30 Simple Wedding Makeup Ideas + Tips For Your Big Day

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Looking forward to your big day? We know that every bride wants to shine at her wedding. Trust us; nothing beats simple wedding makeup to highlight your natural beauty! Here’s your perfect guide on how to keep it nice and simple, and stay within a budget.


First things first. It’s nice to know the basics before we go any further.

How much do simple hair and makeup cost for a wedding?

Pricing depends on a lot of factors including your location, the artist’s expertise, and your wishes on a particular hairstyle… The average price for simple hair and makeup would range from 200$ to 400$, but can go as high as 600$ and up! Pay attention if the bundle you opt for includes a trial. You really want to make sure your wedding look is flawless, don’t you? The makeup artist would probably want to learn more about the style you want before giving you a quote. References are also important to make sure you are on the same wavelength – trust us, it will save you time and money.

How to do simple makeup at home for a wedding?

The best thing about simple wedding makeup? You can always do it yourself if you are on a tight budget! Doesn’t matter how advanced you skills are – you are going to need references. So make sure you do your research – and this is where we can help!

Simple Glam Wedding Makeup

A simple wedding makeup look can be glam! Even though this makeup is based on simple everyday natural makeup, you can always play it up. Consider adding glitter eye shadow, eyeliner, and false eyelashes for that doe-eyed glam look.

Spend some time trying different eyeliner styles to find the one that flatters you the most. You might want to go for that timeless classic winged eyeliner, but add a bit of shimmer with eye shadow.


Elegant Wedding Makeup

Want something truly timeless and chic? Simple makeup for a wedding can be stunningly elegant. The key to perfection is your natural glow. The secret of timeless beauty is healthy skin, it’s always on trend. Start a skincare routine at least two weeks in advance.

Hydrate your skin, smooth the skin tone with radiant foundation, and powder up with transparent face powder. Keep your contouring soft. Use blush moderately. This makeup will be perfect for a young bride, who wants to accentuate her natural looks.


Beachy Wedding Makeup

Beachside weddings require special attention if you want to look your best! Bright light, hot sun, and high humidity often don’t go well with a full face of makeup. How do you do simple wedding makeup that will guarantee unforgettable memories?

Think permanent makeup, that would stand against all weather. Use a highlighter with a light shine – it looks good in daylight. This applies in general to all outdoor weddings – sometimes less is more.


Wedding Makeup With Bold Lips

One of the simple makeup tips for a wedding is don’t overdo it. Bold lips look amazing, but smokey eyes would be too much. Finding the right shade is the key. The same lipstick will look very different on various skin tones. ‘Virtual fitting’ should give you a basic idea.

Bright colors need precision, so use a lip pencil to outline your lips. It’s better to use permanent lipstick. Apply a layer of transparent face powder to make sure your makeup stays on. Lip gloss will do the same for some extra glow!


Simple Eye Makeup For Wedding

Smokey eyes is probably one of the most popular ways to do simple wedding makeup for a bride. While doing that look isn’t that difficult, practice does make perfect. Remember that each person is unique, so you want to practice to make sure you know all the nuances in advance.

Want some professional advice? Buff and blend – this is the key. This makeup will look excellent on photos from an indoor wedding reception. It is also a good choice for imperfect skin, as this makeup requires good base coverage.

Simple Makeup For Brides With Glasses

Brides with glasses might consider simple wedding makeup ideas, as it is crucial not to overload the face. You might want to use softer, lighter tones, that go so well with delicate wedding makeup. Experts recommend paying special attention to eyebrows to accentuate the look.

Glasses should flatter their shape. Don’t be afraid to go bold with the eyeliner, though. Use a curler to ‘open’ the eyes a little wider – a bit of drama never hurt anybody!


Simple Bridesmaid Makeup

Now that we have taken care of the bride, it’s time to think of bridesmaids! Their supporting role means they need to choose wisely. Their makeup needs to be in accordance with the bride’s color palette to look good in the photos next to her.

At the same time, it is crucial not to outshine the bride on her special day. There are no references or a special wedding theme. Go for simple natural wedding makeup, which will emphasize you’re a natural beauty.

Makeup For Wedding Guests

Every wedding guest should remember, that wedding photos are the bride’s memories for the years to come. A simple makeup look for wedding guests could be brightened up by color eyeliner, and shimmering eyeshadow. Clean, natural makeup, and glowing skin is always the key.

Use lighter accents in the inner corner to make your eyes pop. Remember to choose waterproof mascara – it’s hard not to cry at weddings! Put some blotting paper in your purse to reduce shine when needed – and you are ready to go!


Makeup For Kids On Wedding

There are always children at weddings, be they little relatives, ring-bearers, or flower girls. Do you really need simple wedding makeup for a toddler? Yes and no! Of course, we don’t talk full face of makeup for kids, but little girls might want to feel more ‘girly’ on the bride’s big day.

Try using some shimmering eye shadow and a light pink lip gloss to make them look even more beautiful in the pictures! Please don’t overdo it, there is no need for mascara or blush.

In conclusion, what would be the most crucial piece of advice on simple wedding makeup?

Stay hydrated, do your skin routine, and start preparation in advance. Beautiful skin can compensate for any makeup flaws. Have the products you used at hand on the big day, and don’t forget to bring your blotting sheets!