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180 Traditional & Modern Anniversary Gifts By Year


Picking out wedding anniversary gifts by year are great ways to gift your loved ones something not just great but appropriate. Getting the right gift is generally not an easy feat, which is why a lot of guests give money as a wedding gift. Taking out time to get a gift for your loved ones is priceless, especially coming up with a great anniversary gift ideas for parents.

In this post, we have rounded up some ideas for traditional wedding anniversary gifts by year, modern anniversary gifts, even up to 60th-anniversary gifts. Check out this post to get the best wedding anniversary gifts you can think of.

Anniversary Gifts and Themes by Year (Classic / Modern):

  • 1ST ANNIVERSARY: Paper / Clock
  • 2ND ANNIVERSARY: Cotton / China
  • 3RD ANNIVERSARY: Leather / Crystal & Glass
  • 4TH ANNIVERSARY: Fruit & Flowers / Applianes
  • 5TH ANNIVERSARY: Wood / Silverware
  • 6TH ANNIVERSARY: Candy & Iron / Wood
  • 7TH ANNIVERSARY: Copper / Desk Set
  • 8TH ANNIVERSARY: Bronze / Linens & Lace
  • 9TH ANNIVERSARY: Pottery / Leather
  • 10TH ANNIVERSARY: Tin & Aluminum / Diamond Jewelry
  • 11TH ANNIVERSARY: Steel / Fashion Jewelry
  • 12TH ANNIVERSARY: Silk & Linen / Pearls
  • 13TH ANNIVERSARY: Lace / Textile
  • 14TH ANNIVERSARY: Animal Items / Gold Jewelry
  • 15TH ANNIVERSARY: Crystals / Watches
  • 16TH ANNIVERSARY: Silverware
  • 17TH ANNIVERSARY: Furniture
  • 18TH ANNIVERSARY: Porcelain
  • 19TH ANNIVERSARY: Bronze
  • 20TH ANNIVERSARY: China / Platinum
  • 21TH ANNIVERSARY: Nickel
  • 22TH ANNIVERSARY: Copper
  • 23TH ANNIVERSARY: Silver Plate
  • 24TH ANNIVERSARY: Opal / Musical Instruments
  • 25TH ANNIVERSARY: Silver
  • 26TH ANNIVERSARY: Pictures
  • 27TH ANNIVERSARY: Sculpture
  • 28TH ANNIVERSARY: Orchids
  • 29TH ANNIVERSARY: Furniture
  • 30TH ANNIVERSARY: Pearl / Diamond
  • 35TH ANNIVERSARY: Coral / Jade
  • 45TH ANNIVERSARY: Sapphire
  • 55TH ANNIVERSARY: Emerald
  • 60TH ANNIVERSARY: Diamond

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1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

Classic theme: Paper

  • Book – This is a great 1st-anniversary gift for anyone who loves to read.

Where to buy: A best seller is Dr. Seuss beginner’s book collection on Amazon.
Price: $24.99

  • Calendar – This one of the wedding anniversary gifts by year that is ideal for planning and date markers.

Where to buy: Amazon
Price: $14.89

  • Postcards – These are beautiful for persons who love to travel. This is a gift that you can add to your wedding registry.

Where to buy: Set vintage retro old travel postcards on Amazon.
Price: $6.45

Modern theme: Clock

  • Alarm clock – These are some of the best traditional anniversary gifts for a wedding. Helps ensure that early risers rise early.

Where to buy: Phillips wake up light alarm clock on Amazon.
Price: $137.97

  • Wall clock – This is an ideal wedding anniversary gift for the modern couple. It adds more decorations to the home.

Where to buy: Hippih 10 silent quartz decorative wall clock on Amazon.
Price: $9.99

2nd Year Anniversary Gifts

Classic theme: Cotton

  • A bathrobe – feel the plushness of cotton on your body before even before a bath in a bathrobe.

Where to buy: bare 100% Turkish cotton Terry bathrobe on Walmart.
Price: $28.35-$29.72

  • A cotton throw pillow – Throw pillows are beautiful cotton anniversary gifts for the home. It aids relaxation.

Where to buy: Better homes and gardens pleated velvet throw pillows on Walmart.
Price: $14.87

  • Bathrobe – For comfort and coziness even after a bath, traditional couples will love this.

Where to buy: cotton kimono diamond pattern bathrobe on Walmart.
Price: $22.95

Modern theme: China

  • A fine China vase – China vases are chic, stylish and adds a contemporary beauty to modern decor.

