Country Style Wedding Dresses: 27 Inspiration Looks

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Country wedding calls for special country-style wedding dresses. It isn’t a problem, we help you to find amazing country-style wedding dresses for your perfect wedding day. If you choose a country wedding dress it does not mean that you are depriving yourself of the classics. Dresses of this type are acceptable corsets, lace and long skirts. See different variations of country-style wedding gowns!

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Brides Often Ask

What style of wedding dress is appropriate for a country wedding?

How should I style my country-themed wedding dress?


Rustic Wedding Dresses For Outdoor Party


Rustic style is now at the peak of its popularity. It manifests itself in interior design and in fashion. Even wedding dresses did not remain untouched by this style. Rustic wedding dresses are filled with simplicity and naturalness.


Lace Country Style Wedding Dresses


Lace gives the fabric an expressive texture and emphasizes the exquisite silhouette. This is a very refined and graceful image for a girl who decided to marry. Such an image can be supplemented with jewelry in the hair, decorated with the same lace as the decor of the wedding dress


Barn Country Style Wedding Dresses


If you choose a wedding dresses for barn wedding, in this case, the best footwear is cowboy boots. Today they are very popular and they are made of smooth leather or suede with wedge-shaped heels. Most brides prefer ankle boots, however, those who are not satisfied with the shape of their legs should be careful with them.


Open Back Outdoor Wedding Gowns


Don’t be afraid to bare your back – a little sexuality is very good for your gorgeous wedding style

Pretty Country Bridal Dresses


Are you looking for a gorgeous wedding hairstyle for your bridal look? Get inspired by enchanting wedding hairstyles ideas from Pinterest!