33 Wedding Reception Dress Ideas For Incoming Brides

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The best way to choose a reception dress is by considering your body type, style, personality, and wedding theme. As a rule of thumb, we recommend that women choose their wedding reception dress according to their body shape and size. If your figure is curvy, you should opt for long-sleeved wedding reception dresses for brides with an open back or front. You will also want to consider what style of accessories you want to wear, like earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. Read on for more details.



Short Wedding Reception Dresses

Short reception dresses are appropriate for brides who want to look elegant and sophisticated. The style allows for more flexibility when it comes to comfort and style. Short wedding reception dresses include short-sleeved dresses, floor-length gowns, and A-line styles with a fitted waistband or wide belt. These dresses are made from classic fabrics such as satin or tulle that add a bit of elegance to the look.


Long Dress Ideas for a Reception

If you are looking for something longer than a cocktail gown or maxi dress. These long dresses for a wedding reception are your best bet. They have been designed with comfort in mind so they won’t feel too tight or uncomfortable after wearing them all day. If you are looking for a long dress for your wedding, consider having an outdoor wedding and wearing an open-back or wrap dress.


Formal Wedding Dresses

The most popular style of dress for a reception is a long formal gown. There are many different types of formal wedding reception dresses available, and they all have unique qualities that make them desirable. It can be a strapless dress or a floor-length ball gown.


Casual Reception Bridal Look

The best part of casual wedding reception dresses is that brides can wear them again to any event, after their wedding. A gown with a simple design such as lace or chiffon will look elegant without being busy or complicated. If you are worried about how it will look on your body type, opt for an off-the-shoulder style instead.


Cocktail Dress Ideas For A Wedding

Cocktail reception dresses to suit the body type and style of most brides. A cocktail dress is a long, flowing garment that falls above the knees or below. This style is very flattering because it drapes over curves like a shawl. Cocktail dresses for a wedding reception have a halter neckline and come in a variety of styles.

Dresses For Plus Size Brides

Plus-size reception dresses vary from typical bridal gowns because stylists make them in any length and width. Plus-size wedding reception dresses come in many styles, including sweetheart necklines, backless designs, and French eyelet lace details. Brides who need extra support in their bust area can opt for strapless dresses with built-in bra cups.

Expert Tip
What common mistakes do brides make when selecting their wedding dress?
One common mistake brides make is not considering their body type and comfort. It's easy to get swayed by beautiful dresses that might not suit your figure. Always prioritize how you feel in the dress now over how it looks on the hanger or on a model. Another mistake is ignoring the importance of alterations. A dress might not fit perfectly when it arrives, but a good tailor can make it just right for you. Lastly, don't shop too early or too late. If you shop too early, your preferences might change, and if you shop too late, you might not have enough time for necessary alterations.


Black Reception Dresses

Black wedding reception dresses are often formal, confident, and elegant but can also be very sexy and sultry. The best thing about black dresses for a wedding reception is that they fit all body types. For example, if you have a slim waist and wide hips, a long dress will suit you best.

Wedding Dresses In Red

Red is a popular color for weddings because it is a color of love, passion, and romance. It has been a favorite color for weddings for many years and it looks great on all skin tones. Red dresses for a wedding reception are made from either satin or taffeta, depending on the style you want to achieve. Add a touch of red to your bridal gown with an elegant lace overlay, beading, or sequins to make a stunning red dress design.


Jumpsuit Wedding Look

Jumpsuits have been popular since the ’70s when they first became popular on the catwalk. Today, jumpsuits are chic and also look great for bridal wear. Jumpsuits are cute wedding reception dresses for brides, and they come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits you well. The outfit is suitable for brides who want to wear something different from the traditional ball gowns or mermaid styles.

Simple Reception Dresses

Simple wedding reception dresses for brides often feature lightweight fabric for added comfort. They are also available in fabrics including satin, chiffon, lace, and satin crepe. They come in all lengths and the length of the dress can be adjusted to suit your body type. If you have extra weight around your middle, try one of the fitted options that do not show off too much of your problem areas.


Wedding Reception Dresses For Guests

If you are a guest at a wedding reception and you want the perfect dress, you may want to consider wearing cocktail, prom-style, or maxi dresses for a wedding reception so that you feel at ease in your dress. They are made from velvet or satin material and have a variety of cuts and lengths available to suit your body type and event theme.

The wedding reception is one of the most vital parts of a couple’s big day, and it is also the perfect opportunity to show off your best style, do not blow it. Choose wedding reception dresses that make you feel comfortable in your skin. You will want to feel like yourself on your wedding day.

Brides Often Ask

What should brides wear for the reception?

From jumpsuits to silk robes to mini dresses, to ball gowns, there are many options to explore. Brides should opt for reception dresses that make them comfy.

Which color dress is best for the reception?

For a classy color, opt for silver, ivory, white or black. You can never go wrong with these colors. Brides should opt for colors that match their skin tone.

What should a guest wear to the reception?

A gown is appropriate, either long or short. You can style it to suit the theme of the event. Please, try not to wear colors that the bride is likely to wear.