15 Rustic Groom Attire For Country Weddings

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Rustic weddings and rustic wedding attires are becoming more and more popular as previous traditional styles slowly become a thing of the past. As a groom at a rustic themed wedding, you must consider rustic groom attire to match the chosen theme for your wedding. Whether you are having a barn, ranch or farm type of rustic wedding, there are several rustic wedding groom attires you can consider that would be much suitable.

From jeans and waistcoats, to caps and suspenders, dressing up for such an occasion can be fun and much comfier than the traditional suit and tie. Your groomsmen do not have to be left out. Coordinate similar rustic groomsmen attires for them so they can join in the fun and you can have fantastic, memorable photos of your big day.

Read on to find yourself the perfect rustic wedding suit ideas for your special day.

Rustic Attire

Groom Attire Vest & Jeans



There are quite a number of options in formal vests for men’s rustic wedding attire, whether you decide to wear them with rustic wedding suits or without the jacket. From the ultimate formal to vintage and even casual. The degree of formality will determine what you pair the vests with, however, for a rustic look, most grooms prefer a lovely pair of blue jeans.

Consider a plaid vest or any other patterned fabric of your choice for texture, worn with a collared shirt. Give off the ultimate bohemian vibe for the ultimate rustic wedding menswear and that often admired rugged charm on your wedding day.

Rustic Style Attire With Suspenders


Suspenders are a great element to add to your rustic country wedding groom attire. This elegant accessory pairs well with almost any no jacket wedding look. This particular choice for rustic mens wedding clothes is often best for summer or spring weddings, considering the absence of the jacket. Your suspenders would go well with suit trousers, khaki shorts if you like, or even jeans.

If you would much prefer a formal look, then consider a white shirt, formal pants, suspenders and a bow tie in your choice of colors. It is a good idea for the bow tie to match the suspenders. The suspenders can be suede or leather, wide or slim, colorful or plain. While the no jacket look for a wedding is quite different from the traditional, it has been increasingly popular over the years.

Western Style Groom Attire


If you are considering a western style wedding akin to a theme of the wild west, then any dreams of rustic wedding suits for the groom might have to go out the window. Your look as well as the rustic groomsmen outfits for your wedding party would skim along the lines of western ties, brocade vests, cowboy boots and felt hats. Imagine you would need to saddle up on your special day, which you indeed might. The type of rustic grooms’ attire that would be appropriate for horseback along with some special accessories, would be perfect for your big day.

You can also consider such accessories that pay homage to nature and your environment, as an organic boutonniere incorporating greenery and wildflowers for texture. A perfect finish for the look of the rustic wedding groom.

Rustic Groom Attire – Caps & Cowboy Style


If your rustic wedding is country themed, then you have the opportunity to dress up cowboy style for your special day. As these types of days don’t come by often, it is the perfect time to let your personality shine. If you have no problem with the unconventional and would prefer something extra special for your big day, then consider this rustic wedding men’s attire.

Snap on a leather sports coat over a pearl shirt, complete with a pair of blue jeans. The coat can come extra special with detailed stitching to add to the overall vibe. Finish your look with classic cowboy accessories, like cowboy boots and felt hat and you are ready for a rustic wedding picture-worthy day.

Plaid Rustic Suits For Celebration


Fall and a rustic wedding often go hand in hand as they cater to similar colors, tastes, types of food, and the outdoors. Plaid rustic men’s suits are synonymous with everything rustic and fall and men’s rustic suits can be perfect for a wedding with a rustic theme. Allow the groom to shine in this multi-colored fall fashion choice that is non-traditional, and fabulous at the same time.

Whether you deem it your personal style, or you would just like something unconventional for your big day, this casual rustic groom attire will always be a good choice. Consider matching a dark colored plaid suit with a button down checkered shirt, finished with a matching plain-colored tie. The perfect rustic groom attire for the groom looking to have a fabulous time on his wedding day