18 Indian Wedding Dresses + FAQs

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An Indian bride has the opportunity of putting together sets of truly diverse wedding attires due to the multiple events involved in a typical Indian wedding. Whether you are marrying into an Indian family or are of Indian descent, there are so many looks that you can try for your special day. Another wonderful thing is that Indian wedding dresses are not limited only to traditional looks. Modern brides are often looking for ways to showcase their personalities in their wedding attires and this results in a lot of different Indian-style wedding dresses.


A lot of these modern Indian wedding gowns tend to marry old styles with the new, resulting in unique and beautiful bridal attires. These luxurious attires are often made from fabrics of chiffon, cotton, or silk, and adorned with sparkly and elaborate accessories and bridal embroidery. From fabulous red saris to coral pink Lehengas, below are several of our favorite Indian-style dresses for a wedding.

Brides Often Ask

What are Indian wedding dresses called?

The most common traditional Indian wedding gowns include classic lehengas and saris. The sari is much preferred by brides in East, West, and South India. Brides of North India prefer the gagra choli, lehenga, and one Indian dress for weddings. Then most brides in North-east India much prefer the traditional attire called the mekhela sador. So, while there are globally known wedding Indian dresses, there is a much wider variety available to Indian brides the world over.

Why do Indian brides not wear white?

Unlike most traditional wedding ceremonies in the west, white is not recognized as a color for celebration as it serves as a symbol of mourning instead. This is why brides at Indian weddings much prefer colorful wedding attires and saris that portray the colors of their region of origin. The most popular color is red in its many different bright shades that represent good luck and happiness for the newly married couple.

Why do Indian brides wear so much jewelry?

The jewelry worn by Indian brides along with their Indian wedding party dress is more prominent in the Hindu culture. Apart from enhancing the beauty of the bride, this jewelry signifies the wealth of the bride along with that of the family she is now becoming a part of. A symbol of power, wealth, and status, brides of wealthier families are known to wear more jewelry than brides from less wealthy families.



Best Indian Wedding Dresses

A country of rich traditions and colors, Indian weddings also reflect all of these qualities. This is why Indian bridal dresses for women are elegant, rich, and embellished in bright and sparkly embroidered patterns that are gorgeous and of high quality. These are dresses that beautify the bride and that she can twirl and dance in for most of the evening. Here are some of the best Indian wedding dresses brides choose.



Traditional Indian Wedding Dresses

Traditional Indian wedding dresses for girls usually comprise several pieces. The three main pieces include a dupatta and a blouse, and then a lehenga or a wide flared skirt. Some other pieces embraced by modern brides that can accentuate the main pieces are capes, kaftans, and even statement blouses. Here is a variety of traditional Indian bridal dresses for your inspiration.



Modern Indian Wedding Gowns

Lehengas and saris are the classic and most popular wedding dresses in India. However, modern brides are beginning to look for less traditional alternatives. They are open to experimenting and finding more comfortable and modern Indian wedding dresses that reflect their personalities. Some of the latest wedding dresses are made up of a hybrid of old and new, more contemporary styles like jumpsuits, capes, athleisure options, and cropped lehengas.



Red Indian Bridal Gowns

The most common color used for auspicious occasions, red is a very important color in most regions of India. It is a symbol of prosperity, passion, and new beginnings. In Hindu, it also represents Durga, the Hindu goddess of feminine power and new beginnings. This is why this is the color for most Indian wedding dresses, no matter their style.


Gold Indian Wedding Gowns

The beauty of elegant Indian wedding dresses cannot be understated. From the traditional to the latest Indian bridal gowns, there is something uniquely gorgeous about each and every one. Find Indian bridal dresses made from fabrics of silk or chiffon, adorned in accents of gold or red, and an abundance of elaborate embroidery. Gold is one major color that stands out at most Indian weddings and is adorned by almost every bride.



Colorful Indian Wedding Gowns

Red has been the predominant color for bridal attires in these regions for centuries. However, modern brides have adopted a wide variety of colors and styles. The latest wedding dresses are Indian, and incorporate bright colors such as blue Indian wedding dresses, coral, and more. Bright colors are preferred above all as they are symbols of happiness.