Top 8 Wedding Makeup Trends For 2023 Brides

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Every bride wants to look their best on their special day, and finding the right makeup look is essential to achieving that perfect look. From natural to full glam, we have rounded up the best wedding makeup looks and ideas to help brides create personalized looks. Whether you are looking to enhance your natural beauty with soft washes of color or add extra definition with a striking smokey eye, these wedding makeup trends will help you create a bridal style that is current and unique.


What Makeup Styles Are Trending Now For Weddings?

Some of the most popular makeup styles currently trending for weddings are minimalist makeup, fresh dewy looks, bold eyes with nude lips, pastel smokey eyes, brownie lips, and face embellishments. Neutral-meets-natural glow is also popular. Do well to pamper your skin before you apply your bridal makeup.

‘No Makeup’ Wedding Makeup

No makeup trends wedding focuses on enhancing your natural beauty rather than covering it up with heavy foundations and concealers. To achieve this look, start with a light foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone. Next, fill in your brows and use a light brown eyeshadow to enhance your eyes. Then, finish with a subtle lip color for a romantic look. With the right products and techniques, brides can achieve a natural and understated look.


Wet Look Makeup

This is one of the latest wedding makeup trends that is perfect for summer weddings. Imagine looking like you just stepped out of a pool looking healthy, radiant, and fabulous. To achieve this look, use a moisturizer with nourishing ingredients to lock in moisture, prevent flaking and give your skin a natural luminescence. Then use a liquid or cream foundation to create a dewy finish and apply with a damp beauty blender. Finish off the look with glossy lip gloss.


Brushed-Up Fluffy Brows

Brushed-up fluffy brows are having a moment! They are one of the 2023 wedding makeup trends. This bright trend is about achieving the perfect full fluffy brows that will draw attention to your eyes and frame your face. To achieve this look, brush the brow hairs upwards in a way that lays them flat. For extra volume, use a clear gel to brush the brows upwards and outwards to make them look fuller and fluffier.


Wedding Makeup Trends – Neon Hues

If you are looking for bold and edgy wedding makeup trends in 2023, consider incorporating neon hues into your makeup. This trend involves using bright, bold shades of neon eyeshadow and liner to make a statement. From hot pink to lime green and electric blue, these shadows will shock you. To make the look more wearable, try pairing neon hues with neutral shades or using them as an accent color rather than applying them all over the lid.


Blush Draping Wedding Makeup Trends

Blush draping is one of the latest wedding makeup trends that involve using all-in-one skin tints to create a flush of color on the cheeks. This technique is for brides who want to add a pop of color to their wedding makeup. To achieve this look, apply the skin tint on top of the cheekbones, then use a large fluffy brush to blend the skin tint into the skin. Afterward, apply the blush in varying degrees of intensity.

Brownie Lips

This trend is perfect for brides who want to achieve a more natural and understated look, as brown lip colors are softer and more subtle. Brownie lips are suitable for fall 2023 wedding makeup trends, bohemian weddings, and everything in between. To achieve this look, choose a brown lip color that matches your skin tone and apply it evenly to your lips. You can also add a touch of gloss to give your lips a healthy appearance.


Face Embellishments

One of the latest makeup trends for a wedding is the use of face embellishments, such as rhinestones and pearls, to add a touch of glamor and drama to your look. Dare brides adore this makeup look. For this look, add a few strategically placed rhinestones or pearls to your eyes, lips, or cheekbones. You can also use a face glitter or shimmer product to give your skin a glowing, radiant appearance.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are classic 2023 wedding makeup trends that involve using dark, matte eyeshadow. It creates a sultry, mysterious effect around the eyes. Grey and silver tones are popular for creating smokey eyes this year. They add a modern twist to the classic look. To achieve this look, apply a light eyeshadow color all over the lid as a base. Then, use a darker shade to create a smoky effect by blending it into the crease of your eye and along the lower lash line.



There are many wedding makeup trends to choose from for your wedding day. From natural no-makeup looks to bold neon hues and everything in between, there is a trend to suit every bride’s style. When choosing your wedding makeup, be sure to consider your personal preferences and the overall theme of your wedding. And do not forget to have fun and enjoy the process of selecting the perfect makeup look for your special day!