50+ Boho Wedding Makeup Ideas [2024 Guide]

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Bohemian style is all about your natural self shine, especially your charming face. Stick to minimal makeup and show off your natural beauty. Use eyeshadows of natural shades and keep the eye line slightly smudged and soft. For lips better to choose nudes, pink and peach hues. We have collected the best boho wedding makeup ideas including bright makeup for dare bohemian brides.


Brides Often Ask

What is boho-style makeup?

Boho wedding makeup is a combination of the boho style with a bit of hippie and gypsy thrown in. Be sure to find what suits your face shape and personal style.

Which makeup is best for a boho wedding?

Boho brides often opt for natural makeup instead of more traditional looks. A perfect combination of natural and vibrant colors will bring out the beauty in your eyes.

How many hours before the wedding should makeup be done?

Boho makeup should be ready three to four hours before the bride walks down the aisle. Also, brides should opt for quality waterproof products.


Natural Makeup With Sensual Pink Lips

You can wear an elegant bridal gown with pink accessories to match your natural boho wedding makeup and sensual pink lips for a stunning look that will impress everyone at your wedding.

The lip color should be in a matte finish so that it does not look too glossy and heavy on the skin. But rather soft and smooth enough for easy touch-ups throughout the day. The key to creating this look is to keep it simple and natural.


Fresh Makeup Ideas For Bohemian Brides

Bohemian makeup that has a combination of earth tones and natural textures is what you need for this makeup. It will give you a fresh, clean look.

You do not need to go crazy with the products, but you should use some complementary colors to help bring out your eyes and lips. A subtle highlighter or bronzer can also help create a soft glow on your skin.


Boho Makeup For Glamorous Bride

Glam boho wedding makeup is a combination of traditional and modern makeup. It creates a natural look with a touch of glamor and is perfect for brides who want their makeup to be unique.

Use a neutral eye shadow palette, it will give you enough color options without being too overbearing on your face. Afterward, use a red lip shade to finish off this look well. This makeup will look stunning on any skin tone or wedding hairstyle.


Chic Makeup With Brown Shades

To create this chic makeup look, use brown lipstick in a taupe or brown color. It will match your eyes well. If you want to create false lashes, use mascara with brown tones too. To finish your look, add a few sparkles to your eyes using eye shadow in shades like bronze or gold.

Smokey Arrows For Boho Makeup

A boho bride who does not care about the rules of fashion and beauty and always follows her own rules will adore boho eye makeup with smokey arrows.

The stylish smokey arrow makeup is all about the eyes. It is about the smokey palette and how you can use it to create a unique look for yourself. The smokey eye combined with a bold lip color will give you an ethereal look that is perfect for a wedding day.


Chic Makeup For Dare Brides

This boho chic makeup reflects the bride’s style and personality. Dare brides do not have to worry about getting bored with their makeup because there are so many ways they can make this chic makeup unique.

Brides’ can add some extra accessories to make it look more interesting or use bright color shades to give them a fresh look. The best thing about boho makeup for dare brides is that you can be as creative as you want with it.

Gold Tones Bohemian Wedding Makeup

For this boho makeup gold idea, we suggest using gold tones on the eyes and cheeks to create a soft, romantic feel. You can also opt for warm colors such as bronze and copper tones (first apply to the lids, then blend outwards).

To finish this look, dust some bronzer on the cheeks for added warmth and highlight with shimmery gold shades along the cheekbones. This makeup will make brides stand out but still keep their natural look.


Chic Boho Makeup Inspiration

Boho style is inspired by the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s, but it has evolved into something more unique and fun. If you are looking for boho wedding makeup inspo, opt for bold and bright makeup styles with soft, pastel colors.

You can wear any color you want for your bridal makeup, but we recommend going for softer natural shades so that you do not look too harsh or fake.

Elegant Bridal Makeup For Boho Wedding

To achieve this elegant bohemian boho makeup, use the right base and neutral eye shadow with a light shimmering finish. First, apply eyeshadow to the lids using a small brush or your fingers. Next, use some bronzer or contour powder in the hollows of your cheeks for added depth and definition.

You can also apply lashes over this makeup in black or brown to add volume to your eyes. Match with a stunning bridal dress and accessories for an elegant look.


Feminine Bright Lips Inspiration

Bright lips are a must for boho-inspired makeup because they make any makeup look vibrant and natural at the same time.

To achieve this look, apply lip balm first before applying lipstick in any shade that complements your skin tone. Then apply some blush on top of the lip color for a more natural flush on your cheeks while still getting great glamourous results from your lips alone. Afterward, style your hair with accessories that match your lips’ color shades.

Fox Eyes Makeup Ideas For Boho Bride

If you want to rock the boho bride makeup brown smokey fox eye look, you should be excellent at it. There are many ways you can make your eyes pop at your wedding, but the best way is by using eyeshadow and eyeliner on your lids.

Next, highlight them with mascara or false lashes to enhance their beauty and make them more attractive. Brides can also wear a veil with a low headdress or tiara, which will emphasize their gorgeous look.

Romantic Boho Wedding Makeup

For romantic boho wedding makeup, wear a neutral shade of foundation, blush, bronzer, and mascara. You can go bold with your lipstick color to switch up your look, but do not go over the top.

You may also want to add some sparkle by adding glitter eyeshadow or metallic eyeliner around your eyes. A simple white dress with no accessories other than jewelry and flowers in the bride’s hair is a perfect finish for this makeup style.

Simple Boho Makeup Ideas

The concept of this makeup is to dress up the face with minimal makeup and accessories. Therefore, the skin should not be made up too much, so that it can show all the natural beauty of your face.

Instead, focus on adding some bronzer or highlighting powder to bring out those cheekbones and lips. The best part about this simple boho makeup look is how easy it is to get ready in a hurry because there is not much makeup involved at all.

Dramatic Looks For A Bride

For a bride who loves drama, we suggest using a smokey eye as your base. You can opt for a simple mascara and black eyeliner or you can go all out with an outlined cat eye or winged liner look.

The lips should be defined with a thick layer of lip color, such as red, which will go well with the smokey eye. A half-hair updo and black wedding nail designs are a perfect match for this dramatic boho bridal makeup.

Boho Makeup With Red Lips

This dark red lip makeup boho is elegant, stylish, and stunning at the same time. Brides can also wear them for modern or formal weddings.

The red lips’ makeup is bold, thick, and popping, which makes it stand out from the rest of her face. The bride who wears this red lips makeup will be the center of attention during the wedding. This makeup works well with long curly hair or ponytails with silver or floral accessories.

Brown Smokey Looks For Your Big Day

To smoke out your eyes, use brown smokey eye shadows mixed with white or silver glitter to give your face some depth and dimension. Next, use only one preferred color for the outer corner of your eye, and blend it with a light brown from the inner corner of your eye towards your temple.

For a more interesting look, brides should blend this boho-inspired makeup with a matching bridal dress and accentuate it with glittery shoes.

Glow Boho Bridal Makeup

These glow boho makeup ideas are perfect for brides who want a more natural look. For this look, use a bronzer for contouring purposes, and add blush on cheeks for extra color enhancement.

Also, use an eyeshadow palette to create a smokey eye effect or a winged eyeliner look to emphasize those beautiful eyes of yours. The best way to glow with this boho makeup is by pairing it with an elegant dress that complements your complexion.

The boho bride is known for her love of nature and her earthy fashion sense. Boho wedding makeup is the perfect combination of elegance and bohemian style. The most important thing is to choose an elegant color palette for your makeup.