The 15 Best Wedding Sneakers For Unique Bride + FAQs

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Comfort is key when you’ll be spending a lot of time standing at an all-day event, including weddings. For this reason, many brides are opting for wedding sneakers, and the look couldn’t be sassier. There’s no better way to enjoy your big day free of pain than with cute and custom wedding sneakers.


Choose to be yourself and have a look at our list of dressy sneakers for weddings that you can wear down the aisle, to your reception, and thereafter.


Sparkly Bridal Sneakers For Wedding

Most of the time when we talk about wedding sneakers for the bride, they’re not plain sneakers you would wear for a walk or to the gym. If you are the type of bride who wants something sparkly to commemorate such a day, then sparkly sneakers for wedding would be a good idea. These could peek under a floor-length gown or be on full display under a short gown.

Besides, according to Wedding Converse, a custom bridal shoe brand, women wedding sneakers. converse. trainers are ideal for cold weather and fall as they offer more protection and grip than traditional heels.


White Wedding Sneakers

If you are a minimalist bride or just want something simple, then you could go for the classic white sneakers for wedding. You could rock simple white tennis shoes that would go with anything or take advantage of the plain canvas to customize it your way. Could be glitter, pearls, diamonds, or even a sentimental quote, your choice. Complete the look with silk ribbon laces for that bridal finish.

Expert Tip
What factors should brides consider when choosing between classic bridal shoes and wedding sneakers?
Some brides will choose a pair of wedding trainers to dance the night away at the after-party, whilst others want to be comfortable all day.   Wedding trainers and boots can give brides the extra height they need without the pain.  Brides can choose customization that stands out or opt for subtle personalization like for example on the heel tags – as such they can wear their shoes on honeymoon and beyond.  Overall brides need to consider their overall look and what will complement their theme.  With numerous customization styles, colors fonts, and finishes we do have something for everyone.


Dressy Wedding Sneakers For Bride

Any type of bride’s wedding dress with sneakers is a unique sight to behold, but dressy sneakers for wedding could take things up a notch. Think about a pair of sneakers in white or ivory leather, covered tastefully in pearl beading. Gorgeous shoes that would look perfect with any style of dress and would completely rule on the dance floor.


Platform Wedding Sneakers

If you want to wear sneakers but don’t want to lose the heels, then wedding platform sneakers it is. Consider skater-chic platform sneakers in pristine white with sparkling white laces. If you’re looking for something plain but sophisticated, then this would be a good call.

However, if you require something fancier, then shiny sneakers in metallic silver or gold would make a good choice. The cushy platform will give you the height you desire, and you’ll get added comfort from your canvas footwear. It’s a win-win for style and comfort on your wedding day.


Fancy Wedding Sneakers

Being a special day when you’ll be wearing a fancy dress, such high-quality sneakers would be in their element. Bold colors would be particularly stylish for a summer or spring wedding. Ensure that your color choices complement your wedding dress, and you have a winner. With these fancy sneakers for wedding, the sexier the wedding dress, the better they would look.

You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to look great on your wedding day. With wedding sneakers of all kinds to fit every type of wedding style, you can have it all. Comfy shoes that give you all you need and more for that perfect wedding look you can get without having to give up a thing.

Brides Often Ask

Can you wear sneakers as a bride?

A bride can wear sneakers for her wedding. She can choose to wear sneakers down the aisle and then take out her stilettos for the wedding reception or wear them all day. Sneakers are a comfortable and unconventional choice that is growingly popular for brides.