Designer Wedding Shoes: 11 Chic Ideas + FAQs

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We post about shoes often. Whether you are a guest, in the bridal party, the maid of honor, or the bride, shoes are always a hot topic. Today we are focusing on designer wedding shoes and the specific artists that bring us so much style and beauty. Check out our list of this year’s hottest shoe designers so that you can find the wedding shoes of your dreams.


Not only will you get to learn about some of the hottest wedding shoes on the market right now, but you’ll also get to know a little bit about the designers who make them happen.

Their personal stories, inspirations, and initiatives very much have an impact on the final product and may influence how you make decisions. There’s more to a wedding show than how it looks and fits. Let’s get started!



Bella Belle Lace Boho Wedding Heels

Bella Belle strikes the perfect balance between comfort and exquisitely detailed uniqueness. Harnessing European quality and sensibility, this design house strives for femininity and authenticity. Not every bride will be drawn to their collections but the ones who do adore each pair. Although each shoe is handcrafted, the durability of each pair is virtually unparalleled.

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Alencon, known as “the queen of lace”, is the standout feature of this gorgeous pair of these white designer wedding shoes. As is, this set of comfortable wedding shoes are ideal for traditional wedding themes. However, they are versatile. Embrace the bow as your “something lace”, remove it for a more streamlined look, or replace it for a more rustic or bohemian look.


Yedyna Lace Wedding Boots

Yedyna epitomizes timeless elegance in bridal fashion, crafting unforgettable moments with innovative designs and quality craftsmanship. The brand offers a personalized shopping experience, creating one-of-a-kind gowns and suits. Yedyna Wedding stands as a beacon of sophistication for brides seeking refined, unforgettable wedding attire.

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Discover allure in every step with these lace boots. The perfect fusion of sophistication and comfort, lace boots feature intricate detailing and a sturdy block heel. Elevate your style with a touch of romance, whether paired with a flowing dress . These boots redefine elegance, ensuring you step out timelessly.


Forever Soles Melody Heels Ivory

Forever Soles creates her designer wedding shoes with the bride’s comfort in mind. Crafting her shoes around the concepts of comfort and proper fit ensures that the bride will experience every element of her big day without the distraction of aches and pain. Although the starting point is comfort, the end results are highly stylish and will add a lot of personality to your wedding day look.

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These wholesome ivory block heels possess all of the elements of the traditional wedding aesthetic. Designed in their Australian studio, hand-beaded pearl flowers exude a playful spirit while a dual-layer cushion provides comfort. Brides can dance all night and look flawless doing it. Make sure to pay close attention to sizing advice for the ultimate fit.

Expert Tip
What is the most popular style of shoes for a wedding dress?
Our most popular style of wedding shoes is always the classic soft ivory leather heels with a lower heel. Comfort is so important on your wedding day when you have to spend hours standing in your shoes. You want to feel elegant and supported at the same time.


Harriet Block Blue Blossom Gold

Harriet Wilde – London-based brand is named after the founder’s great grandmother. It’s a cute origin story. Family businesses are also a strong indicator of a dedication to quality and innovation. This wedding shoe designer does not disappoint. Their attention to detail is evident in every single stitch and even more so at their showroom and throughout their customer service, customization, and bespoke treatment.

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Delicate, feminine, soft, and sturdy. What more could you ask for in designer blue wedding shoes? This block heel style is firmly secured to your foot with a crossed strap but otherwise feels weightless. Blossom embellishments feature crystal centers and intricate white blooms and gold leaves which are fitting for solstice seasons and related wedding themes.



Emmy London Sparkly Bridal Shoes

When it comes to designer wedding shoes, beauty matters. However, the designers at Emmy London believe that emotion also matters. This small UK-based team injects every pair of wedding shoes with confidence.
By focusing on comfort, this design team creates collections of wedding shoes that achieve stability, durability, and exceptional fitment, all while being timelessly elegant

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New to the collection, this particular set of designer wedding shoes creates a poise in their wearer that’s difficult to achieve. Combining satin, suede, and a shimmering finish, one doesn’t exactly wear this shoe. Rather, shoes and feet achieve a certain harmony that results in confidence. Straps will add a sense of sweetness to your look but can be omitted for a more modern silhouette.


