Guide To #WeddingHashtags: Realwife Samples & Easy Instructions

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To make your big day more memorable, you definitely need to create your wedding hashtags! It’s a fun, easy way to brand your wedding and organize all of your wedding photos and social media engagement. Your guests are likely to take their own shots and upload to TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and who knows where else. Cool wedding hashtags will make sure that you can find them all without having to spend a full work-week scrolling through various social media platforms.


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Brides Often Ask

How do you make a catchy wedding hashtag?

Combine your names, add a touch of humor, include the wedding date, or play on words related to your relationship or wedding theme.

What is the best hashtag for a wedding?

The best hashtag is personal and unique to the couple, reflecting their names, shared interests, or wedding details. For example, #ForeverSmith or #JonesInLove.

Are wedding hashtags still a thing in 2023?

Yes, wedding hashtags are still popular in 2023. Couples use them to create a social media narrative, gather photos, and engage guests in sharing moments from the wedding celebration.

Expert Answers
What are the benefits of hashtags?
Using hashtags is necessary to reach your target audience and for others to find you. By using hashtags your post will be seen by more people and it will be easier for them to find you as a lot of people are directly looking for information through hashtags.


Trending wedding hashtags is a great idea to share your special day with the world. You can make them unique and personal to you and your partner. But keep them simple and easy to remember.

  • #ForeverAndAlways
  • #HappilyEverAfter
  • #TyingTheKnot
  • #ToHaveAndToHold
  • #LoveIsInTheAir
  • #FromMissToMrs
  • #ITheeWed
  • #WeddingBliss
  • #BridetoBe
  • #GroomtoBe


What are the trending hashtags?

Trending hashtags in the wedding industry are:

Destination wedding expert, Rhiann Janak

Cute Wedding Hashtags Ideas

If your goal is for your guests to produce an audible “awwwww” when they learn about your choice, cute wedding hashtags are for you. In this case, focus on pop culture, puns, and romance.

  • #SomethingOldSomethingNewman
  • #HappilyEveretsAfter
  • #Miss2Mrs
  • #Love2BLoved
  • #GainingASon
  • #WayOverdue2024
  • #LetTheJamesBegin
  • #FinalyMetMyMatch
  • #DinnerForTwo
  • #LoveConnorsAll
  • #HighwayToTheDianaZone
  • #TimeStandsJill
  • #CantHelpFallenInLove
  • #WhenAStanLovesAWoman
  • #MetMyJulliet
  • #UnchainedMelanie
  • #IllStandByHugh

If you want to be fun and a little classic, consider more traditional statements that will make you stand out.

  • #SarahsOffTheMarket
  • #SheSaidYes
  • #BetterTogether
  • #YesMeansForever

Simply add a personal touch to make them unique, and you can’t go wrong.


Creative Wedding Hashtags

Creative wedding hashtags are a little more difficult to accomplish. They require a knowledge of inside jokes and usually two names that conveniently go together, which is something that you can’t learn or plan for. If you are unsure if your wedding hashtag is working or not, test it out on some friends. If you have to explain it, it’s not working.

  • #AphroditeAmIRight
  • #YouMayKissTheBailey
  • #LoveAtFirstSteve
  • #SaulMates
  • #HopelessRamentics
  • #ToHaveAndToHoldens
  • #HollySchmitTheyreGettingMarried
  • #ThankGeorges
  • #HappyEmilyAfter
  • #ForBetterOrWesley
  • #HappyToBeHitchcocked
  • #LittleWhiteChamplain
  • #LoveIsInTheErin

Wedding Last Name Hashtags

Creating a wedding last name hashtag is a fun and creative way to celebrate your union. Here are a few examples:

  • #HappilyEverHarrison
  • #ForeverJonesing
  • #SmithsTieTheKnot
  • #NewlywedsNguyen
  • #TogetherWithThompsons
  • #LovingLees
  • #MrandMrsMillerTime
  • #HitchedHills
  • #JonesJourneyBegins
  • #WalkerWeddingAdventure


Funny Wedding Hashtags

For a little fun, show off your sense of humor by poking fun at yourself, your relationship, or the weddings in general. Consider leaning into the tropes and stereotypes that go along with weddings, how long it took him to propose, or who wears the pants in the family.

