30 Non-Traditional Wedding Shoes + Faqs

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Not every bride’s idea of the perfect wedding day shoes is the same. Some have their heart set on traditional wedding shoes while others want something daring or a little more practical.
Tastes have evolved over the years as has the adherence to tradition. Each bride has something unique in mind but the perfect selection can be hard to find. It’s a difficult choice to make. Brides typically want to indulge in their desires as well as satisfy the expectations of tradition or the demands of current trends. We get a lot of questions about which shoes should be worn for the walk down the aisle and reception dances.


In response, we went on the hunt for the most stylish, brave, and most comfortable wedding day shoes out there, and we were not disappointed.

Keep reading. We have non-traditional wedding shoes for every bride’s style. You will discover wedding shoes for every season and every theme and scenario.


Converse Wedding Shoes

Converse wedding shoes are an extremely fun choice to make. Not only are they comfortable and demonstrate your personality, but the company has also gotten in on the fun! Their website allows you to customize any one of their styles with wedding messages on the side or bottom of the sole like “Mrs”, “just married”, and “I do”.

Expert Tip
What are some elegant wedding shoe options for non-traditional shoes?
Brides are seeking comfort more than ever and custom Converse, Vans, and Sneakers have grown in popularity.  Wedding trainers can be elegant as well as offer comfort. Scalloped edge Converse with a slimmer profile and lightweight vegan leather and ivory Converse which can be embellished with ivory Swarovski pearls are a popular choice for brides and bestselling styles.


Wedding Sneakers For Bride

There are so many different wedding sneakers out there these days that it will be impossible to not find what you are looking for. Choose sneakers as your transition into dancing at the reception and afterparty. Or, wear them at your ceremony as well to make a statement. Either way, there is no lack of selection. You can find any combination of cute, sexy, elegant, or comfortable you like.



Vans Non-Traditional Wedding Shoes

Many brides are choosing vans wedding shoes for their comfort and style, and the style here can’t be understated. Amongst Van’s huge variety of materials, colors, and cuts, many brides are pleased to find pearl and embroidery options that fit their wedding theme perfectly. Many brides are also replacing typical laces with sheer lace fabric to complete the bridal look.



Floral Motifs Bridal Shoes

Floral prints are a great way to bridge the gap between traditional wedding shoes and sneakers. Typical sneakers possess a sturdy, athletic look. Adding printed or embroidered flowers will soften the look and offer a more feminine, delicate aesthetic. This is also a very convenient option. Floral prints can be easily matched to your wedding’s color palette and even your real flowers.



Wedding Boots

Wearing boots at your wedding is the perfect choice for rustic, boho, and barn weddings or any outdoor wedding for that matter. Boots are usually very comfortable and easy to wear in all manner of terrain. One barrier to consider is the heat. Most wedding boots get rather hot which may not be ideal for certain months of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear non-traditional wedding shoes with a traditional wedding dress?

Of course, you can! It’s a great way to keep up with tradition as well as stay true to your authentic self. Wearing non-traditional bride wedding shoes with a traditional gown is a trend that continues to grow.

Can I wear sneakers to my wedding?

Wedding shoes and sneakers are not part of the tradition, but nothing is stopping you. Many brides are choosing this option because it shows off a little personality and allows for all-night dancing.