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30 Wow Wedding Nail Ideas


Are you dreaming about the perfect bridal look? Don’t forget to choose cool design for your nails. We think, it would be better to chose nail art depends on your wedding dress style. So, you will find in our gallery cute and modish wedding nail ideas: trendy blue manicure, nails with different designs like lacy, stripes or classic french.


Photo 1-3: Enchanting Lacy Wedding Nail Ideas

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Photo 4-6: Elegant Bridal Marble Nails

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Photo 7-9: Bright Rainbow Manicure For Your Big Day

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Photo 10-12: Trendy Nail Designs With Golden Touch

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Photo 13-15: Unusual French Manicure

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Photo 16-18: Stripes and Heart Accent Nail Ideas

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Photo 19-21: Flower Ideas For Your Nails

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Photo 22-24: Chic Ombre Wedding Manicure

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Photo 25-27: Trendy Light Blue Nail Ideas

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Photo 28-30: Natural Beige Wedding Nail Ideas

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