24 Beach Wedding Sandals: Guide For 2024 + FAQs

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When planning a beach wedding, you might be wondering what type of shoes or footwear would be best for the terrain. While some people would prefer to go barefoot, not everyone would want that for such a special occasion. So,  beach wedding sandals. The perfect option if you’re not looking to get stuck in the sand or fall over, are shoes with sturdy heels, or none at all.


We have here a list of our favorite sandals for beach wedding that will have you looking great and walking gracefully down that sandy aisle.

Heels Beach Wedding Sandals For Bride

While high beach sandals weddings are not advised for a bride, there are other types of heels you can get away with on an uneven sandy floor. A comfortable alternative that is easy to put on and take off is block heels. These will offer you better stability and support than high stilettos.

You can also consider a low-heeled beach wedding sandals bride. Apart from the bridal-compliant color, the low heels will ensure you can walk comfortably down the aisle without sinking into the sand. All great options for a flowy skirt or dress in a variety of fabrics.


Flat Sandals For Beach Wedding

Some of the best sandals for beach wedding guests and even for the bride are flats. Flat beach wedding sandals are a great option for a beach wedding as they are so easy to wear and slip off at a moment’s notice. They also look great with dresses of varying lengths, from floor length to mini dresses or dresses with thigh-high slits. They give you adequate support without sinking into the sand, and you can be sure of absolute comfort all night long.


Barefoot Sandals Beach Wedding

Since it’s the beach, you might be wondering, why not go barefoot beach sandals for wedding instead? No need to worry about shoes or sandals for a wedding that embraces nature, sand, and the sea. Well, if that is your line of thinking, then, by all means, go barefoot.

However, to jazz up your look for a wedding celebration decorative or stylish barefoot beach sandals wedding could make the perfect accessories for your feet. Also called beach wedding barefoot sandals, these amazing footwear often come in a variety of colors of lace and designs to fit every style of the occasion.


White Sandals For Wedding Beach

White sandals beach wedding are the perfect choice for the bride, exuding elegance and sophistication while providing comfort on the sand. Opt for white sandals for beach wedding for strappy designs or embellished styles to add a touch of glamour to your ensemble. Look for materials like leather or fabric that are durable and suitable for beach conditions, ensuring you can dance the night away with ease.


Ivory Sandals For Beach Wedding

Ivory wedding sandals beach offer understated elegance for a beach wedding. With their versatile color, they complement various attire choices while providing comfort and stability on the sand. Look for beach wedding sandals for womens with delicate embellishments or metallic accents to add a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

Flower Sandals Beach Wedding

What is a wedding without flowers, and who says the flowers only have to be in your décor and bridal bouquet? Well, how about matching your sandals for wedding on the beach to a floral wedding theme or even to your well-arranged bouquet?

Whether you’re choosing rubber, leather, or espadrille sandals for this waterside event, you can choose a pair with floral elements to fit the occasion. Add that bit of romance and femininity to your bridal look with your choice of footwear.


Guest Sandals For A Beach Wedding

You might wonder which are the best wedding sandals for beach wedding guests. We say preferably the pair that feels the most comfortable and go well with your dress. Kitten heels, wedges, or block heels are best. Stay away from stilettos if you plan to have a comfortable and fun time.

Bridesmaid Wedding Beach Sandals

As bridesmaids, you might have a look, style, or color to adhere to for a wedding. The bridesmaid beach sandals for wedding would be in the required color and preferably the most comfortable. For instance, you could consider sparkly slides. Not only are they extra comfortable and easy to take off. They would be easy to locate when it gets dark.

It’s not every day you have such a special occasion by the beach. That is why an activity as seemingly simple as picking the right bridal sandals for beach wedding can prove tricky. However, with a bit of guidance, you should be able to find a gorgeous and sand-approved pair that will make your day and ultimately, your bridal look.


Brides Often Ask

Can you wear sandals to a beach wedding?

You can wear sandals to a beach wedding, and sometimes they can be the most practical option. Considering the uneven nature of the beach floor, wedge, low heeled, or block sandals are often best.