28 Black Shoes For Wedding — Modern Ideas + FAQs

black shoes for wedding
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Black wedding shoes ensembles are nothing new. However, they are taking the spotlight this year. This choice is a great way to contrast against the angelic white of a bridal gown and visually secures the bride to the ground. Depending on the style you choose, black shoes for wedding provide the ability to adjust your bridal look. It can make a traditional wedding a little edgier and can add a little sex appeal to a boho wedding theme. They can even add a little elegance to an outdoor garden wedding.


Here are a bunch of samples to demonstrate how drastically a simple black show can transform the look of your wedding!

Brides Often Ask

Can You Wear Black Shoes With a Bridal Dress?

With white gowns being the traditional norm for modern weddings, you would expect that same color expectation would extend to her shoes. That’s not the case. There is no traditional rule for black wedding shoes for women. It’s a bold choice, but wearing black shoes on the big day would not take away from the symbolism of a white wedding gown. In fact, black shoes often enhance the formality of the wedding ensemble, making it even more appropriate for traditional weddings.



Black Bridal Shoes With Heels

Look to heeled black shoes for black tie wedding affairs. If you are wearing a white gown and hosting a black tie, formal wedding, choosing black shoes is an easy way to fit into the theme. Black designer wedding shoes for women are the most popular choice for fancy, sophisticated brides. They add elegance, poise, and style to your wedding look.



Black Lace Wedding Shoes

Whether you are rocking heels or black flat shoes ceremonies, adding lace demonstrates a bold look. This is a go-to choice for Gothic brides and works equally well for boho themes that prefer eclectic materials. It’s also a very sexy choice. Brides with a modest gown are encouraged to choose black lace wedding shoes as an unexpected contrast to the virginal look of white gowns.



Comfortable Wedding Booties

Booties really are the perfect black shoes for bridal party. This style is ultra-comfortable, allowing you to strut, dance, and skip all night long. They’re also simple and present a little bit of an innocent look. This provides a balance. Black wedding shoes are a heavy contrast against white gowns. The simple nature of booties tempers this a bit and presents a softer result.



Black With White & Nude

Choose flat shoes for wedding ceremonies and receptions if you prefer a modest approach. While offering a little bit of drama and visual interest, flat black shoes paired with white and nude attire isn’t too far removed from tradition. It won’t shock the audience but it will put a smile on their face. It’s a beautiful, classic color combination.


Bridal Shoes With Black Veil & Tulle

Black bridal choices shouldn’t be exclusive to your shoes. A current popular trend is a black and white wedding motif. Extend your black wedding shoe choices to your belt, tulle, and veil to create a stunning ensemble that is both traditional and modern. You can add to the overall results with a few tasteful black and white accessories.



Simple Black Shoes For Bride

Sometimes simple says more. Consider a modest black velvet shoe for your wedding day. Velvet is naturally romantic, and passionate, and provides an interesting texture. This option is for brides that prefer non-traditional wedding themes like boho or rustic, and want to flaunt their femininity. Velvet is also a warm-looking texture, best worn in the late fall and winter months.


Crystal Shoes For Bright Look

If you are going to be bold on your wedding day, why not go all the way? Take the excitement of black bridal shoes and make them shine! Adding rhinestones provides dazzle. You can choose to add sparkling crystal stones to a portion of the shoe or cover the entire surface, depending on your taste. Either way, you’re in for a unique look.