Where to buy: Royal Copenhagen fluted mega 8-inch vase on bed bath and beyond.
Price: $199.99

  • Necklace – This is one of the best anniversary gifts for her. The China necklace is fragile, yet durable and breathtaking.

Where to buy: Love birds’ china necklace on Etsy.
Price: $62.40

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Classic theme: Leather

  • A wallet – Leather anniversary gifts for boyfriends just got better. A leather wallet is one of the most unique 3-year anniversary gift ideas for him to keep his stuff safe.

Where to buy: Michael Kors jet set cross grain continental leather wallet at Macy’s.
Price: $168.00

  • A leather belt – The right leather gifts cannot do better than a leather belt. They are stylish, durable and all man!

Where to buy: Perry Ellis portfolio men’s leather dress belt at Macy’s.
Price: $45.00

  • A handbag – Looking for classy engagement gifts for her or a wedding anniversary gift for your beloved, a handbag is just it!

Where to buy: Steve Madden Sammy bucket hobo bag from Macy’s.
Price: $68.00

Modern theme: Crystal/Glass

  • Crystal candle holders – For the couple who loves the romantic ambiance, crystal candle holders will add more style to it. Very ideal gifts for bridal shower.

Where to buy: Oslo small crystal tea light candle holder on crate and barrel.
Price: $12.95

  • Personalized wine glasses – These are some of the best anniversary gifts by year modern items. Personalized wine glasses are ideal for relaxation.

Where to buy: Stemless 18oz wineglass with the cooling base on crate and barrel.
Price: $9.95

4th-Anniversary Gift

Classic theme: Fruit/flowers

  • Garden tools – The garden loving couple will love a set of garden tools for a 4th-anniversary gift.

Where to buy: Vremi 9piece garden tool set on Amazon.
Price: $32.95

  • Flowers/fruit basket – Gift the health buff couple a fruit basket for the 4th-anniversary. It is unique and ideal.

Where to buy: Golden state fruit orchard gift basket on Amazon.
Price: $36.19

  • Plant – Indoor plants are beautiful gifts to mark anniversary years for couples. They add nature to indoor décor.

Where to buy: Costa farms majesty palm tree on Amazon.
Price: $80.93

Modern theme: Appliances

  • An espresso machine – This one is for the coffee lovers. They would give anything to own an espresso machine.

Where to buy: Aicook espresso machine on Amazon.
Price: $124.99

  • Portable speakers – These are a great anniversary and bachelor party gifts for him. The modern and tech-savvy man will love it.

Where to buy: Anker soundcore portable Bluetooth speakers on Amazon.
Price: $24.99

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Classic theme: Wood

  • A wooden rocking chair – This is a very traditional wedding anniversary gift for the 5thyear. Nice for the lawn, patio and living room.

Where to buy: Amish heavy duty back pressure treated rocking chair on Amazon.
Price: $179.99

  • A wooden serving tray – For the traditional couple that loves to cook or host, this is a great anniversary gift idea.

Where to buy: check oak serving tray on Etsy.
Price: $49.95

  • A wooden sculpture – For the couple that loves art. A wood sculpture and rare.

Where to buy: abstract wood sculpture on Etsy.
Price: $150.0

Modern theme: Silverware

  • Silver photo frame – Fix in your loved up pictures in a silver photo frame and place on your mantel. This can also pass for engagement gifts.

Where to buy: Silver glitter picture frame on Etsy.
Price: $11.00

  • Silver jewelry – Silver pieces of jewelry are divine and durable. A modern and stylish anniversary gift for her.

Where to buy: Sterling silver infinity necklace on Amazon.
Price: $17.99

6-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Classic theme: Candy/Iron

  • Chocolate basket – A basket filled with assorted chocolate is ideal for her 6-year anniversary gift.

Where to buy: Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket on Amazon.
Price: $120. 89

  • Iron jewelry – Iron anniversary gifts of jewelry are traditional and, strong and symbolic. The perfect gift for a laid back fashionista.

Where to buy: Steel necklace, blacksmith forged 6-year anniversary gift for the wife on Etsy.
Price: $61.00

  • A candy bouquet – This is a very romantic one for her. Ideal for bridal shower and anniversary.

Where to buy: Flowers and butterfly Rocher chocolate candy bouquet on Amazon.
Price: $52.90

Modern theme: Wood

  • Wooden frame – For all the cute pictures that adorn your wall, use a wooden frame.

