30+ Beach Wedding Hairstyles: Relaxed Looks [2024 Guide & FAQs]

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Beach wedding hairstyles must look effortless, classy, chic, and relaxed. But that doesn’t mean you don’t plan the details because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Remember, beaches are romantic, and serene, and give the tumbling waves for a company and you want to connect with nature. That is why we love the light and not too elaborate but versatile hairstyles. Whether your hair is short, long, or medium and your personality is minimalist or glam, there is a style for you. So if you need inspiration in choosing a hairstyle for a beach wedding, see our weatherproof stylish, and elegant ideas.


Brides Often Ask

How to get beachy waves?

The most seamless wag to get beachy waves is through a wand or curling iron. Opt for wands or irons with a one-inch diameter, spray your hair with a heat protectant and curl with the iron. Then shake your head out or tease with a comb and you’ve got beach waves. You can also spritz your hair with sea salt spray, which mimics what beach water does to your hair. Seek out brands that carry this spray for your long-lasting beach waves.

What hair accessories would look perfect at a beach wedding?

Brides having their weddings at the beach would often contend with wind and water splashes from the beach, lakes, or oceans. So asides from the aesthetic touch of accessories, they also function in keeping the hair tidy. Some of our best accessories include pinned side blooms with stems attached, seashell strands strung around the hair, and garlands of baby’s breath. You can also consider boho lace headbands, bright tropical flowers, and beaded forehead bands. Other ideas include rhinestone pins, Feather accessories, clips, combs, and barrettes.

How to choose a hairstyle for a wedding on the beach?

Choosing hairstyles for a beach wedding comes with lots of consideration. You must think about your taste, style, dress, and even hair type. Beach wedding hairstyles border on the more relaxed and playful than formal-looking bridal hair. However, it doesn’t sacrifice sophistication. You should also look out for the weather as it could get cold and breezy. So opt for styles that keep your locks out of your face and steady through the day. Styles like perfectly pinned messy buns, beach waves, and textured braids are the best.


Beach Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Length

Thinking of beach wedding hairstyles for long hair? Lean into your natural texture and let your curly hair flow free. Accessorize with a headband, tiara, or hairpins. You can also wear a low chignon with a deep center part. Manipulate the ends into a voluminous low bun and finish with hairspray.

However, a beach half ponytail is the perfect playful hairstyle. Finish with a trendy bow, scarf, or floral buds down the loose fishtail braided ponytail. We can’t get over the elegant Dutch braid hairstyle that gives off a voluminous result perfect for bridesmaids. Wear an all-white flower crown with touches of greenery on your waterfall waves or put half your hair up in locks twists and braids for the chic boho style.


Wedding Hairstyles Medium Beach Hair

Beach wedding hairstyles for medium-length hair are simply timeless. Go with a neo-romantic updo with a curly side pony, tie the pony with a butterfly style ribbon for a playful look. If your hair is thick, opt for voluminous and whimsical curls that mimic the turbulent ocean waves. Finish this look with a headband that combines flowers and sea stars.

We love the upturned chignon and simple low bun with a twist. Accessorize with shells, aquamarine clips, or pebble combs to make a statement. We can’t also ignore the mermaid kook with this medium-length curly and braided hairstyle. Combine bouncy curls and Dutch braids styled like a headband and finish with makeup that accentuates the eyes. You can also wear the Greek messy updo with whimsical interlacement of twists and curls. Finish this look with double headbands or chains.


Beach Bridal Ideas For Short Hair

Short hairstyles for beach weddings don’t get better than a curly updo with a sea star hair clasp for the Poseidon look. Incorporate some colorful pebbles like beads through your hair to make it playful. We are also in love with the wedding pixie with fringe and delicate headband.

You can also compensate for your short locks with stunning headpieces, unusual textures, and finishes. Slick it back, make it into a loose low bun, comb it back, and wear a sock bun, edgy wavy fishtail crown braids. You can accessorize with blue and turquoise colors, pearls, and chains.


Half Up Half Down Beach Wedding Hairstyles

Half up half down beach wedding hairstyles remain one of the most romantic options a bride can take. You can wear them curly or wavy with a braid, twists, or halo. Blooms and hair vines give the half up half down a timeless facelift. For instance, a half-up with a halo, baby’s breath, and waves is the perfect romantic look.

You can consider dimension with a wavy half updo and white orchids for a tropical look. Check out the waterfall braid crossed with a half up and adorned with a bedazzled barrette at the base. You can also put your hair in a heart-shaped braid half up with dangling earrings and minimal accessories.

Updo Hairstyles For Beach Wedding

Updo hairstyles for beach weddings are timeless hairdos that ensure a picture-perfect bridal look. These hairstyles also stay put through the day and are perfect for glamorous, minimalist, and stylish brides. Updos are also very versatile, matching different hair lengths. You can wear a low, crown, or high updo or try top knots, wavy or curly updos.

We also love the braided and twisted toppings, as long as you find what suits you. If you want to go the casual way, loose looks and airy textures. Brides that want to deliver a more refined look can opt for a sleek or opt for a top bump for an elegant and glam look. Adorn with rhinestone side hairpiece, pearl headpiece, floral accouterment, and more.


Beach Wedding Waves

Do you want to channel the I-just-left-the-beach look? A beach wave hairstyle for a wedding gives us absolute versatile ideas from tousled waves to undone and messy. This creates the perfect hybrid between effortless and cool. We love the glossy tousled waves that look nothing but natural. Infuse a generous amount of wave spray and use duckbill clips to make a dent in the hair while pushing up to the root.

Continue this pattern until all the hair makes a cascading S-pattern. The voluminous beach waves are also stunning. If you have fine straight hair, add on some soft wave spray and form the waves with a wide-tooth comb. We adore the half up half down waves with a high ponytail, the blunt wavy bob, slicked back textured pony, and beachy waves paired with baby bangs.

