor. See some wedding shower wording one-liners below.

  • “In honor of Wendi and her soon to be groom Michal, let’s have a glass or two.”
  • “Before they tie the knot, join us as we throw a party to celebrate.”
  • “With some wine and laughter, let’s toast to future Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald!”
  • “Before the besotted couple signs the dotted lines, let’s have a toast.”


Wedding Shower Invitation Examples

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How To Address Shower Invitations

Name the guest of honor

This is the first and most important information. If it’s a couple of wedding shower invitation wording, then it’s best to mention the bride and groom. This informs the guests that the party isn’t for girls only. If the bridal shower is only for the bride, keep it so.

Name the venue, date and time

It’s important to make this information legible on the wedding shower invite wording. Spell out the month so that guests won’t confuse it with the date. Venue address is not necessary if it holds in a restaurant or other public place. But if the party holds in a private home, then include a well-detailed address.

Name the hosts

Naming the hosts gives the guests an idea of who to thank, especially if a lot of people hosted it. Naming them also gives the guest more sources to get party information from.

Include the RSVP

This helps you plan better by knowing the number of guests and how much food and drinks to buy.

Wedding registry

Communicate your registry to the guests by including your website URL on the invite. You may also list out the stores where you have the registry on the invite.

Wedding And Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

There are silent rules to observe when putting your invitations to the wedding and bridal shower together. It starts before the shower and doesn’t end till you send out thank you notes.

  1. Be sure that the host has the mailing addresses of everyone invited. It’s important to ensure seamless shower planning.
  2. As a rule, invite members from both sides of the family. Most times, the shower provides the meeting point for parents and family members for the first time. Making it all about you and your family while out that of your spouse to be isn’t right. This can cause a lot of bad blood which you may not be able to handle.
  3. Should you plan to have a destination wedding especially, have a bigger shower. And invite mostly those guests who won’t make it to your wedding. Also, invite those guests who you won’t be inviting to your wedding.
  4. Keep a track of all the gifts you get so that you can send personalized thank you notes.
  5. Send out handwritten thank you notes within two weeks post bridal shower. And let the cards carry your maiden name. Don’t use cards with your married name until after the wedding.