15 Plus Size Black Wedding Dress Ideas + FAQs

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Designers are putting just as much effort into a plus-size black wedding dress as they are putting into size zero dresses, and we love it. We all know that black dresses provide a slimming result, which is always nice. What may come as a surprise is the attention to detail designers are providing these days. “Plus size” is a pretty broad category, covering dozens of body shapes and sizes.


We’re sure you’re going to be impressed with the options you have today. Follow along. We’re going to introduce you to the latest trends, emerging styles, and fun options for near-future wedding guests. Any one of these plus-size wedding dresses will leave you feeling comfortable in any season and fit into any theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What wedding dress looks best in plus size?

You can never go wrong with a plus-size black wedding dress. Some of the most flattering wedding dress silhouettes for plus-size brides are A-line, mermaid, ball gown, and sheath gown. Use the right accessories to achieve a formal look or, dress it down for the ideal barn or boho theme.


Black Lace Wedding Dress Plus Size

Lace is taking center stage this year. Brides and wedding guests alike are scrambling for the sweet and sultry combo. If you don’t want to miss out on black lace wedding dress plus size wedding gowns, now’s your chance. Lean into the trend and choose a form-flattering design featuring intricate sheer texture. This is a sexy look that fits best in alternative traditional weddings and winter wonderland themes.


Black And White Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Black and white plus size wedding dresses aren’t as common as full black gowns, but they are very popular. This is the best option for brides that want to incorporate a little tradition, make a statement, partake in a trend, and show off their individuality. The results of the black and white combo are fairly sophisticated. Wear this at traditional venues, Gatsby-themed weddings, or anything haute couture.


Simple Black Dress For Wedding Plus Size

When we picture a simple black plus size wedding dress, we picture an evening boho or rustic wedding. Depending on your choice of fabrics and accessories, this can be a very romantic and down-to-earth look. Alternatively, you can choose a lighter fabric and pair it with a few splashes of color for a polished garden wedding.


Plus Size Black Bridal Gowns With Sleeves

Choosing a plus size black wedding dress with sleeves is a great opportunity to mix and match styles. For example, wear a simple A-frame to conform to a traditional wedding aesthetic. Add a pair of lace tattoo effects to create a truly unique look. The addition of sleeves makes dealing with the weather a little bit easier and allows you to sculpt your silhouette just a little bit more. They’re ideal for many situations.

Gothic Plus Size Black Wedding Dress Ideas

One reason why plus size black wedding dresses are so popular right now is the growing gothic wedding theme trend. Brides around the culture are gravitating toward the romance and intrigue of the classic historical period. The gothic sentiment is finding a home in any theme that incorporates nature and/or steers away from traditional Catholic wedding expectations.

Black dresses are an easy entryway into this world. If you want to go the extra mile, incorporate some crushed velvet and organic patterns. Make sure you’re ready. This look is for the unapologetically offbeat bride.

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