24 Mother Of The Bride Shoes: The Most Chic Ideas + FAQs

Mother of the bride shoes
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Choosing an outfit for a wedding can be just as important for the bride as it is for the mother of the bride. Another important element for that wedding look would be the shoes. Finding the right mother of the bride shoes is important for aesthetics as well as for comfort. If you find yourself in this dilemma, do not worry. We have a list of ideas for the most comfortable mother of the bride shoes that look gorgeous for every type of wedding. You’re not going to want to take these off.


Brides Often Ask

What shoes to wear mother of the bride?

On this day, the mother of the bride will not sit still, so special attention should be paid to choosing comfortable shoes. It can be flats, low heel shoes, or block heels.


Comfortable Mother Of The Bride Shoes

Wedding shoes for the mother of the bride must be comfortable since they’d most likely be worn all day. However, aesthetics should not suffer at the cost of comfort. For this sake, we make a case for the classic kitten heel.
Shoes with this low heel are comfortable and look elegant at the same time. A few embellishments alongside open toe or pointed toe and you have the perfect shoes for a midi dress or sweeping gown.

Expert Tip
How do you determine the appropriate heel height for your wedding shoes, and what factors should you consider?
The most important factor to consider is the height that you are used to. If you are comfortable wearing heels on a daily basis, you can confidently wear higher heels, such as 4 stiletto heels or 5 platforms. However, if you are not accustomed to wearing heels, you may want to consider opting for kitten heels or block heels. These two styles will provide you with some extra height while ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the day.


Low Heel Ideas

Shoes with low heels can be extremely comfortable and are often preferred. Consider stylish sandals with low block heels and sexy ankle straps. These types of shoes would go with any type of dress and can be worn comfortably in the summer or spring. If sandals are out of the question, then low wedge shoes are also a good option. All the comfort without sacrificing the aesthetics.


Beach Wedding Shoes

If you are having a wedding by the water, then you can’t even question comfort. It’s a requirement. Our top mother of the bride shoes for an outdoor wedding are espadrilles. This practical and stylish choice is a hit with beach weddings, and you can find it in a variety of colors. Another good option is flats. If you don’t particularly like heels, consider comfortable but chic flats. You can always easily take them off when you’d like to enjoy the sand between your toes.


Flats For Mother Of The Bride

Without a question, the mother of the bride’s flat shoes would be a very comfortable choice. Be sure to choose a pair that are not frumpy. Stylish options can have a pointed toe or even an open toe. The good thing about great-looking flats is that they can be worn with long or short dresses. They also come in neutral colors like the silver grey mother of the bride shoes, or bold block colors to be worn with neutral-colored dresses.

Block Heel Shoes

Some of the best mother of the bride shoes and most comfortable come in block heels. This type of heel is what you choose when you want a comfortable pair of shoes that still look stylish as ever. Most sexy high-heeled shoes have a similar pair of block heels. You could choose a multicolored block heel if you’ll be wearing a neutral-colored dress. Or, a solid color pair of heels with embellishments if you’ll be wearing an eye-catching number.


Elegant Wedding Shoes

Whether you’d like the mother of the bride shoes in block heels, flats, or kitten heels, they must be elegant. One option you cannot go wrong with is the classic suede. Suede shoes look great in dark, bold colors and just as good in neutral colors. Suede mules in blush, blue, green, or even black would look good with anything and can only make your wedding outfit look even better.

Black Shoe Ideas

If you need mother of the bride shoes in black, it means you need shoes that can go with any color of the dress. You can find this color of shoes in any type of comfortable heels, from wedge to flats, to cute kitten heels.
Consider black snakeskin ankle strap sandals, pumps, or even black suede shoes. Either would be a good match for a dress in any color, style, or length.


Shoes In Neutral Colors

Shoes in neutral colors are in this season, and this trend is not going anywhere soon. So, they are a great choice for the mother of the bride. Whether you’d like the grey mother of the bride shoes or gold mother of the bride shoes, be sure to choose a comfortable pair. You could dance through the night in block-heeled sandals or versatile flats. For that neutral color, you should choose nude or any of the metallic hues of silver or gold.

If you don’t know where to start with mother of the bride shoes, allow this guide to assist you. Begin with comfort and work your way up to the type of aesthetics that will make your day. Whether they are sexy kitten heels or practical, good-looking flats or block heels. Have fun in your wedding shoes.