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30 Wedding Makeup Looks To Be Exceptional


It is natural that every girl wants to look stunning and feel best emotions on her wedding day. Well-chosen wedding make up can help you expose the good part of your face and make you look your best while you are photographed. So we have created an incredible collection of wedding make up looks for you.


Photo 1-3: Beautiful Wedding Makeup Looks For Blondes

Source: via Instagram, Anna Komarova via Instagram, mariyakalashnikova_ via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Lovely Wedding Makeup Looks For Dark-Haired Brides

Source: justrosh_  via Instagram, paparazzi_salon via Instagram, mariyakalashnikova_ via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Gorgeous Wedding Makeup For Brides With Long Lashes

Source: via Instagram, nadia_mejia via Instagram, geller_makeupstyle via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Trendy Wedding Makeup Looks With Matte Lips

Source: Assembly Salon, helena_wedding_hairstyles via Instagram, Elstile via Instagram


Photo 13-15: Super Natural Wedding Makeup

Source: vizagistvaleria via Instagram, sunkissedandmadeup via Instagram, Natalie Ryan

Photo 16-18: Soft Wedding Makeup  For Tender Brides

Source: mariyakalashnikova_ via Instagramtatyanarichchi via Instagrammariyakalashnikova_ via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Insanely Wedding Makeup

Source: Anna Komarova via Instagrammariyakalashnikova_  via Instagram, kslev_makeup via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Naturelly Wedding Makeup

Source: tatyanarichchi via Instagram, shahad_alrowaidhan via Instagram, Melanie Nedelko


Photo 25-27: Sparkling Wedding Makeup Looks

Source: Chris Nichollsmariyakalashnikova_  via Instagram, geller_makeupstyle via Instagram

Photo 28-30: Gold Wedding Makeup Ideas

Source: Lena Bogucharskaya via Instagram, sashstudio.msk via Instagram, mariyakalashnikova_  via Instagram

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