Tips For Avoiding Wedding Day Makeup Mistakes


It’s easy to make mistakes with your wedding day makeup. If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding with a thousand blue accents, it can be tempting to go just a step or two too far and add in blue eye shadow and liner so that you can match the ribbons in the centrepieces. Here are some common makeup mistakes that a lot of brides make when planning their wedding makeup.

1. Raccoon Eye Prevention

Keep in mind that your big day will probably entail a happy tear or two. Make sure you’re prepared for the waterworks with waterproof eye makeup. Even if you’re normally the last person to well up at pictures of cute puppies and fantastically romantic movies, you might be surprised by how close to the surface your emotions are on your wedding day. Even if you think you won’t need it, avoiding makeup mistakes means being prepared for everything, especially tears!


2. Blatantly Blushing Bride

It’s common for brides to get too caught up in trying new shades and products for the big day. Sticking with shades and products that you’ve used in the past can help you avoid ending up with overly-bright makeup. New types of products also might cause you to have a bad reaction, possibly leaving your face swollen and blotchy for your big day. Makeup mistakes like this can ruin your whole wedding, and a particularly bad reaction could even make your honeymoon a lost cause, too.


3. Amazing Disappearing Lipstick

One of the great mysteries of the world is how you can apply lipstick and five minutes later, it’s gone! This is especially true on your wedding day when you’re constantly giving this relative or that a peck on the cheek or someone is pressing a glass of champagne into your hand. To keep your perfectly pouty lips all day, try layering lipstick with stain, and don’t forget your lip liner. Lip stain will give your lips long-lasting color, and a sheer coat of lipstick helps give your lips a beautiful sheen. Avoid makeup mistakes like not lining your lips properly or using too much powder to try to “set” your lipstick.


4. Fake Tan Fiasco

Looking washed out on your wedding day probably isn’t on your to-do list, but getting a fake tan may lead to more problems than just looking a little washed out. The problems can be as slight as a little streakiness and uneven color and can progress all the way to ugly brown streaks on your pristine white wedding dress. In order to avoid wedding day tanning faux pas, try out your tanning solutions over the course of a few months and choose the one that works best to use for your wedding day. This usually means having your spray tan applied at least a week before your big day to allow for any necessary adjustments to your shade.