Beach Wedding Braids

Beach wedding hairstyles that feature braids are simply quintessential as they are versatile. One of the best braid hairstyles for wedding beach affairs is the very dimensional and textural braid made on two sides, packed into a pony, and dotted with fresh flowers. We also love the fishtail braids, milkmaid braids, and French braids with hair vine accessories for a trendy look.

If you want a girly gorgeous vibe, wear messy voluminous loose braids with a shell and pearl headpiece. For the ultimate coastal bride, a messy layered braid with twists and rhinestone headpiece is perfect. But we also love the simple fishtail ponytail for the casual glam bride.


Beach Wedding Hairstyles With Veil

For the beach, you need a hairstyle that is light and airy to match an easy-to-handle veil. Our favorite beach wedding hairstyles with a veil include a blunt bob with an airy birdcage veil for brides with short hair. This veil gives a nod to tradition while delivering the perfect modern twist. You can also wear the blusher veil on a deep side part with curls.

Pin this veil made of nylon to the crown and let it fall around your waistline for a classic touch of elegance. We love elbow length and fingertip veils because they are elegant yet casual with an excellent updo. For the contemporary bride, a gold or silver mica flake veil on a center part chignon.

There are length options for this veil from shoulder to ballet and even cathedral length. But if you are looking for a veil that is flirty and suits every dress, wear the scalloped cathedral veil bordered by FrenchAlencon lace trimmings and Swarovski crystals.

Wedding Guest Hairstyle Ideas

Beach wedding guest hairstyles in whatever season are guided by decorum. You don’t want to outshine the bride, wear a hairstyle that wouldn’t keep or look underwhelming. So go with a sleek ponytail that looks downright regal when paired with Smokey makeup and statement earrings.

If you want the extra drama, a high pompadour with a chunky neckpiece is all you need to turn heads. You can also go with a twisted bun for that sophisticated but girl next door look. If you want a super Haute flirty look, an elevated and cascading ponytail with curly tips or soft waves updo with curtain bags stays giving. The over-shoulder curls paired with glam earrings and sparkly hair accessories are everything for the minimalist guest.


For Mother of the Bride or Groom

Wedding beach hairstyles for the mother of the bride or groom must channel elegance, class maturity, and a touch of chic. Opt for the loose curly updo with bouffant, especially for medium or thin hair. Backcomb, pin, pull both sections together in the middle, and flip into a topsy tail ponytail for an illusion of volume.

You can also wear the half-up curly style with highlights, especially for graying women. Pin with a vintage clip for a classic and breathtaking look. Other styles we love are the fancy flowing ponytail with wispy side bangs, low updo with a shaggy bun, shoulder-length soft waves, or a timeless upswept hairstyle to flatter you.

Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Hairstyle Ideas

Beach wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids should lean more towards the girls’ personalities, opinions, and comfort. Also, the bridesmaid’s hairstyles don’t necessarily have to match because tastes differ. But as much as they have the liberty to explore, themes are important. Bridesmaids must check with the bride and opt for a style that follows the wedding theme. Some of our favorite bridesmaid’s hairstyles include half up half down with elevated curls, loose buns, braided updos, and loose waves for the beach.

If you want to bring on the sass, add a little drama with a classic low bun and twisted sides or you can side sweep your hair and pin it with a statement barrette. Feeling tropical and playful? Wear vibrant floral crowns on your cascading locks, a braided crown, side bun, or twisted bun.

The Common Issues And Their Solutions

Beach weddings are perfect and dreamy, but they’ve got a whole different bunch of issues, mostly in the hairstyling aspect. Most problems do arise from having the setup outside, such as wind, humidity, and maybe even a bit of warmth. But remember, for every problem, there’s a creative and beautiful solution.

Main Problems

  • Wind: A constant at the beach, wind can turn carefully styled hair into a tangled mess.
  • Humidity: High humidity levels can affect hair texture, leading to frizz or limpness, depending on your hair type.
  • Heat: Warmer temperatures can cause discomfort and affect how well your hairstyle holds up.
  • Saltwater and Sand: Make sure to add saltwater and sand to your last-minute hair accessories if you’re planning to take photos or hold ceremonies near the water.



  • Go for Updos: Updos are fixed hairstyles—buns or braided updos—that will take away some of the effects from your face and stay in place.
  • Utilize Accessories: Use ornate hairpins, clips, or a headpiece to secure while adding a touch of elegance.


  • Anti-Frizz Products: Apply anti-frizz products before styling to help control frizz caused by humidity.
  • Embrace natural texture: using your natural texture of the hair and not against the style can result in better styles holding up against moist air.


  • Loose and Light: Consider loose hairdos not closely attached from the neck or shoulders to give room for free circulation to keep you cool.
  • Stay Hydrated: Not exactly a hair solution, but staying thoroughly hydrated and at a temperature that keeps you feeling okay is going to be so very important to feeling generally comfortable—something that always reflects on how one ends up looking.

Saltwater and Sand

  • Protective Hairstyles: If one is close to the shoreline, a protective hairstyle like a low-wrapped bun will make sure the hair doesn’t get too tangled by sand or salt.
  • Hairspray: Hair spray is of good quality, working as the thickest plastic wrap, keeping your set of style set and protecting it partially from the wind.


Beach wedding hairstyles are simply flawless, elegant, a bit tempestuous, and adventurous like the crashing waves. So whether you are bare feet and getting your legs in the sand or wearing a stiletto, these hairstyles put the finishing touch to your stunning appearance. If you are looking for unique wedding hairstyles for beach-themed weddings, we’ve got you covered. Check out our comprehensive list of hairdos and get inspired.