15 Best Ideas Of Burgundy Wedding Shoes + FAQs

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Burgundy wedding shoes might not be the most popular out there but they are trending. Brides are embracing colored wedding shoes and burgundy leads the pack. The color depth, versatility, and timelessness make it perfect for almost every wedding.


So if burgundy is the color you love. We’ve got wedding shoe ideas for you. From embellished to fabrics, heels, and designs, there is something for you. So check this post for everything burgundy shoe inspiration.

Brides Often Ask

May brides wear colored shoes?

Yes, brides can wear colored shoes for their wedding. The dress determines to what extent colored shoes can be incorporated into their ensemble. However, brides are stepping out of the box and embracing colors.

What to combine burgundy shoes with, in a wedding look?

Burgundy is a deep shade of red and you can pair the shoes with a white or black dress. Add accents of navy blue in jewelry and finish with a touch of ivory.


Burgundy Lace Wedding Shoes

Classic brides going for the stylish look will fall in love with a pair of burgundy lace wedding shoes. Think close-toe lace pumps with sharp angles in burgundy and it makes a striking addition to your ensemble.

You can also opt for open toes sandals with French embroidery and scalloped edges for the ultimate Parisian wedding.

A blend of floral and corded lace on your booties and sneakers makes for the perfect rustic, country, or woodland wedding. And if you want to keep it romantic, opt for bow-back lace high-heeled stilettos.


Burgundy Velvet Wedding Shoes

Velvet was once only used as an accessory or accent but now comes in an array of shoe colors. Burgundy velvet wedding shoes are one of the most stunning, pulling the triple duty of aesthetics and comfort, and insulation.

We love the crystal embellished kitten heel pumps and the open-toe velvet block heel for a beach wedding.

You can also wear a ballet flat which is ultra-comfy and choc for wood and an indoor wedding. Crystal filigree mules and beaded velvet loafers are also comfort options for traditional weddings. And if you are looking for the perfect alternatives, wear burgundy velvet oxfords.


Burgundy Satin Shoes for Weddings

Satin is an elegant-looking fabric that has stamped its place in the wedding industry. This fabric feels heavier during the colder months of the year, hence, a perfect material for winter wedding shoes.

So if you are opting for burgundy satin shoes, ensure you are wearing them for indoor weddings because they don’t do well with stains and outdoors.

Some of our best ideas include a sparkling crystal pair of satin pumps or a pair of bow ankle straps peppered with rhinestones. You can also wear the classic satin stilettos or block high-heel sandals. Since you won’t be going outdoors, heels are the perfect satin choices.


Burgundy and Crystal Wedding Shoes

Embellished footwear like crystal burgundy shoes for weddings are having a moment. They are abundant in modern and glam wedding pictures because of their statement presence. Other gems you can incorporate are rhinestones, zircon, and pearls.

Opt for high-heeled sandals with a clean arrangement of crystals or gemstone pieces at the front, or a pair of pumps with encrusted details at the beach for an elegant and sophisticated look.

The best part is that embellished shoes are sturdy, gain extra attention, great for event guests, and will survive in any terrain depending on the heel type.

Comfortable Burgundy Wedding Shoes

Every bride knows their feet best and when choosing shoes, comfort is a priority, especially in a beautiful color such as burgundy. Comfortable burgundy wedding shoes must possess key things such as arch support, heel, and height shape.

Following these parameters, opt for block burgundy sandals if you are having a beach or country wedding.

If you are going rustic, mules and sling backs are perfect options. A wedding in the country or bohemian flairs will go perfect with sneakers or strap heels, while ballet and romantic weddings are perfect with ballerina flats.


Burgundy wedding shoes are cool, chic, vintage, and modern. They are also suitable for the unconventional who want to step outside the box. We have a long list of bridal burgundy wedding shoes perfect for laid-back, glam, or minimalist weddings. Get inspired by the shoes on our list, from block to low, high, and flats, and turn up looking beautiful.