Wedding Sandals: 18 Best Shoes + Faqs

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Are wedding sandals an appropriate choice? Absolutely! Especially if your walk down the aisle is outside during spring or summer. Beyond the comfort of exposed skin, sandals are usually flat and comfortable. Both of these features will enhance your experience by avoiding sinking into the sand or grass and by allowing you to dance more comfortably.

Another unexpected benefit is the ability to wear bridal sandals more than once. It’s tough to find an occasion to bring those 3-inch white wedding shoes for a second showing. However, a gorgeous set of sandals can fit in pretty much anywhere with the right outfit.

There is also a lot of variety when it comes to wedding sandals. It’s fairly easy to find something sophisticated for a traditional wedding or something vintage for a country themed wedding.

Now that you’re 100% sold on the idea it’s time to get inspired. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite bridal sandals fit for a variety of themes, seasons, and styles.

How do I choose wedding shoes?


Crystal Wedding Sandals For Bride

We’re kicking off this bridal sandals list with the best possible combination of worlds: style and comfort! When we picture comfort and mobility, these gorgeous crystal sandals are definitely not what comes to mind. Yet, once they’re on you’ll swear you’re wearing moccasins.



Nude Sandals For Wedding

If you are the type of bride who leans towards wedding sandals for their minimalist properties, these nude bridal sandals are for you. They won’t steal the show, but modest details like beads and rhinestones will surely add a little pop to your wedding look.



Comfortable Bridal Sandals

Comfortably designed wedding sandals like these are a popular choice among brides, even for indoor events. Flat soles with strategically placed padding leave the bride free to walk and dance as much as she likes while avoiding having to hide the discomfort. On top of that, these aren’t your granny’s beach sandals. With the right gown and accessories, any of these can look and feel like Cinderella’s slippers.

What kind of wedding sandals do you like?

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