30 Ideas Of Winter Wedding Shoes [2024 Guide]

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Wedding gowns sure look nice with slingback stilettos and open-toed shoes, but these are discouraged during winter. And while it might seem like options are limited, a bride could don a wide variety of shoes for her winter wedding. Wedding dresses can look just as great in close-toed flats, pumps, and even boots.


If you are still unsure of the unlimited options among winter wedding shoes, have a look at some of our favorites for your inspiration.

Winter Shoes With Low Heels

Winter wedding shoes low heels can look lovely with a wedding dress. For a minimalist look, you could choose shoes to wear to a winter wedding with low heels in sleek patent leather, or for a more lavish style, you can get the pumps of your dreams. A dazzling choice for a fairytale wedding. Make the statement of the evening while walking down the aisle, or on the dancefloor.

Expert Tip
Which types of heels are better suited for winter weddings?
We recommend opting for heels or soles with practical features for winter weddings to ensure comfort and stability on potentially slippery surfaces. Look for shoes with sturdy block heels or wedges that provide better support and traction than stiletto heels. Additionally, consider shoes with rubber or textured soles for added grip and stability, especially if the wedding venue is outdoors or in a snowy environment.


Winter Wedding Flats

According to Sanemiko, a bridal shoe brand,  the most appropriate wedding flats for winter weddings are simple, understated designs. Minimalist models with little to no detail are popular since they complement the clean lines and modern aesthetic of many formal winter bridal dresses. Also, flats with a single large silk flower detail – can add a touch of whimsy and romance to the overall look, while still maintaining a sophisticated feel.

If you want complete comfort without sacrificing your style, then get winter wedding shoes flats—luxurious bridal shoes in the comfiest materials. From velvet to suede or leather, the winter weather allows you to wear some of the best footwear. Gorgeous ballet flats in plain velvet, or French soles with silk bows for extra sophistication or jeweled accents for some sparkle. Utterly flat shoes for winter weddings can be in any color that would best fit your wedding look.


Block Heel Shoes

Step into elegance with winter wedding shoes block heels, a perfect blend of style and comfort for your special day. The sturdy block heel provides stability on snowy surfaces, while the chic design adds a touch of sophistication. Embrace the season with warmth and grace as you walk down the aisle in these cozy and fashionable winter wedding shoes.


Boots For Winter Wedding

Another choice of warm shoes for winter wedding is boots. Whether you’re a minimalist bride and you want simple shoes for a winter wedding, or you’re more extravagant and want something with some flair, you can find a pair that foot the bill. Boots can add an edgy or cool look to your bridal wear. They also look great with floor-length or shorter dresses.


Open Toe Shoes Winter Wedding

Can you wear open-toed shoes in winter to a wedding? Of course, yes. Embrace the chic and daring with open-toe wedding shoes, adding a touch of glamour to the frosty celebration. Opt for strappy sandals or elegant peep-toe heels, allowing bridesmaids to showcase their style while maintaining a hint of warmth.

Jeweled And Glitter Shoes

While sleek and minimalist can be a good idea for a winter wedding shoes bride, sometimes you want some pomp and pageantry for such a special day. Such a celebratory occasion deserves something extra, so why not go for sparkle, glitter, or even jewels?


Winter Wedding Guest Shoes

For winter wedding guest shoes, elevate your style with shoes that blend fashion and function. Opt for shoes for winter wedding guests for closed-toe heels or ankle boots to keep your feet warm, while still showcasing your trendy side. Rich, deep colors like burgundy or navy complement the season, ensuring you’re both stylish and weather-ready for the celebration.

Bridesmaid Shoes For Winter Wedding

For a winter wedding bridesmaid shoes take center stage in both style and functionality. Opt for elegant closed-toe designs in rich hues like deep burgundy or navy to complement the season’s palette. Consider velvet or satin finishes for a touch of luxury, ensuring your bridesmaids stay warm and stylish as they accompany the bride down the snowy aisle.


Brides Often Ask

What shoes do winter brides wear?

Brides can wear heels, boots, and even booties for their winter weddings. However, closed-toed shoes are preferred to protect the feet against the cold weather.

Is it OK to wear open-toe shoes to a winter wedding?

It’s up to the bride to wear what she wants for her wedding. However, open-toed shoes are discouraged because the feet would need to be protected from the frigid air.