45 A-Line Wedding Dresses + Expert Tips/ FAQs

a line wedding dresses
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Shopping for wedding dresses is exciting, but trying to choose a style can be tiring… As we are experts in wedding gowns, we know the perfect style gown: a-line wedding dresses!


We have selected the most stunning a line wedding dresses from top designers to give you some ideas for your wedding dress. Also, we want to pay your attention to helpful guidelines and expert tips to help you choose the right dress!

Bridal Gowns by Moonlight

Moonlight has been designing breathtaking wedding dresses a line in delicate lace and flawless embroidery since 1986. Each dress is handcrafted with the most luxurious fabrics for a perfect fit. In addition, their specialty is hand-sewn Swarovski crystal embellishments.

With their ability to custom design the dress of your dreams, Moonlight stands out as one of the most famous wedding dress designers in the bridal industry. Therefore, be sure to check out their Moonlight Couture collection for some of the most elegant wedding dresses you have ever laid eyes on! In addition, see more dresses from Moonlight designer:  Moonlight Wedding Dresses: Fairytale Bridal Collection


Wedding Dresses From Madi Lane

Based in Australia, Madi Lane is known for designing dresses that combine old-style a line dresses wedding with a hint of sex appeal for the modern bride. Moreover, her dresses are not only timeless but affordable.

Every one of her sophisticated yet sexy wedding gowns tells a story of true love down to the last detail. Her a-line dresses wedding are truly a thing of beauty. Each dress is designed with a floral emblem that is her signature creation. In short, if yours is a story of love and romance, a Madi Lane dress could be the bridal gown of your dreams!


Bridal Gowns by Berta

Having been featured in both Vogue and Elle, Berta Balilti is considered one of the top designers of wedding dresses for the modern bride. Her avant-garde style pushes the boundaries with its sexy and bold style designed from retro styles and vintage materials.

Her romantic a line wedding dresses are truly a work of art. The exquisite details of her Muse Collection are perfect for the bride who wants a unique and truly fashionable a line dresses for wedding. So, check out her website, as well as popular bridal boutiques and trunk shows worldwide to view her full collection.

Expert Tip
What is the most flattering wedding dress style?
A-line dresses have to be the most universally flattering style of wedding dress. These gowns have the power to make anyone feel confident as they flatter women of all shapes and sizes and are super comfortable. The silhouette is designed to be fitted in the bodice and waist and fall into an A-shaped skirt. This emphasizes the waist and creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.


Galia Lahav Bridal Gowns

The latest collection by Galia Lahav is nothing but extraordinary! With layered over skirts and exquisite bustled trains, you will make the grandest of entrances in one of these unique women’s a line wedding dresses!

Each dress is designed to tell a story of romance and intrigue with hand-designed 3D embellishments and stunning necklines. Lacy-fitted corsets and full-bodied skirts will flatter every figure and give you an air of grace and confidence that you have never experienced. The Gala Collection is perfect for an enchanted outdoor wedding! From Boho chic to Princess Bride, there is something for everyone!


Eva Lendel Wedding Dresses

Eva Lendel bride is a modern girl who follows the latest fashion trends, likes experiments, and can make original and innovative decisions. Charm, mystery, sensuality, romance – all these elegant a line wedding dresses epithets characterize the Eva Lendel bride, who is looking for a dress that is a perfect mix of contemporary details and her individual preferences and desires

Bridal Gowns by Liz Martinez

Having started designing at the tender age of 19, Liz Martinez’s innovative wedding gowns have a romantic vibe that is chic and airy. With sheer illusion lace bodies and lacy skirts with endless ethereal layers, every gown expresses female beauty and the art of seduction.

Using provocative cuts and unconventional fabrics and materials, Liz Martinez’s A-line dresses possess an understated air of sophistication and grace. She draws her inspiration from nature and urban multicultural aesthetics to create one-of-a-kind dresses with perfectly fitted bodices and long flowy skirts that are embodied with delicate floral designs.

Expert Tip
How can I balance the traditional and modern design of my A-line dress?
Balancing tradition and modernity in the design of an A-line dress can be achieved through a thoughtful combination of classic elements and contemporary touches. For example, consider incorporating unexpected fabric choices on classic and timeless silhouettes.


Pollardi Bridal Gowns

Pollardi Bridal is a renowned luxury bridal fashion brand celebrated for its romantic a-line wedding dresses that epitomize sophistication and elegance. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, Pollardi offers a diverse collection of bridal gowns that capture the essence of modern romance. Each gown is a masterpiece, showcasing innovative designs and high-quality materials to make every bride’s dream a reality.

Yedyna Wedding Dresses

Yedyna Bridal is a distinguished bridal brand celebrated for its commitment to crafting exquisite wedding dresses a-line. With a focus on modern elegance, Yedyna infuses its designs with sophistication and grace, creating gowns that reflect individuality and style. Meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail define Yedyna Bridal, ensuring each bride finds a gown that epitomizes her unique vision for a perfect wedding day.


Innocentia Dresses

Innocentia is synonymous with timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Renowned for its exquisite a-line women”s wedding dresses, the brand seamlessly blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each gown is a work of art, featuring luxurious fabrics, intricate detailing, and flattering silhouettes. Innocentia  captures the essence of romance, creating dresses that fulfill every bride’s dream of a perfect wedding day ensemble.

Oliver Martino Gowns

Oliver Martino is synonymous with refined elegance and contemporary allure. Renowned for its distinctive designs, the brand seamlessly blends timeless sophistication with modern trends. All a line lace wedding dresses by Oliver Martino reflect meticulous craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, and innovative detailing, ensuring brides radiate grace and individuality on their special day.


