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Introducing POLLARDI, a young, actively growing, and developing Ukrainian fashion company. With a story that began in 2012, the first collections of POLLARDI fashion group bridal dresses were born after the chief designer developed wedding models that were much loved by the brides who wore them. These models sold out quickly as they were admired by all. A few years after the first collection, brides from Europe and the US began to try the brand. And in 2018 in particular, the brand grew immensely popular in the Chinese market.


Pollardi Fashion Group Bridal Dresses Brand

Two notable achievements of the POLLARDI brand are:

  • Owning the largest factory in Europe for sewing wedding dresses
  • Being the largest trademark in Ukraine. It is without a doubt, a most admired brand that has made a name for itself on the Ukrainian market and in Europe for bridal dresses. If you are looking for a brand of exquisite taste and luxurious fabrics and designs, then get yourself a POLLARDI dress.

Today POLLARDI FASHION GROUP is the uniting center of the alliance of four conceptual wedding brands. Let’s get to know them below:


POLLARDI — luxurious triumphant designer wedding dresses

“Royalty” collection is made up of triumphant designer dresses. Each looks like an amazing bridal masterpiece. Known for its attention to detail, intricate laces, and the softest fabrics, the POLLARDI collection creates dresses that are fit for royalty. Lavish, extravagant, and luxurious, every bride will love to wear one.

The unifying center of the alliance of four conceptual wedding brands, the POLLARDI FASHION GROUP goes over and beyond to cater to the needs of each and every bride. Each bridal gown, is unique like its owner, created by only the best designers for women all over the world.



DARIA KARLOZI– romantic, fabulous, classic wedding dresses

Made up of fabulously romantic dresses, Daria Karlozi’ bridal gowns help create the classic bridal look. These dresses are all about transparent fabrics, illusion backs, and see through back details that emphasize youthful beauty. This premium “Sunlight” collection is one that seamlessly combines charm with elegance and tenderness. The dresses are both sexy and comfortable.

Dariz Karlozi dresses are made to flatter any body type and made for brides of all personality types, from modest to daring, conventional or non-traditional. The light fabrics, shimmering embellishments, and captivating designs of these dresses will give you a completely unforgettable look for your special day.



IDA TOREZ – sexy, extravagant, revealing wedding dresses

It is believed that a bride is not only supposed to be sweet and feminine on her wedding day but also sexy. This delicate balance is what Ida Torez wedding gowns look to achieve. Sensual and yet extravagant dresses are the embodiment of the European style. They are made of the finest fabrics, combining gauze and transparent lace in the creation of extremely elegant pieces.

The dresses feature beaded details, iconic silhouettes, cascades of the softest fabrics, and intricate lace appliques. They come in designs of high and low trumpets, as well as A-line ball gowns to fit a variety of brides. If you are looking for a dress that perfectly combines elegance and sensuality with femininity, then you just might be an Ida Torez bride.



LIRETTA — laconic, elegant designer wedding dresses”

These are the dresses for the non-traditional bride. If you are looking for the non-stereotypical, one that embodies your character and uniqueness, then you should see the “Deep Water” Bridal Collection by Liretta. These dresses of elegance and laconicism only seek to display the natural beauty of the bride. They tell the story that a wedding is not the end of a love story, but only the beginning.

Liretta dresses do without excessive décor, bulky corsets, and extensive trains. They focus instead on the feelings and the comfort of the bride. Amazing creations of truly timeless beauty. You will be sure to stand out on your special day in a Liretta.


Hoop Accessories From Pollardi

Developed by the Pollardi Fashion Group team is a collection of exquisite handmade wedding hoops of varying materials, shapes, designs, and finishes. Here we have wedding hoops of organza pearls, beads, mesh, and various stones.

  • The hoops of stones are embroidered with elements of various shapes, types, and sizes. The hoops can be divided into two main types; those with mixed décor and those with cut stones. Perfect for vintage wedding accessories.
  • The pearl headbands feature elegant and laconic details. A great choice for an unconventional bride, these headbands are available in several sizes. From massive ones, fully covered in pearls, to very thin one-row pearls.

  • An exquisite and timeless option is the headband made of pearls and crystal. A very popular and stylish choice among brides, this hoop is great for a variety of wedding looks.
  • A hot trend in wedding fashion is the fabric headband. This is a perfect option for modest or minimalist brides. They are simple and do not draw attention for the main attraction; the wedding dress.
  • The organza headband is light and airy in a way that perfectly matches the weightless organza dresses. The mesh hoop is another option. With its soft and delicate nature, it will add a touch of wispy romance to your overall look.



Boudoir Dresses For A Sweet Night

Your wedding day would be incomplete without a definite plan for the boudoir dress for the wedding morning or night. Comfort should be just as important as style with these types of night dresses. The Pollardi Fashion Group creates exceptional designer boudoir dresses that combine certain decorative elements and textures that flatter various body types.

The bride should spend her day in luxurious comfort, and this includes before and after she dons her wedding gown. Boudoir dresses have stepped in and taken the place of the classic nightgowns and lace robes. While we have wedding dresses by Pollardi, the day would be incomplete without the right boudoir.


Real Brides In Pollardi Fashion Group Bridal Dresses

The Pollardi Fashion Group team treats #pollardibridal with the utmost attention, and attention to detail to create the flawless dresses of their collections. Brides that choose Pollardi dresses are the very epitome of charm, elegance and exquisite beauty on their special day. Made from rich laces, elegant silhouettes, and unique fabrics, the dresses represent the best traditions of European bridal fashion. Brides are sure to stand out in the bridal gowns of Pollardi Fashion Group.

If you are looking for an amazing dress of exquisite elegance and flawless beauty, then try the Pollardi bridal collection 2021. This Ukrainian-based brand represented by three trademarks, Pollardi, Daria Karlozi, and Ida Torez caters to brides all over the world. Pollardi fashion group bridal dresses are tailored for the modern bride, each dresses a truly unforgettable experience