Where to buy: Mr. and Mrs. wooden frame on Etsy.
Price: $22.90

  • Barrel aged whiskey – Perfect 6 years anniversary gift for the modern man that loves to relax with some good whiskey. Great for bachelor party too.

Where to buy: Personalized Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel by Jds on Amazon.
Price: $61.20

Anniversary Gift List for the 7th Year

Classic theme: Copper

  • Artisan copper jewelry – Add this to your anniversary gift list for something traditional and romantic.

Where to buy: Handmade swan copper jewelry on Etsy.
Price: $3.95

  • Fine art with copper detailing – For lovers and collectors of art, here is something great for a 7-year anniversary gift.

Where to buy: Trombone by Jasper Oostland on Fineartamerica.
Price: $17

  • Copper vase – Add elegance to your decor with copper vases. A gift for the wife.

Where to buy: Pair vintage Persian republic vases on Etsy.
Price: $65.00

Modern theme: Desk set

  • A desk organizer – This is for the modern person who loves to declutter and maximize desk space.

Where to buy: Stori clear plastic vanity desk organizer on Amazon.
Price: $14.99

  • A pen – Something special for him as an anniversary gift. A personalized pen is traditionally romantic.

Where to buy: Pilot g2 retractable gel ink pen on Amazon.
Price: $15.29

8th Year Anniversary Gifts

Classic theme: Bronze

  • Bronze flowerpot – Beautify your indoor and patio with a bronze flower pot. They are stylish and give a rustic opulence to every space.

Where to buy: Dundee bronze floor planters on Crate and Barrel.
Price: $99.95

  • Bronze candle holder – Light up the home and set the mood for the 8th wedding anniversary, with your candles firm on the bronze candle holders.

Where to buy: Emmett taper bronze candle holder on Crate and Barrel.
Price: $18.95 – $26.95

  • Bronze art – Beautify your home with statement art, a bronze art will be quite perfect for the 8th anniversary.

Where to buy: Atlas titan statue in Greece Etsy.
Price: $205.24

Modern theme: Linen/lace

  • Linen bedding – Retire to a bed laid with linen bedding. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of great rest.

Where to buy: Linen solid sheet set by Mélange homes at Walmart.
Price: $107.09 – $176.97

  • Lace lingerie – For the modern woman who loves to feel confident and sexy.

Where to buy: Bow lace itsy panty by Victoria Secret.
Price: $16.50

9 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Classic theme: Pottery

  • A customized coffee mug – For coffee lovers who want their own custom made mugs. This is the perfect anniversary gift.

Where to buy: Personalized coffee mug on Amazon.
Price: $16.99

  • Pottery sculptures – For lovers of sculpture and ceramics. Perfect for him or her.

Where to buy: Llama alpaca ceramic figurines on Etsy.
Price: $26.00

  • Dishes – This is for the couple who loves to host. This is also a great engagement gift.

Where to buy: Lenox French carved pearl dinnerware collection on bed bath and beyond.
Price: $55.99

Modern theme: Leather

  • Leather wallet – For his and her passports, ID’s, and cash. Leather wallets are perfect.

Where to buy: Fossils leather trifold wallet.
Price: $31.99

  • Leather banded watch – For the suave and stylish gent. Also a great anniversary gift idea for a boyfriend.

Where to buy: Seiko Stainless Steel leather banded watch for men on Amazon.
Price: $124.71

10th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Classic theme: Tin/aluminum

  • Tin sculpture – For the man who loves art. Sculptures made out of tin are traditional with a rich history.

Where to buy: Vintage metal old car on Etsy.
Price: $16.95

  • Aluminum vase – For flowers, pebbles and other fine objects in the home, aluminum vases are perfect wedding anniversary gifts.

Where to buy: Spiral wall vase on Etsy.
Price: $40.00

  • Grilling tools – For the couple who loves to make barbeque. This will come in handy.

Where to buy: Home complete grill tool set on Amazon.
Price: $20.79

Modern theme: Diamond Jewelry

  • Diamond studded cufflinks – One of the best anniversary gift ideas for him. The modern man loves to make a statement.

Where to buy: Pave cut diamond cufflinks on Amazon.
Price: $189.00

  • Diamond bracelet – For the stylish and elegant woman. A diamond bracelet is perfect, even for when she needs to step out.

Where to buy: 1 CTTW diamond tennis bracelet on Amazon.
Price: $649.00

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