Aria Bridal Gowns

Aria Bridal crafts enchanting wedding dresses that embody grace and modernity. Renowned for their timeless designs, Aria blends elegance with contemporary flair, offering brides a diverse range of styles. With meticulous attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, Aria ensures all a line wedding dresses lace radiates sophistication, making every bride feel exquisite on her special day.

Milla Nova Wedding Dresses

Milla Nova wedding dresses are renowned for their exquisite design and timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each gown embodies luxury and sophistication. From delicate lacework to intricate beading, Milla Nova showcases a stunning array of styles that cater to every bride’s unique vision. With their impeccable craftsmanship and dreamy silhouettes, Milla Nova wedding dresses create an unforgettable bridal experience.

Wedding Dresses by Enzoani

Since their first collection of bridal gowns premiered to rave reviews in 3005, Enzoani has created some of the most alluring A-line wedding dresses to ever walk down the aisle. Designed for the fashion-forward bride, this collection oozes sex appeal and style.

Led by award-winning head designer, Kang Chun Lin, their team works around the clock to design cutting-edge bridal gowns with the highest quality materials for a perfect fit. Most importantly, every gown is custom-designed and beaded by hand. From vintage-inspired dresses to contemporary wedding gowns, there is something for every bride in this timeless collection!



Wedding Dresses From Pronovias

Looking for a gown with unique floral designs? The  Pronovias Collection features gowns with multi-textured beaded details and luxurious trains with intricate floral designs. Their A-line wedding dresses are beyond gorgeous with exquisite lace flowers covering a tight-fitting bodice and flared-out skirt.

From vintage to contemporary, this line has something for every bride in all shapes and sizes! Soft, clean lines and lace details make these gowns stand out above the rest. So. whether you want a minimalist design or something more elaborate, you will find the dress you have been dreaming of since the days of your youth!

Bridal Gowns By Monique Lhuillier

As one of the most acclaimed designers worldwide, Monique Lhuillier is known for designing stylish bridal gowns that exude both sophistication and femininity. Her bridal collection features gowns with timeless elegance. With sweeping tulle skirts and lacy, intricate bodies that fit perfectly, her gowns provide a sense of drama and poetry.

Every dress is individually designed with precise detail. Moreover, she manages to add modern embellishments to vintage-style gowns for a truly unique look.

How to choose the right fabric?

According to Liz Martinez, a bridal designer, the fabric choice can significantly impact the overall look and feel of an A-line dress. Here’s how different fabrics can affect the appearance:

  • Satin: Satin fabrics, such as silk satin or polyester satin. The fabric’s shiny surface and subtle luster can create a formal and elegant appearance. Additionally, satin has a beautiful draping quality, allowing the skirt to flow gracefully and accentuate the A-line shape.
  • Chiffon: Chiffon is a lightweight and airy fabric that can give an A-line dress a romantic and ethereal feel. The floaty and sheer nature of chiffon creates a soft and delicate movement, especially when paired with an A-line skirt. This fabric choice can be perfect for an outdoor or bohemian-inspired wedding.
  • Lace: Lace fabrics can add a touch of vintage charm and intricate detailing to an A-line dress. Lace can be used as an overlay on the skirt or bodice, creating a unique and textured look.
  • Taffeta: Taffeta is a crisp and structured fabric that can give an A-line dress a more structured and formal appearance. The fabric’s slight stiffness can create a fuller and more voluminous A-line skirt, adding drama and presence to the silhouette.
  • Organza: Organza is a sheer and lightweight fabric that can add a lovely layered effect to an A-line dress. When used as an overlay or for the skirt, organza can create a whimsical and airy look, with the potential for beautiful movement and flow as you walk.
  • Tulle: Tulle is a soft and lightweight netting fabric that can add a touch of romance and whimsy to an A-line dress. When used for the skirt, tulle can create a dreamy and ethereal look, with layers of fabric cascading beautifully in an A-line shape.

Brides Often Ask

How to choose an A-line bridal gown correctly?

  • Flattering Silhouette: A-line dresses are universally flattering as they gently flare out from the waist, creating an elegant and elongating effect. They suit most body types, particularly pear-shaped or hourglass figures.
  • Consider Your Height: If you’re petite, opt for a shorter A-line dress to avoid overwhelming your frame. Taller brides can go for longer hemlines to enhance their height.
  • Fabric Selection: Choose fabrics that complement the A-line silhouette, such as lightweight chiffon or organza for a soft and flowing look. Alternatively, structured fabrics like satin or taffeta can add more volume and drama.
  • Neckline and Bodice: A-line dresses offer versatility with various neckline options. Sweetheart, V-neck, or illusion necklines can enhance your upper body, while a fitted or corset-style bodice provides support and emphasizes your waist.
  • Skirt Details: A-line skirts can feature various details like cascading layers, ruffles, or embellishments. Consider your personal style and wedding theme when selecting these elements.
  • Accessories: A-line dresses are versatile, allowing for various accessory options. Consider a statement belt or sash to accentuate your waist, or add a delicate veil or bolero for a touch of elegance.
  • Comfort and Movement: Ensure that the dress allows you to move comfortably and freely. Walk, sit, and dance during your fitting to ensure ease of mobility on your wedding day.

What body types do A-line dresses suit best?

A-line dresses are versatile and complement various body types, making them an excellent choice for brides with different shapes. The flowing silhouette can balance proportions and provide a universally flattering look.