  • #BallinAndChain
  • #KidsAreOnTheWayMom
  • #ISaidYasQueen
  • #NoMoreSocialDistance
  • #HereComesTheBridezilla
  • #MorganHeBargainedFor
  • #JustinTimeWedding
  • #SweatpantsFromNowOn
  • #ForeverOneWIFI
  • #WifeBeginsAt30
  • #LoveLongAndProsper

Clever Wedding Hashtags

Clever wedding hashtags are a great way to add humor and personality to your wedding celebrations.

  • #MintToBe (for a mint-themed wedding)
  • #ToHaveAndToHolmes (for a wedding with the last name Holmes)
  • #BridalPartyOfGatsby (for a 1920s-themed wedding)
  • #LoveOnTheRange (for a country or ranch wedding)
  • #TacoBoutLove (for a wedding with a taco bar)
  • #ThePerfectPear (for a wedding in a pear orchard)
  • #TyingTheKhan (for a wedding with the last name Khan)
  • #WeddingShenanigans (for a fun, lighthearted wedding)
  • #LoveIsBrewing (for a wedding with a coffee or beer theme)


Unique Wedding Hashtags

Unique hashtags stand out by incorporating unique phrases, and romantic descriptions or making use of play-on-words with the couple’s last name or wedding theme. Using a unique wedding hashtag allows couples to create a lasting memory of their special day and provides an easy way for guests to share happy moments on social media.

  • #SunsetSoulmates
  • #LoveInTheCityOfAngels
  • #WanderlustWedding
  • #AdventureTogether
  • #EnchantedEverAfter
  • #IslandLoveStory
  • #VintageVibesWedding
  • #StarCrossedLovers
  • #BeachyBlissWedding
  • #HappilyEverHarrison

Wedding Name Hashtags

Wedding name hashtags are a classic way to create a personalized hashtag for your wedding day. They involve using the couple’s last name as the foundation for the hashtag. Wedding name hashtags are simple and straightforward, making them easy for guests to remember and use when posting about the wedding on social media.

  • #JohnsonWedding2024
  • #SmithsTieTheKnot
  • #TheMillersSayIDo
  • #JonesWeddingBells
  • #BrownWedding2022
  • #TheGarciasGetHitched
  • #RobinsonsTyingTheKnot
  • #MrAndMrsThompson
  • #TheJacksonsForever
  • #HernandezHappilyEverAfter


How Do You Make A Catchy Wedding Hashtag?

The first trick to writing the most clever wedding hashtags is to be in the mood. Forcing yourself to write isn’t the most creative atmosphere and you will put unnecessary stress on yourself. Keep a notepad and get to work when inspiration hits you.

If you need help, schedule a fun gathering where you can feel happy and relaxed. Whether alone or backed up with your group chat, start by writing down the key elements you can use.

  • Bride’s name
  • Groom’s name
  • Pet names
  • The location of your wedding
  • The date of your wedding
  • The location of your honeymoon
  • Shared hobbies and interests
  • Inside Jokes
  • Favorite foods
  • Funny habits

Then just start brainstorming! Miss your info in with your favorite songs and movies, wedding stereotypes, famous quotes, or anything else that contributes to the nature of your relationship.

Save this useful instruction and create the best unique wedding hashtag!


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If you hit a wall, there’s always another option.

Wedding Hashtag Generator

There are both professional and software-based wedding hashtag writers at your disposal. Splurge on the professional touch or opt for immediate results. Whichever your choice, make sure that you consider multi options and follow the rest of our advice about making wise decisions.


Wedding Hashers

This team of professional wedding hashtag writers understand the value of a good pun and go well out of their way to embody the exact vibe you are hoping for. They stay fresh by keeping up with the latest trends and always produce something they are proud of.


