18 Victorian Wedding Dresses + FAQs

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Victorian wedding dresses suit delicate girls. Unbelievable forks of the Victorian era save their appealing state, engaging vintage lovers even today. Shawls, laces on a whole bodice, or sleeves attract with their delicacy. Lovely and tender drapery pieces adorn figures with an embodiment. Tight and slender Victorian gowns befit adorably soft designs exciting in that style.


Great and fancy, whimsical and delicate gowns are what you are looking for!

Lace Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

The gown furnished with lovely lace is an excellent option. Clothing made from such materials is for an elegant outlook. Gift your loved audience lurid designs of the Victorian epoch. Have you dreamed of a Great Gatsby party sometimes? Remains of the past turn into subtle Victorian wedding gowns. They could help to make a new beginning genuinely significant and exquisite.

Expert Tip
How can the bride personalize her wedding dress?
Adding a distinctive personal touch to your wedding attire can elevate it into a truly unique and unforgettable masterpiece. The art lies in incorporating sentimental touches through meticulous details, whether it be through a harmonious selection of colors, intricate beading, or bespoke appliques. These elements serve as more than mere embellishments; they become a narrative woven into the very fabric of your gown, reflecting the essence of your personality, and creating a garment that stands as a testament to your unique love story.


Gothic Victorian Wedding Gowns

Play the role of a gothic bride in the Victorian wedding dress. You will be a sparkling bride with a dramatic style gown! Shock everyone with tiny details. Mermaid gowns or floor-length a-lines skirts benefit from scattering lines.

Gothic Victorian wedding dresses are a modish and original decision. Choose it for an alternative wedding costume. Besides it, cheap Victorian bridal dresses can save spare money for you.


Victorian Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

Cheerful traditions of the Victorian era transferred to us splendid traits of wedding clothes. What a lucky chance to dress like favorable ladies from Antique! So, do you want to express a deep soul attitude through your garment? Clothing Victorian wedding dresses with sleeves, you can have an incredible outlook. Artistic galloon sleeves match ideally with Victorian dress accessories.


Ball Gown Victorian Style Wedding Dresses

Do you like bouffant ball gown skirts? While you are dancing to your first marriage dress, it scatters flamboyantly from the center around your waist. Luxuriant Victorian ball gown wedding dresses will disperse so much charm, flying around. Your gown adorned with beautiful appliques on the hemline shows a beautiful taste.


Vintage Victorian Bridal Dresses

Vintage Victorian wedding dresses in intricate materials are a winning proposition. Such dresses will be a delight with their marvelous trimming. Decorated with a variety of decorative stones: glass beads or rhinestones. It is also possible that lace elements are abundant. 

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Corset Victorian Bridal Dresses

Tight-laced corset Victorian wedding dresses create an adoring vision of your upper body. Creative corsets in Victorian fashion have lots of striking nuances, such as cushion buttons or effective twigs. It accentuates the beautiful line of a figure and makes it good-looking. Fixed in a fashionable corset, your body acquires a trimming silhouette.


Frequently Asked Questions

What did Victorian wedding gowns look like?

The early Victorian wedding dress had a fitted bodice, small waist, and full skirt (over hoops and petticoats.) It was made of organdy, tulle, lace, gauze, silk, linen, or cashmere. The veil was a fine gauze, sheer cotton, or lace.