Designer Highlight: Eva Lendel Wedding Dresses 2023

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Eva Lendel is a Ukrainian bridal fashion brand that has been making splashes in Europe for over 8 years, and it’s about time we start paying attention.
Boasting 50 worldwide retail partners, features in the most noteworthy industry publications, and a flagship boutique on 5th Ave, Eva Lendel is no stranger to the limelight.


Their approach to fashion is minimalism. The genre involves stripping away the unnecessary, leaving only the utility and core qualities of the subject. In this case, the gown and the bride are the subjects. There’s a certain beauty and elegance that can only be achieved in this manner, which is appealing to many brides around the world. Simplified designs, streamlined lines, and smooth textures aren’t worn. The bride is the masterpiece, and the gown is the frame that allows her to take the spotlight.

The “Less Is More 2020” collection is where Eva Lendal began the journey, and when the world took notice. They’re about to do it again. Eva Lendel wedding dresses 2023 continue this tradition with an exciting new twist.

“Eva Lendel is about minimalism and pure beauty”. The “Less is More 2023” collection explores this concept once again. However, at this time, well-known classics come with a new highlight of the collection – voluminous handmade flowers, sleeves, overskirts, trains, and bows that may be detached from some dresses.

Reimagining elegance and minimalism, the collection presents some unexpected twists for the bride to be spontaneous about how she desires to see her final bridal look on an exceptional day.

Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

When we picture ball gown wedding dresses we imagine elaborate, voluminous, flowing fabrics that create all of the drama of a Disney princess.

Eva Lendel turns the concept on its head by applying spectacular details to simple, clean silhouettes. Although each style is contemporary, they all somehow manage to deliver old-world charm.


A-Line Bridal Gowns

A-line dresses are the quintessential wedding gown frame. Eva Lendel’s minimalist approach explores how much of a visual impact a simple detail can create.

The use of a higher slit or illusion dots doesn’t sound very dramatic but, as you can see, add up to a tremendous amount of visual excitement. The result is overall pure and increasingly interesting as you look closer.


Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath wedding dresses are known as a straight dress that is pinched at the waist. You wouldn’t expect a lot of personality with a description like that, but Eve Lendel’s wedding dresses are quite the opposite.

The use of sleeves, shoulders, and trains is expired, completely transforming the overall looks of these simple sheathes. White-on-white textures are leveraged to harness a unique personality for each gown.


Mermaid Bridal Gowns

Mermaid wedding dresses are always fun. Brides who are attracted to the mermaid silhouette are usually very enthusiastic about the style and present a lot of confidence.

There’s a slight geometry to the lines of these Eva Lendel designs. Contrasting this feature against subtle organic details the bride’s naturally organic figure is simply gorgeous.


Mini Eva Lendel Wedding Dresses

Eva Lendel’s short wedding dresses are the perfect solution for brides who want a different look for the ceremony and reception. Both elegant and bold, these simple designs delve into a variety of waist and neckline styles.

Wrap a strategically placed cape or overskirt to transition into an ensemble that looks and feels like a completely different dress.

Simple Bridal Dresses

These simple wedding dresses from Eva Lendel imbue the bride with the power to display the entirety of her beauty. The hallmark of this portion of the collection pushes the boundaries of what’s considered minimalist.

All of the traditional elements of minimalism are always there but with a little something extra. These little details effectively exaggerate some of the bride’s features, elongating the silhouette and adding dramatic depth.


Off The Shoulder Bridal Gowns

These off the shoulder wedding dresses from Eva Lendel almost defy gravity. The meticulously calculated seams and intimate knowledge of the characteristics of fabrics are demonstrated by the brand.

This set of wedding gowns wraps the bride’s figure in a way that seems like the gown is an extension of her body. They are simultaneously elegant and whimsical, making them ideal for a huge variety of wedding themes and venues.