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Just rent a tux, no big deal right? Sorry, groom suits are a little more complicated than that. Being the second most important person at the wedding means there are some expectations you have to live up to. If you don’t wear a suit to the office on a regular basis and you’re not up on all the latest men’s fashion trends, there’s a little bit of a learning curve too.

But don’t worry, it’s not all stress. It’s all about choosing the right color and style to match your theme, and the right cut to match your frame. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it’s a great chance to have a little fun.

Men’s wedding suits have come a long way over the past few decades, and weddings, in general, have strayed from tradition in many ways. This means that you have tons of flexibility to do your own thing. Let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular suit color?

  • Navy blue men’s suits are essential. Even if this choice isn’t in the cards for your theme, it’s a wardrobe staple that you simply can’t live without.
  • Charcoal grey groom suits are the universal choice for all grooms. This option pairs perfectly with all shirts and tie colors and textures, fits in with most wedding themes, and well in all seasons.
  • Medium grey groom suits allow you to play with color to your heart’s content. Feel free to experiment with crazy socks, unexpected shoes, flat or textured ties, and vivid shirts. Meanwhile, your suit will keep things firmly planted in the realm of sophistication.
  • Light grey suits carry the same command for respect as their dark grey counterparts, but with an added air of easygoing freshness. The perfect choice for slightly casual outdoor events.
  • Bright blue suits are for the daring groom. This playful hue shows off how happy you are on your big day and accentuates your giant smile. Being fairly new, this bleeding edge of fashion gives you license to experiment with all manner of boutonnieres, pocket squares, and other accessories.
  • Dark brown groom suits are quite rare and nontraditional, making it the perfect choice for trend blazers and hyper-confident men. Match it with other earth tones to keep it a classy affair, or dress it up with dazzling colors for modern wedding themes.
  • Tan groom suits feel most at home at rustic, barn, and boho wedding themes. Inexplicably, tan suits hold an old-world appeal that simply wreaks of wholesome values.
  • Patterned. If you are the adventurous type, why not go off script? Patterned groom suits allow you to be completely unique with your choice of stripes, diamonds, checkers, and all manner of exciting prints.

What is trending in men’s suits?

  • Colour. Drake’s Dark-Green Lacot Cotton-Seersucker Suit. If you can get your hands on one, you are going to love the Lacot seersucker suit from Drake. Italian designed lightweight cotton with exceptionally stylish notched lapels and minimal lining for ultimate breathability and comfort. The not-quite grey, not-quite green color is unique and daring.
  • Suitsupply Havana Light Blue Suit. The light blue Havana suit is a gorgeous blend of silk, linen, and wool with extremely comfortable results. Ideal for slim men, this form-fitting, naturally cut jacket features a unique herringbone pattern manufactured in Italy’s famed Solbiati mill. Perfect for a fresh, energetic summer look.
  • Track Action. Suitsupply Havana Navy Suit. This slim-fit dark blue jacket is a natural update that looks like it’s fresh off the dry cleaning rack even after a full day’s use. Whether you dress it up with a full shirt and tie or lean into a more casual approach, you are going to love the hallmark natural shoulder.
  • Double Up. Hackett Denim Twill Wool Silk and Linen Double Breasted Suit. In these casual times, this Hackett denim suite is a throwback to a more formal era and a breath of fresh air. Your grandfather will approve of the discerning style. Your modern sensibility will approve of the fabric, color, range of motion, and tailored fit.
  • New Traditional. Suitsupply Lazio Stripe Suit. What do you get when you combine old-world style with new school fabrics and cuts? New Traditional. Since you are only a groom once, you may as well go all out with a stunning pinstriped suit. This dazzling classic pattern pairs perfectly with modestly padded shoulders and a slim fit.


Stylish Groom Suit Ideas


A suit is a suit, right? Not even close. Suits are as unique as the men who wear them. Modern grooms love being able to choose from such a wide variety of fabrics, modern cuts, and classic style. So get ready. We have plenty of inspirational ideas to choose from, each ready and able to make you look and feel like a million bucks.


White Wedding Suit For Groom

Matching the bride’s white wedding gown is a fantastic modern take on groom suits, especially on the beach. Clean white lines are an elegant way to stand out with the built-in bonus of staying cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. It’s extremely difficult to top how classy a white groom’s suit looks.


Fall Tweed Wedding Groom Suits

Tweed vests are a comeback look that we are 100% here for. Look to these options for vintage or boho wedding themes, or weddings taking place during cooler months. As you can see, you have the entire flexibility of wearing this light and fresh or dark and serious.


Grey & Beige Groom Suits

Neutral tones do not have to be boring. Beige and all shades of grey can be completely transformed with a simple splash of color. The right boutonniere, shirt, pocket square, and tie combination can achieve a look that will stunningly fit into any wedding theme.


Charcoal Groom Suits To Be Smart

Sometimes black men’s wedding suits are too hot and too formal. Sometimes light grey isn’t quite formal enough. The solution? Charcoal grey of course. Although grey is regarded as a fairly casual color for a man’s wedding suit, darker shades offer highly dignified results for grooms.


Blue Wedding Suit Groom

If you are looking for a shade of wedding suits for the groom that is elegant and fun at the same time, look no further than any shade of blue. Ditch the tie for a cool beach look, or apply all of the accessories for the perfect summer wedding look.


No Jacket Required

It’s your wedding, rules are nothing but socially acceptable suggestions. But you can do your own thing. Dropping the jacket in favor of a bowtie, suspenders, and vest is a great vintage look that’s pretty unique. Summer wedding suits need to be cool and allow the groom to be comfortable, which this look achieves. Beyond the beach, this ensemble performs excellently at vintage, boho, garden, and barn wedding themes.


Men’s Outfit With Jackets

In most cases, jackets really do complete the classic men’s wedding suit. The color, fabric, and cut you choose will determine how vintage or modern, formal or casual, and fun or reserved your overall wedding look is. When making your choice, always make sure that you have your accessories established and to get proper measurements from your tailor.

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