25 Engagement Party Gifts And Etiquette Tips

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Is it necessary to buy engagement party gifts? The answer is — up to you. There is no rule that you must provide engagement party gifts. It’s a personal choice. But if you find yourself wanting to go that extra mile, you’re going to want some advice and ideas on what to give…

Scroll down to have all the answers you need to find the best engagement party gift ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you supposed to get an engagement party gift?

As a rule, you are not expected to give an engagement party gift. When guests choose to do this, engagement gifts are usually small, inexpensive items.

How much money do you give at an engagement party?

The standard amount to give as a wedding gift is $100 to $200. Give less than this as an engagement party gift. Somewhere between $50 and $75 is appropriate.


Engagement Party Gift Etiquette

If you plan to give the couple a gift at their engagement party it should be to congratulate them, not help them build a life together. There is no rule stating that you need to provide a gift. If you do, it should be modest.

Proper Engagement Gift

There are 2 main points of view on this topic. The first group feels that any gathering is a great excuse to give. The second feels that the gift registry and wedding shower gifts are more than enough. Both positions have merit. If you are on ‘team gift’ the best engagement gifts congratulate the couple. A bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a handmade gift is the appropriate level.

A growing and the needed trend are brides and grooms specifying if gifts are permitted on their engagement party invitations. This provides some much-needed clarity in regards to what is expected.

Honoring The Couple Wishes

Today’s couples are much more interested in the experience of their wedding and are asking guests not to provide gifts. If this is stated on your engagement party invitations, respect the request.
Once in a while, there will be a caveat that allows for no-cost gifts, and we love it! If you have this option, a poem or an “I’ll take care of your dogs while you’re on vacation’ coupon is a lovely surprise.

Choosing an Appropriate Gift

When considering what to buy for good engagement party gifts, think sweet and simple. A bottle of wine. A bouquet of flowers. A logo you make for their wedding site and embroidered towels. Whatever you choose, make sure that it comes in under $100 and make it cute.
Alternatively, there are usually some lower-cost items like books or etched mugs on the couple’s gift registry that you can take advantage of.

Opting for a Host and Hostess Gift

There’s another gift option to consider. The host of the engagement party is usually heavily involved in the wedding planning process. Instead of giving to the bride to be gifts and groom, select a modest gift meant for the host and hostess! Showing the bridal or groom’s party a little love is a great way to participate in the entire wedding experience. Hopefully, you know the couple and can choose something that compliments their relationship.

Expert Advice For Engagement Couple

Experts advise couples to think about if they want engagement gifts or not and to communicate their wishes. Placing this information clearly on the invitation avoids the awkwardness of being the only one who shows up without a gift or, equally awkward, over-gifting.
Couples are also advised to keep a record of engagement party gifts given so that they can follow up with formal thank you cards.

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Engagement Party Gift Ideas

Proper engagement party gifts should be as personal as possible. Gifts should complement their personalities, apply to both the bride and groom, and celebrate your friendship with them. Here are a few ideas.


Appropriate Gifts For An Engagement Party

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Things that prompt the couple to spend time together are always good engagement party gifts. Choose items that prompt them to go on a date, help them celebrate their relationship, or help them appreciate their home. If you know the couple well, then you can present something highly personal and meaningful. If not, you can get pretty close with some gifts that are universally appreciated. Whatever your relationship with the couple is, you can find something that checks all of the boxes for under $100.


Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

You don’t have to be ultra-personal to deliver an outstanding engagement party gift. All it takes is a little thought and inspiration.

Stemware, glasses, or wine bottle

A custom-etched wine bottle or champagne flutes are a low-cost purchase with a major impact. Anything in this category of engagement party gift ideas will be a sentimental keepsake until they are used on a special occasion.

  • Where to buy: Prosecco & red wine luxury hamper on Hamper.com.
    Price: $57.79
  • Where to buy: Crystal champagne flutes on Amazon.
    Price: $34.99
  • Where to buy: Romantic stemware glass on Amazon.
    Price: $34.95

Wedding Count Down Calendar

Helping the couple celebrate the wedding experience is always a great gift for an engagement party. A countdown calendar keeps the excitement and momentum going while they plan their way to I Do.

Where to buy: Wedding Count Down Calendar on Etsy.
Price: $20.95

Gift Box

A lot of guests will present some fantastic gifts. A custom box to keep them in will help them keep those items pristine for years!

  • Where to buy: Hygge Gift Box on Etsy.
    Price: $45.00
  • Where to buy: Succulent Gift Box on Etsy.
    Price: $34.21
  • Where to buy: Chocolate gift Box on Etsy.
    Price: $29.95

Thematic books – wedding planning, romantic or cooking

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Knowledge is the best gift you can give at engagement parties. Give the couple something that they can enjoy together like a book that keeps their wedding planning organized, teaches them how to cook together, or something that ignites romance.