  • Invest in a professional touch
  • Give as much relevant information as necessary
  • Be specific about the tone you want, whether romantic, funny, cheesy, etc.
  • Pick a package that meets all your needs


  • Forget to be distinctive
  • Forget to keep it simple
  • Leave all the jobs to the writers. Be hands-on to ensure personalization
  • Pay for only what you need

Wedding Hashtag Wall

This tool allows you to simply drop your info into the fields and it will search its database for dozens of options. Although there will be plenty of wedding hashtags to choose from, the choices do not include AI machine learning and are pretty basic. If you can’t find the perfect option, at the very least it will kick off your inspiration.


  • Choose a hashtag that is easy to remember
  • Customize the wall according to the wedding theme
  • Use the bride’s first name and groom’s last name and include the date for custom hashtags


  • Use lengthy names. Shorten them for easy remembrance by the guests
  • Forget to customize the names for easy attraction and engagement
  • Fail to include relevant information to avoid linking two weddings together.

Check out the video tutorial on how to create a unique wedding hashtag:

Ewedding Hashtag Generator

This wedding hashtag generator delivers instant results and includes profile options – like nicknames and the location of your wedding – that result in a fair amount of customization. You can scroll through each option one by one to give them enough consideration and picture what they’ll look like on social media.


  • Make your hashtag unique by adding specific information like dates and venues
  • Check across social media platforms to ensure availability
  • Create alternate hashtags to avoid duplicates and enhance visibility. You can do this by adding venues, dates, seasons, culture, etc.


  • Forget to look for inspiration online
  • Ignore adding your shared interests and hobbies
  • Skip getting creative and unique with themes

Shutterfly Hashtag Generator

There’s a lot of function to this simple wedding hashtag generator. It takes in your essential wedding details and pumps out an entire list of wedding hashtags, conveniently sorted by category. It also contains links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that you can immediately create a profile for the hashtag you choose.


  • Answer the questions about yourself
  • Give information about your spouse and wedding date
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word for easy reading
  • Share it on your invitation, wedding guest books, social media, and other materials.


  • Forget to check the availability
  • Use lengthy or easily misspelled names
  • Make your hashtag too long
  • Ignore leaving a personal touch.

Check out the video tutorial on how to create a creative wedding hashtag:

To find your perfect wedding hashtag, create a short list of your favorites. Go over them with some friends, take your time, and don’t overthink. One of them is sure to stand out!

How To Display And Promote Your Hashtag

Choosing the perfect hashtag for your wedding has a lot to do with how it looks. It can go very right or very, very wrong. Just ask Susan Boyle when she launched her new album a few years. #susanalbumparty – read that out loud. That’s right, that happened.

To make sure that your wedding hashtag appears how it sounds in your head, follow a few rules of thumb:

  • Take the time to write it down and read it out loud. Make sure that the specific words you choose cannot be misinterpreted.
  • For added clarity, capitalize the first letter of each word. This makes it far easier to discern each word. #EasierToRead vs #hardtoread
  • Use your wedding hashtag like a signature. Bundling your hashtag together with other wedding details not only makes the hashtag awkward to read, but it will also make the rest of your wedding content more difficult to understand.

Here is how to use your wedding hashtag in specific scenarios.

Photobooth and props for photo booth

Place a large, impossible-to-miss display of your funny wedding hashtag just outside of the photobooth. This will inform every single participant and prompt some of them to immediately upload to their favorite social media. To make the most of it, get your hashtag on the printouts as well. Most photo booths provide an immediate printout with enough room for a little bit of text. Photo booths usually come with props that you can use for the occasion. Ask in advance if you can use stickers to promote your hashtag. If that’s not an option, you can always hit the dollar store and write your hashtag all over the.

Wedding signs

Continuity is the key to every good marketing campaign, and that’s what this is. Utilizing a wedding hashtag brands your wedding with a certain personality and, when used as a signature across all of your wedding signage, will make that personality permeate the entire wedding experience.


