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45 Wedding Make Up Ideas For Stylish Brides


Every bride spent so much time searching a perfect makeup for her Big Day. What wedding makeup to choose? We have created a special collection of bridal makeup, which would make the search process much more easier. There are some ideas for bright and unique makeup, classic and elegant, make up that will be appropriate for different eyes’ colors. So we hope you could pick some ideas for your big day.


Photo 1-3: Gorgeous Natural Make Up

Source: Melonie Santos, pyzhik_anastasia via Instagram, via Instagram


Photo 4-6: Wedding Make Up For Blue Eyes

Source: anneloesdebets via Instagram, kelseeyclarke via InstagramBonitafy via Instagram


Photo 7-9: Romantic Wedding Make Up For Tender Brides

Source: elstile via Instagram, marisarosemph via Instagram, marisarosemph via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Bold Bridal Makeup Ideas With Vine Lips

Source: muaclub via Instagram, piminova_valery via Instagram, Kelsea Holder Photography


Photo 13-15: Wedding Make Up For Green Eyes

Source: elstile via Instagram, deniskartashev via Instagram, makijazzowo via Instagram

Photo 16-18: Wedding Make-Up For Dark Eyes

Source: mpobedinskaya via Instagram, kaitlyn_nguy via Instagram, byjeannine via Instagram


Photo 19-21: Classic And Stylish Wedding Make Up

Source: Vanity makeup, provans_studio via Instagram, Vanity makeup

Photo 22-24: Elegant Wedding Make Up

Source: Vanity Makeup, anngri_photo via Instagram, claudianeacsu via Instagram


Photo 25-27: Cool Smokey Eyes Make Up

Source: elena_sanko_make_up via Instagram, marisarosemph via Instagram, Vanity makeup

Photo 28-30: Temping Red Lips Make Up

Source: piminova_valery via Instagram, ctilburymakeup via Instagram, julia_visage via Instagram


Photo 31-33: Perfect Make Up For Brides

Source: makeup.cursoonline via Instagramelena_sanko_make_up via Instagram, via Instagram

Photo 34-36: Eye-Catching Makeup With Blush

Source: marisarosemph via Instagram, provans_studio via Instagram, Something Borrowed Beauty


Photo 37-39: Spellbinding Makeup Ideas With Matte Lips

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Photo 40-42: Timeless Wedding Soft Smokey Eyes

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Photo 43-45: Bright Evening Makeup For Brides

Source: elena_sanko_make_up via Instagram, yana.yasnaya via Instagram, she_makeupartistry via Instagram