Rustic Wedding Dresses For Outdoor Party: 30 Styles+ Faqs

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Rustic style is now at the peak of its popularity. You can definitely find it in design solutions, interior, and, of course, clothing. And wedding outfits have not been exempt from this style. Rustic wedding dresses are brimming with simplicity and naturalness, just like those charming vintage wedding dresses. In fact, a rustic bride doesn’t need any crinoline, rushes, or sparkling details in her wedding attire, but a floor-length cocktail dress in pastel white, milky, or beige color would be the most successful option in this case.

However, finding your very own rustic wedding dress is not as simple as it seems due to a plethora of styles featuring lace, sleeves, open back, length, and accessories presented in wedding fashion. All of those little but important details you will find in our article are full of rustic solutions for your big day!

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Open Back Rustic Wedding Dresses

Regardless of the theme open back can be a great look, and country wedding dresses are no exception! But, be aware. The assortment of fabrics and textures means you’ll have to pay particular attention to the cut of your open back. Make a wrong move, and your gown may begin to lose shape and start to droop. But, add the right touches in the right places. Therefore, check out our Pro tips below:

  • Don’t spoil all the backless beauty by letting yourself down. Consider some ponytails, buns, and braids.
  • DO add a fashionable and elegant back necklace to complement your open back.
  • Don’t use a regular bra, instead, go with a simple strapless bra if your back cut is too low, or choose a popular sticky bra to give that natural look and feel.
  • DO wear a backless gown if only you have toned and clear skin. Thus, prepare yourself by properly moisturizing and exfoliating your body in advance.
  • Don’t buy a backless wedding gown without testing it before. Try sitting down, bending, and walking to prevent any gaps when you sit down.
  • DO work out! A backless bridal gown requires toned back muscles, thus start your fitness journey as early as possible to improve any back flaps if needed.


Rustic Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

A modern rustic wedding has a common theme to the look and feel of the gown. The look itself supposes a minimalist approach featuring flowing accents – usually lace, ruches, or fringes.  Your dress must be multifunctional and needs to anticipate all of the action of the night, and look good through each step. This style handles it all.

Before you choose a cut, it’s wise to decide on a sleeve length. Rustic weddings are equally perfect both indoors and outdoors. Country weather tends to cool off a lot quicker once the sun goes down. Consider all of this and what you’ll be doing at certain times of day when you’re deciding on your rustic outdoor wedding dresses and potential alternative wardrobe for the reception. This is when layers come in handy. Wearing some leather or denim over a traditional gown keeps the jaws dropping and allows you to be flexible throughout the festivities.

The sleeves we’re showing offer up the perfect example of elegance synced with the telltale fringes of rustic chic wedding dresses. Pay particular attention to the weight of the fabric. Some are warmer than they seem, and some are surprisingly light. You absolutely want to look your best, and comfort goes hand in hand with (the forever beautiful) confidence.



Boho Rustic Wedding Dresses

Arguably, the best part of a rustic wedding is the accessories. Who wouldn’t go crazy over the wooden earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bolo neckties, and – of course – the cowboy boots and hat!? All of these are a match between heaven and your wedding dresses for barn wedding.

Hair accessories need to be simple (not too ornate or diamond encrusted) and nature-inspired. But don’t feel as if you have to “dress down” to pull off the perfect rustic wedding. In fact, to reach perfection you’ll have to be conscious of the delicate balancing act between the beautiful bride and the character of her surroundings. When in doubt, a simple rustic wedding dress is always a surefire hit.

The texture of the lace and fringes allow you to visually balance a wider range of hair accessories and earrings than usual. Take advantage of this and be a little daring.  As you select all of your accessories, keep the Goldilocks rule in mind. You need something just between natural and grandiose.

The family is essential to the country living lifestyle which makes a rustic vintage wedding dress a very attractive option. As you keep the look in mind, remember to keep the meaning/theme in mind as well. Rustic weddings have a certain way of being really approachable and accessible. This should be part of your decision-making process.



Lace Rustic Wedding Dresses

Rustic just wouldn’t be rustic without a little (or a lot!) of lace. Now that you know your sleeve type, your cut, and your accessories, it’s time to choose your fabric! To do that, you’ll need a rundown of all the lovely lace options.
Knit, guipure, embroidered, chantilly, brocade, and eyelet are all different types of laces that you’ll want to get familiar with. Each has a distinct look, process of creation, and history.

In addition, using a little lace to enhance a bridesmaid dress is a wonderful idea. Pair these lace dresses with boots to tie the look together. If you don’t want to go full country there’s no need to include the hat. A sweet dress and an authentic set of boots are more than enough to capture that rustic charm.

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Barn Wedding Rustic Dresses

In the last few years, planning a romantic barn wedding has become more and more popular. This wedding has a specific look and the dress must be appropriate. Therefore, barnyard wedding dresses are perfect because they look fantastic in the background of a rustic barn, and just imagine a bridal photo shoot in the hay. Take a look at some of these photos. Be sure, you will be the most compelling bride.