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27 Rustic Groom Attire For Country Weddings


Those days when every groom looking backward to the previous year style are gone. Rustic groom attire become more and more popular. Nowadays its time to be yourself and show personal style! There are a lot of possibilities to let you shine on fabulous day like a star! Waistcoats, suspenders, caps and jeans all combine to achieve rustic groom attire. Check this out to see what you could wear for country weddings!


Photo 1-3: Groom Attire Vest & Jeans

Source: Dreamy Elk photographyStudio 623 PhotographyChelsey Boatwright


Photo 4-6: Rustic Groom Attire – Caps & Cowboy Style

Source: Amanda Watson photographyTara H. PhotographyChris and Ruth Photography


Photo 7-9: Western Style Groom Attire

Source: Mindy Coe Photography,  Kathryn Hopkins PhotographyClaire Thomson Photography


Photo 10-12: Modern Suits For Men

Source: Sara Monika Photography, Michelle Gonzales PhotographyCaitlin B Photography


Photo 13-15: Tweed Wedding Groom Attire

Source: Lela Edgar PhotographyClaire Thomson PhotographyBeatrici Photography

Photo 16-18 Plaid Rustic Shirts For Celebration

Source: Cami Dunn PhotographyBrandon Chesbro Photography, Knoxville Wedding Photographer


Photo 19-21: Simple Rustic Style Shirts

Source: Flora BridalErnst Merkhofer Fotography via facebookEmily Nicole Photo

Photo 22-24: Rustic Style Attire With Suspenders

Source: Nicholas L PhotographyLa Donna HochzeitsatelierShane Shepherd