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Destination beach weddings are becoming incredibly popular, leaving many brides to wonder what to do with their feet. Beach wedding shoes shouldn’t be heels because, well.. sand. However, if you are going to be wearing shoes (yes, going barefoot on the beach is perfectly acceptable), they should fit the venue and elevate your bridal gown look. 


Follow along. We have plenty of sample shoes for a beach wedding below to show you how you can lean into the casual nature of a beach wedding. We also have a few examples of beach wedding shoes that you can wear in order to create a more formal ensemble. We have simple beach sandals, wedges to lengthen your legs, trendy barefoot sandals with pearls and rhinestones, and so much more. Find the perfect match for your traditional, modern, rustic, or bohemian bridal theme on the beach.

Whatever your choice, we are going to make sure that you are comfortable in the heat and gorgeous on your feet.

Beach Shoes

Best Shoes For Beach Wedding


The hottest trend, and best approach to beach wedding shoes, is the barefoot sandal. If the concept is new to you, barefoot sandals adorn the top of your foot but do not cover the bottom. This is a fantastic solution for brides who refuse to completely give up eloquent shoes on her big day but still want to be able to walk comfortably.


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White & Ivory Summer Wedding Shoes


White attire goes hand in hand with beach weddings. It’s a sophisticated choice that keeps you cool by avoiding the absorption of heat. This makes white and ivory beach wedding shoes ideal. The addition of straps and pearls is a simple way to create elegance for more formal beach weddings.


Lace Beach Wedding Shoes


Choose lace. Lace barefoot beach sandals can be wholesome and perfect for boho and vintage wedding themes. Or, they can introduce a healthy dose of romance and sex appeal. These are held in place without any discomfort, and come in a huge variety of designs. You can choose to be as simple or ornate as you like.


Rhinestones Barefoot Inspiration


The chic look of barefoot beach wedding shoes for bride with rhinestones is a crowd favorite. Choose the right combination of rhinestones to complement your traditional accessories or choose vintage rhinestone designs as the cherry on top of your picture perfect boho theme. You can be as dainty or dramatic as you see fit.

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