18 Destination Wedding Dresses [2024 Guide / Faqs]

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Find your destination wedding dress inspiration right here. The best results usually combine elements of your chosen bridal theme and draw from the location you are working with. This can be anything from local flowers, traditional garb, and customary items like fabrics and other accessories. This approach will allow you to indulge in your surroundings and produce thrillingly romantic wedding photography and a great experience for you and your guests.


When it comes to destination weddings, most people think of waterfront locations, but these destination wedding dresses will also address old-world European and other destinations. We are providing you with wedding gown samples that complement ancient architecture as well as the sand between your toes and the natural beauty you will find yourself surrounded by. Each example is easy to wear and will keep you cool all day long.

We will teach you all about choosing the right fabrics, silhouettes, and design elements that will produce gorgeous results for your big day abroad.

Brides Often Ask

What is the best material for a beach wedding dress?

Aside from the look, you desire, the 2 most important things when planning wedding dresses for destination weddings on the beach are comfort and manageability. You will want a fabric that doesn’t soak in the heat. You will also want fabrics that play with the wind a little, but don’t get wrapped up around you. Look for lightweight fabrics such as crepe chiffon skirts, lightweight tulle, and delicate lace.

What to wear under a beach wedding dress?

In short, as little as possible. If you feel that shapewear is required, there are plenty of lightweight options that breathe well. When possible, replace your bra with sewn-in cups. Also, beach weddings are an inviting opportunity to ditch those warm shoes.


Top Destination Beach Wedding Dresses

These wedding dresses for destination weddings are simply gorgeous. Beyond the traditional reasons to choose white, this color reflects the sun and keeps you cool. Beyond comfort, these particular wedding dresses are the absolute height of fashion. Plunging necklines, open backs, and form-fitting silhouettes make a beautifully romantic statement.


Sexy Destination Wedding Dresses

Sexy wedding dresses are in high demand, but what does that mean exactly? The destination beach wedding dresses demonstrate how naked, sheer, and illusion gowns establish that sense of sexiness you are after while still looking formal and sophisticated. Each of these would look equally perfect in the south of France or on a tropical beach.


Bridal Dresses With Spaghetti Straps

It’s too hot to be completely covered up but you don’t want to go strapless. The solution is spaghetti straps! Free-spirited women love this look because they are perfect for shoeless beach weddings or high heels on the cobblestone roads of urban Europe. This is a fun way to show a little skin while still being modest.


Lace Destination Wedding Gowns

Lace is a lightweight fabric that flows in the wind and accentuates the curves you want, making for some destination wedding dresses. As you can see with these sample designer destination wedding dresses, you can use lace throughout the entire gown, or in strategic places as accent points of interest.

Simple Dresses For Destination Wedding

Depending on where you choose to host your wedding, you may not want your wedding dress to compete with the natural beauty of the surrounding architecture or mother nature. Simple destination wedding dresses contrast against the intricate details of your surroundings and allow the bride to shine.


Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Gowns

The sweetheart neckline adds a huge dose of charm to your destination wedding dress look. There is a lot of traditional and emotional romance involved with getting married in a foreign location. Mirror the appeal of the history and culture inherent in your surrounding areas with these classic, sexy sweetheart necklines.