Making use of wedding hashtags across your stationery, such as invitations and menus, continues the branding trend even further. It also allows your guests to contribute to your wedding buildup throughout the months leading up to the big day.

Wedding favors

Adding your hashtag to your wedding favors not only allows your wedding brand to live on far beyond the big day, it makes the gift feel more personalized and thoughtful. This is good news for the couple and the guests. Everybody wins!

Ways To Encourage Your Guests To Use Wedding Hashtag

Your wedding hashtag is only successful when people use it. Many of your guests will need prompting while other guests will need a full explanation.

Include an explanation in your save the dates

An early explanation of what a hashtag is and how it is useful will prepare inexperienced guests on how to treat it. Also, make sure to include the instructions on your wedding website.

Employ some help

Encourage the groom and bridal party to share the hashtag early so that the word and understanding spread more quickly.

Dedicate portion of your program

Most messages need repeating, and there’s no better time than the day to do so. Be clear and concise with your request so that guests don’t glaze over this section.

Announce it on your and your fiance’s social media handles

The more often your guests encounter your wedding hashtag the more likely they are to want to take part. Use it as often as possible for maximum exposure.

Use wedding hashtag at your pre-wedding party

Pre-wedding celebrations are an ideal place to not only showcase your Indian wedding hashtag but to educate your guests as well. This is your opportunity to verbally tell everyone why it’s important to you as well as to physically walk them through the process.

Add live display wall

Live display walls are a great way to relay a lot of information without overwhelming your guests. Make sure to include a step-by-step process on where and how to use your wedding hashtag appropriately.

Wedding Hashtag Mistakes To Avoid

There are some common mistakes that couples make when creating their wedding hashtag that can lead to confusion or even embarrassment. Here are some mistakes to avoid when creating your wedding hashtag:

  • Making it too long: Wedding hashtags should be short and sweet. If your hashtag is too long, it may be difficult for your guests to remember or type it correctly.
  • Using special characters: Hashtags don’t allow special characters, such as apostrophes, spaces, or punctuation marks. Avoid using them in your hashtag to ensure that it works correctly.
  • Not checking if it’s already in use: Before finalizing your wedding hashtag, make sure to search for it on social media to ensure that it hasn’t been used before. You don’t want to accidentally use a hashtag that’s already associated with another couple’s wedding.
  • Being too obscure: Your hashtag should be easy to understand and remember. Avoid using inside jokes or obscure references that only a few people will understand.
  • Including only one person’s name: If you include only one person’s name in the hashtag, it may come across as favoritism or exclude the other partner. Consider using a combination of both your names or something that represents you as a couple.
  • Not being inclusive: If you have guests who don’t identify as part of the traditional gender binary, consider using a gender-neutral hashtag.
  • Forgetting to promote it: Once you’ve created your wedding hashtag, make sure to share it with your guests through your wedding website, save-the-dates, and other wedding communications. This will ensure that everyone knows to use the hashtag when posting about your wedding on social media.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a memorable wedding hashtag that captures the spirit of your special day and makes it easy for your guests to share their experiences on social media.

Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas

Explore creative and visually appealing ideas to display your wedding hashtag, adding a personalized touch and encouraging guests to engage on social media.

    1. Golden Frame Wedding Hashtag: Frame your wedding hashtag in an elegant golden frame, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to your signage.

    1. Black Acrylic Hashtag Sign: Display your wedding hashtag on a sleek black acrylic sign, creating a modern and minimalist look that complements any wedding style.

    1. Simple Wooden Sign: Embrace a rustic charm with a simple wooden sign featuring your wedding hashtag, perfect for outdoor or rustic-themed weddings.

Creative wedding hashtags are great, to a point. If you go as far is to create a wedding hashtag that is only applies to you and the groom, it won’t connect with your guests and may not be used as you hope. Create something clever, repeat it often and prominently, don’t interfere with other messaging, and teach those who need it. Break it down into these easy-to-manage steps and all you have to worry about is making a little time and using a little patience.