Harlo White Pearl Bridal Block Heel

Beauty can be found in even the most unexpected places. It’s common to immediately assume that designer wedding shoes come from Italy, the UK, or some other European mainstage. Down under, however, is far from falling short.

Harlo. This Australian design team does not operate in a vacuum. Rather than design for design’s sake, they talk to brides. Continual real-world feedback fuels their passion as well as their products, resulting in the ultimate combination of comfort, style, and practicality.

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Although these ivory designer wedding shoes are hand-crafted for traditional wedding themes, their sturdy yet elegant block heels enable you to wear them outdoors on a variety of terrain.

This minimalist approach to shoe design works for many brides across many different seasons, themes, and venues. But if you are looking for something even sleeker, it’s also available in a mid-heel.



Freya Rose Silver Tie-Up Sandal

‘Modern Luxury’ is the approach for this award-winning wedding shoe designer. There’s a good chance that Freya was a Renaissance fine artist in a past life because she treats shoes like living sculptures that assimilate with brides who wear them. She must be doing something right because her creations have been celebrated internationally with plenty of fanfare.

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Whether it’s on a pedestal or on a bride’s foot, this shoe is stunning! These designer wedding shoes for brides are best suited to a rebellious bride that embraces her femininity at the most embellished events. The mirror finish looks best in the light, making them perfect for outdoor weddings and indoor venues with elaborate lighting. If you are wondering, YES those are ethically sourced Swarovski’s on the petals.


Rachel Simpson Clementine Ivory Shoes

Brides who are looking for designer wedding shoes on a budget won’t want to miss this brand — Rachel Simpson. In a world of fast fashion, it’s a breath of fresh air to see an outlet that loves previous season’s collections as much as their brand new lines. This approach avails barely-out-of-season designer shoes in brand new condition for a little less money.

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Perfect for boho, Gatsby, and traditional wedding themes alike, these ivory designer wedding shoes draw from the art deco period. The combination of gold leather, ivory suede, and strategically asymmetrical lines visually make your feet look smaller and more delicate. These features also make it very easy to wear these shoes at a variety of events after your wedding.



Sanemiko Pearls Designer Wedding Shoes

Sanemiko — brand a true trailblazer. As the first custom-made designer shoe brand ever to exist in Turkey, they’ve set the bar extremely high. Each pair of designer wedding shoes is treated with many custom, hand-crafted embellishments. To experience their creations in detail, pay a visit to the first-of-its-kind Virtual Shoe Museum based in the Netherlands.

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Each set of these designer wedding shoes are handcrafted. This means that your pair will be 100% unique. It also means that you have to pay particular attention to all of the individual details to get exactly what you want. Because of the customization, these living works of art are extremely versatile and will complement a range of wedding gowns.



Charlotte Mills Pearl Wide Fit

Charlotte Mills centers her design decisions around the bride. Literal aspects of traditional weddings are baked into each pair of their designer wedding shoes. This includes a sixpence in her shoe’ and everything else mentioned in the “something borrowed..” adage. This focus produces a lovely solution of romance and playfulness that melts hearts at the altar and beyond.

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The emotion that these designer wedding shoes radiate is pure joy. One can’t help but feel a little youthful and elated when wearing these traditionally inspired, modernly crafted wedding shoes. The combination of strap angles, width, open-toe shape and classic heel make this designer option both practical and practically perfect.



Camilla Gabrieli Leather Flower Sandals

Defined as ‘everyday luxury’ this design house produces designer wedding shoes that are both approachable and top shelf. Although some of their designs are fairly contemporary, their inspiration and passion strongly draw from tradition to involve romance and elegance in each creation.

Understanding that captivating a global audience means that one person can’t do it alone, Camilla Gabrieli has partnered with the most dedicated artisans and has employed nothing but the most ethical and sustainable business practices so that morals and quality are never compromised.

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With this set of designer wedding shoes not only will you feel as if you are walking on air, you’ll look like it too! The translucent and reflective qualities of Camilla’s Stella wedding shoes provide comfort and stability but demonstrate a modern, feminine delicateness that is perfect for traditional and modern wedding themes alike. It all depends on your gown and accessories.

Brides Often Ask

What is the style of shoes for a wedding?

Every style of shoe is suitable for a wedding. The most important factors are your personal preferences and functionality. We recommend open-toes for warmer weather, flat soles for outdoor weddings, and delicate heels for traditional weddings.