  • Where to buy: Budget-Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer on Amazon.
    Price: $9.69
  • Where to buy: Cooking for Two Cookbook on Amazon.
    Price: $19.60
  • Where to buy: The Love Hypothesis on Amazon.
    Price: $8.39

Plant Pot

Pots for plants are inexpensive, but they are one of those items that couples often overlook. Since the couple won’t buy it themselves, get it for them!

Where to buy: Pots For Plants on Etsy.
Price: $15.40

Wish Jar

Although a wish jar costs next to nothing, what it represents is priceless. This simple engagement party gift empowers the couple to look forward to what the future holds.
Where to buy: Wish Jar on Etsy.
Price: $29.99

Cake Serving Set

One of the most commonly forgotten reception items is a proper cake serving set. Give the gift of peace of mind with a romantic cake serving set for the wedding reception or it’s a great idea for bridal shower gifts.

Where to buy: Wedding Cake and Knife Server Set on Etsy.
Price: $38.54


Couple’s Gift Ideas

If you know the couple well, it’s going to be easy to deliver an engagement party gift that speaks to their personality and interests. Keep it simple and keep it meaningful.

If you have the time and opportunity, curating wedding advice from the couple’s friends and family is not only incredibly thoughtful, it’s practical. If that’s not an option, providing your own advice or selecting from what you can find online is equally meaningful.

Spa Certificate

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After the hustle of wedding planning and the whirlwind of the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon, the couple will surely appreciate the opportunity to relax. A spa day is a much-needed and appreciated engagement party gift.

Where to buy: Spa Certificate on Blissspa.
Price: From $169.00

Wedding Planner Or Organizer

A lot of couples think they can go through the wedding planning process without the help of a professional. Many couples regret this decision. Pool your funds with other guests to surprise them with a day of longer professional wedding planning services.

Where to buy: Planner Book on Etsy.
Price: $46.80

If you are not especially close to the couple, you can still deliver a gift that will be put to good use. As always, think date night, romance, and comfort like these suggestions.

Wine Membership Card

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Many couples transition from nightclubs to dinner parties once they get married. Help the transition along with a subscription to a monthly wine membership as your engagement party gift.

Where to buy: Wine Gift Card on Firstleaf.
Price: From $80.00

Cooking Class

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Couples that cook together stay together. There’s a lot more to a successful relationship than that, but getting the couple off to a good start is a great first step.

Where to buy: Online Cooking Class on Surlatable.
Price: From $29.00

Bowling Party

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Is there anything more wholesome than bowling? Spring for a couple of rounds, rental shoes, and dinner for two for a complete date night.

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Host and Hostess Engagement Gift Ideas

It takes a lot of people to make a wedding happen. Show the host and hostess some love with a personalized engagement party gift. It’s best to follow the same rules of thumb as for the bride and groom. Keep it personal. Keep it simple. Keep it under $100. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Gift Basket

Provide the hosts with a generous gift basket. You can choose flowers, cheeses, chocolate, or anything else you feel that the hosts will enjoy indulging in.

Where to buy: Relaxation Gift Box on Amazon.
Price: $48.99

Date Night

Give the host and hostess an excuse to get out of the house for an evening. Give them a restaurant gift card, a night at an Airbnb, or a night of free babysitting. Whatever they need to enjoy each other’s company.
Provide the hosts with a generous gift basket. You can choose flowers, cheeses, chocolate, or anything else you feel that the hosts will enjoy indulging in.

Cook Set

A high-quality set of cooking or BBQ utensils will be put to good use for years. This host and hostess gift option encourages good health, fun conversation, and quality time together.

Where to buy: Cook Set on Amazon.
Price: $149.99
The above-mentioned engagement party gifts are perfect for casual acquaintances. If you have a closer relationship with the host and hostess, consider these personal gifts.

Home Decor

Consider an engagement party gift that helps the host and hostess enjoy their living space just a little bit more. A gift candle, a custom cutting board, or a fancy keepsake box will certainly add some warmth to their home.

  • Where to buy: Memory Box for Keepsakes on Amazon.
    Price: $19.99
  • Where to buy: Cutting Board on Amazon.
    Price: $49.99
  • Where to buy: Candle Jar on Etsy.
    Price: $20.00

At-Home Spa Package

A proper spa service may be out of budget, but the ability to pamper yourself is certainly within financial reach. Assemble a combination of pampering products that the host and hostess can use to experience luxury in their own home.

Where to buy: Spa Package on Amazon.
Price: $25.99

Event Tickets

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A concert, the opera, a symphony. We don’t know what your host and hostess friends are into, but you do! Get them an experience they’ll always remember, and always appreciate.

Finding the perfect engagement party gifts takes a little thought, but it’s fairly easy. Don’t compete with the wedding registry, keep your purchases under $100, and do your best to make it personal. That’s all it takes. Remember, respect the bride and groom’s requests and try to find something that encourages relaxation or a date night.